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Safety and the Law of Attraction

As both a transsexual and a Spiritual Peacemaker minister I feel like it is important for each of us to understand the dynamics of Safety as it relates to the GLBTQ community.  I will start out by confirming what Safety is, then identify the Law of Attraction, go into things that enhance our feelings of safety and then discuss who is responsible for your safety.

Safety is a feeling we have when we know that our bodies are not in danger.  A few key points here are that safety is a perception accompanied with a feeling and it concerns our physical bodies.  Whether you feel safe or not has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with how you perceive reality!  This is very important because if we look at the physical evidence such as stats and figures in a logical way the chance of actually being harmed are quite low when compared to actual occurrences.  Our minds play all sorts of tricks on us and frankly are not to be trusted.

The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like” and to fully understand this we need to think of like energies, not necessarily things that appear similar.  Everything is energy and each person has an energy field that surrounds them.  The point is that if we feel safe then we exude that energy and attract that reality to us, thus we experience being safe.  One the other hand if we are scared for any reason, founded or unfounded, we are attracting the very danger we wish to avoid.  I realize that you may be saying you have no control over being scared, but I am here to tell you that you do.  So what makes us feel scared or threatened?

Usually it involves the actions of another human being and can take forms, such as verbal abuse, aggressive physical behavior and actual attack.  However it can also be our imaginations, a scary movie, or a story from a well meaning friend.  A few things to keep in mind are, if you react with fear then you are feeding the flame, what you resist persists, and resistance is futile and while these may be cliché they are true.  The question now rests on what can we do to feel safe at all times and if fear creeps in how can we release it?

There are several things we can do to avoid this feeling of fear and first & foremost is to focus on Peace.  The more we focus on peace the more we attract it, since what you focus on grows.  This rule works just as well in reverse and if you are focusing on all the dangers and risks then you fuel those instead and thus are attracting danger into your life!  So the secret really is to focus on your desires to be healthy, happy and have fun! Simply tell yourself, I am safe, I am happy, I am, “whatever you desire”(fill in the blank).  The more you do this the more it is true, just think of the number of times you have fearful thoughts vs. the number of times you have safe thoughts, which is greater?  Well this is what you are attracting.

Many things contribute to your feeling safe and are in your direct control, like if your big brother or boyfriend is with you, then you will feel more safe.  If you know that police officers patrol your neighborhood and you trust them then you will feel more safe.  If you have a security system in your home you will feel more safe.  If you stay out of areas that are prone to violence, like back alleys at 2am, then you will feel more safe, if you avoid groups of men who look board, or are rowdy, then you will feel more safe, if you are awake and alert when you move around, esp. at night, then you will feel more safe.  If you feel safe then you are safe!

Additional suggestions to enhance your feeling of safety is to travel in a group or at least with one friend, do research on where you are going and know where you are at all times, have a cell phone with you to call for help, a whistle to blow attracts attention and can boost your feeling of being safe, tell someone where you are going and when you will return, stay in areas that are populated, and please do not carry a weapon.  Weapons say to the universe “I am vulnerable and scared for my safety”!  They actually attract danger to you, so please trust that you will be fine.  Remember feelings of safety attract safety, and if you have a weapon they often work against you either by accident or by a perpetrator.

Other things that contribute to safety like well lighted streets, and police patrols are not directly in your control, but can be helpful in enhancing safety so please be aware of them.  Ultimately it is each of us who are responsible for our own safety.  Let me repeat that for emphasis, I am responsible for my own safety, just as you are responsible for yours.  The saying goes, “Protect and Serve”, and police officers are responsible for upholding the law and preventing crime when possible, but they are not responsible for your personal safety. The point I would like to close with is that by our thoughts, words, and actions we create our experiences!  We are Masters of our destiny and when we stay focused on our dreams and desires miracles are created.  The following article “Peace is just a thought away” is shared with you here because it provides a great perspective to the concept of safety.

Peace is just a thought away

By Tony Burroughs

     One of the subjects which seems to monopolize much of our thoughts today is defense, or personal safety. In the spirit of helping us to understand how we are sabotaging ourselves in this area by holding onto our old ways of thinking, I will now address this highly charged topic by going a little deeper into our defense mindset.

     When you’re thinking that someone else is going to attack you, you are actually helping to create that attack. A defensive position always invites an attack. It works like this: In your mind, you’re picturing someone – perhaps it’s an enemy foot soldier, a renegade terrorist, or a drugged-out street criminal – coming to get you. This is a thought, just like all other thoughts. With enough attention put on it, it will work its way toward the surface of your experience, just like the thought that you’re going to go to Disneyland next month.

     Fortunately, we can pick any thought we want. Thoughts that serve us and those that don’t are equally available to us. If a person envisions attackers, then he will be attacked. If a person envisions Disneyland , then he’d better get his E tickets ready. The question is: What kind of world do we want to live in? If we keep envisioning the same old us vs. them separation scenarios as propagated by the media, then we’ll never live in peace. But, if we shed our victim mentality and begin to picture our world in its highest light, then things will change. Thousands of years of man killing his fellow man will come to an end and be replaced by the expression of a deep and abiding respect for one another. All it takes is a little deeper thinking.

     We must stop letting those with their own personal agendas tell us who our enemies are. We must investigate a little further to discover who the true perpetrators of violence on this planet are. And we must reject their manipulative suggestions and begin to discern in favor of that which is for the highest good of all.

    For those who want to live in true freedom (not the kind of freedom offered by most present-day patriotic movements), peace needs to take the highest precedence. We must, in fact, demand peace because freedom requires a peaceful environment in which to grow and thrive. As of yet, not enough of us have been able to garner the inner strength needed to create a lasting peace. There are a few – and more are seeing the light every day – but it takes a larger number of people to stop supporting a social reality that doesn’t serve them before a shift into true collective sovereignty will occur.

    The time will come, in our very near future, when one more person envisions a peaceful world and, with that seemingly tiny action, the scales are tipped. The storm clouds disappear and a new world, the world that we deserve to live in as our right of birth, opens up before us.

It will be like a miracle … but it’s not really a miracle. It’s only us having changed our thoughts.

From The Intenders of the Highest Good ( and Tony Burroughs)

My Intention for today is:  
I intend that I am guided, guarded, and protected at all times.

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