Intro to Oneness Ministry

We are Spiritual Peacemakers and as Ministers of Peace in The Beloved Community we practice the teachings of Jesus as presented in the book, Art of Spiritual Peacemaking written by James Twyman the founder of this most recent manifestation of The Beloved Community. The central premise to our teachings is “what you focus on grows”, so stay focused on what you desire. Our teachings are ancient and this message has been taught by many great leaders, Jesus Christ being the central one. Mahatma Gandhi is also a major influence in these teachings, as are Mother Teresa, St. Francis, and Martin Luther King Jr. among many others.

The Beloved Community follows no doctrine and the ministers of The Beloved Community represent all religious denominations. Our focus centers on Spirituality and not religious dogma. We practice the teachings of A Course in Miracles. There are many good books which explain these teachings with the main ones being those written by James Twyman, Gary Renard, and Kenneth Wapnick. One parallel to these teachings is The Law of One teachings found at

Each person is encouraged to look closely at their beliefs and to follow the guidance found within the Heart. Wisdom is found everywhere when the seeker sincerely looks for it. “What you seek, ye shall find”! The blogs on this site are designed to share the teaching of Oneness which both the Law of One and ACIM put forth. When the observer/practitioner truly understands Oneness their reality changes and they are propelled into Heaven on Earth. As the saying goes, “Be the Peace you desire”!

Comments are welcome on any concept or idea presented within this site. Feel free to share your perspectives as this is how we grow. The site is searchable by category, archive, or keyword so explore and know you are Love.  Find your way around by using the tabs at the upper left.  Pages are found on the homepage and blog posts are found under the file symbol.  

Love n Light,

Sequoia Elisabeth,