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Intuition and the Six Senses of Mind

on September 5, 2010

We all know about the 5 senses of our physical body, but what about the 6 senses of the mind?  I have posted on this topic before, but since it is so important let us revisit these tools.  The six senses of mind consist of Intuition, Imagination, Memory, Perception, Reason, and Will.  When used consciously these tools are your best friend and the funny part is we all use these senses every day without even realizing it.  Let’s take intuition for instance.  It is often referred to as the sixth sense and is attributed to women as women’s intuition.  Are you in touch with yours?

We all have this sense, even men!  In fact the most successful people in the world, such as Bill Gates, Steven Jobs, and Oprah Winfrey attribute much of their success to using their intuition!  The way that I use this sense is to get in touch with my feelings, which takes a few minutes of being quiet and some practice.  After a while you will just know when an opportunity is advantageous and the direction you are headed in beneficial.  Is that girl you just met the “one”?  By using your intuition you will know!  You can just feel it!  Youngsters are usually very good at this, but sometimes if they get too much criticism they shut down this faculty, so if you are one who did this maybe it is time to get in touch with your intuition.  For illustrative purposes let me tell you of one of the fun ways I use my intuition.

I had just gotten out of a seminar at a local hotel and it was about 3pm in the afternoon.  We had been going at it all day and I was hungry, so I asked myself as I was getting into my car, what am I in the mood for?  Mexican came to my mind and I could feel, smell and taste a delicious Mexican Burrito with hot salsa dripping down, yum!  I started driving toward home, but since I was not from this city I had no idea where to find a good Taqueria.  I was driving down the interstate when the overwhelming sensation to turn came over me, so I got off at that exit.  I then focused on my feelings and it felt like I should turn left, so I did.  I drove for about a mile, all the time keeping my eyes open and my mind on that delicious burrito.  As I came around a corner I saw on the left side of the road the Mexican Taqueria that was to fulfill my appetite!  It was one of the best burritos I have ever had!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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