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Message from Angels

Peace Dove

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

If we had a wish for you, it would be that each one of you would come to cherish the beautiful and unique soul that you truly are, every moment of every day. We would wish that you could accept yourself without condition, no matter what circumstances, desires, moods, or feelings you feel. We wish that you could love yourselves as we love you, as God loves you for in our eyes you are perfect in every way – you are courageous souls, on earth, learning to dissolve the illusions that you are separate from God and from one another. You are learning to love yourselves and others as God loves.

Dear ones as you start accepting yourselves more unconditionally, you will find it much easier to allow others to be who they are as well. You were never intended to educate or “fix” another soul through your words or your efforts. It is through you being who you are in any given moment, listening to the dictates in your heart, expressing whatever is in your heart to be expressed, that you affect the world in the way God wishes. If you are called to live an inspiring life of joy and ease, then do so. If you are called to serve the hungry or help the homeless, then do so. If you are called to share your dollars, then do so. If you are called to care for your parents or children, then do so. If you are called in a given moment, to take a long soak in the tub and allow yourself rest, then do so. If you seek to express yourself through a hobby or to further educate yourself in an area of interest, then do so. Trust there are reasons. If your heart wants to be expressed in a relationship then dear ones, pray for the right words at the right time and allow yourself to speak.

For it is in listening to your own hearts, accepting your own feelings, acting according to your own longings, and speaking according to your own truth that you change the world. If your focus is upon changing others you will eternally be frustrated because you cannot ever control whether your words and actions will be the catalysts for change.

However, if your focus is simply upon being who are in any given moment, then this in itself is the reward. If your “being” happens to help others find the light then they have opened to receive the gifts of God as He expresses Himself through your soul and your human presence upon the earth. A rose blooms because it is a rose. It does not seek to change the world or make it a more beautiful place, and yet it does so for those willing to stop and receive its gift. Likewise you bloom because you are you. You do not have to seek to change the world or make it a more beautiful place, and yet as you bloom, you will do so for those willing to stop and see you and receive the gifts that you are sharing with the world.

This is a fine line to walk as a human being and we do understand it is difficult. You all want so badly to help others see the light, but rather than trying to convince them, BE the light. You all want so badly to be loved, but rather than seeking to earn love, BE love. You all want so badly to experience more abundance but rather than trying to manipulate your own heart, other or life to ‘get’ more, BE the abundance that you seek – for indeed your own hearts are rich with talents, kindness, love, and gifts that can bring you prosperity if you would only seek to share them with the world.

Be who you are in any given moment dear ones. Speak the words that reside in your heart when you are motivated to do so, and do so with kindness. Allow yourselves to have your feelings without agenda or a need to ‘make’ anything happen. This is not easy. You are trained as human beings to DO rather than to just BE and yet if you are BEING yourself, you will only DO what God guides you to do, from a place of joy, heart, inspiration, light, and truth. And in so DOing, your very BEING will light up the world.

We love you so very much.

The Angels w/Ann Alber

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