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A Minister is

    A minister is a person who is acting as the agent or instrument of another to administer or apply a service, care or aid, as in attending to the wants or necessities that contribute to the comfort and happiness of everyone. Now this is the dictionary definition and I would like to look at this from a spiritual perspective and how it affects each of us. We all play roles in our lives all the time and this includes the one you are playing right now as you read this. It is important to clarify our roles in each situation of our life so that we may more fully experience life. Even more important is to realize that you are not the roles that you play. It is easy to get caught up in our roles and identify with them. The daily social roles are the easiest to get stuck on, such as mother, daughter, grandmother, spouse, partner, friend, and caregiver. The occupational roles are also something that many identify with and this can be just as stifling. “You” is a broad term and as we grow spiritually we realize that there is a lot more to “you” than we realized. There is the individual you, the roles you play as you, the larger you that is connected through community and there is the Universal One you, which is the only “real” you there is. 

 A minister is a role that we play, but it is also a lot more than that. It is a title we can use to describe our daily activities. Each and every person is a “minister” to their lives! Yes, we each minister every day. Now think about this and review the definition offered at the top of this article. How does this apply to your daily life? You don’t have to be religious to be a spiritual minister. It is each of our responsibilities to minister consciously each day! Awaken to your inner being and allow your Loving soul to lead you.

Here are some pointers on what is involved in being a minister in our daily lives. 

1.       To see the good in every person you meet. As much as God is in and of everything, so too is God expressing thru each person you meet. They are God extended and there is nothing a person can do, say or think that will change this. 

2.       Remember that we are always teaching. Our very actions set an example to others as to what and how to think, speak and act. Do unto others as you would have done unto you, because they will!

3.       To comfort those who come to us in need without seeing them as needy. Our function is to be in the world, but not of it. Acknowledge what is presented without accepting it as so. Be the observer and judge not, acting with Love and never re-acting.

4.       To be the Peace. As a minister of your life the amount and quality of peace you experience is up to you. The amount of drama does not matter because peace exists always and all ways. To the extent we center ourselves in Peace by meditating (formally or not), by not re-acting to situations, and by focusing on the Peace that is present, we are the Peace!

5.       Share your Joy with the world by shining your inner light on everyone you meet. Notice when you are happy and be grateful. Happiness is something that comes to us from within and is not dependent on outer circumstances, unless you make it so. Meaning that it is an inner choice to be happy. Be aware of your feelings and allow them to flow. If you are sad, that is fine, just relax, it will pass soon, all discomforts are temporary. Being a person of Peace and Joy is what ministry is all about!


Of course the reason I got ordained is to make this an official commitment in my everyday life for the rest of my life. It is sort of like getting permission to act in the role as a minister, but then if that is so, it is done for my own benefit more than anyone’s.   Anyone and everyone is a minister of their own life. So do you have a message? Mine is simply to be the Peace you desire and be aware of that.  Peace to you Beloved ones!


article by Sequoia Carpenter

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