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We are Spiritual Peacemakers!

We are Spiritual Peacemakers!

As Ministers of Peace in The Beloved Community we practice the teachings of Jesus as presented in the book, Art of Spiritual Peacemaking written by James Twyman the founder of this most recent manifestation of The Beloved Community.

The central premise to the teaching is “what you focus on grows”, so stay focused on what you desire. Our teachings are ancient and this message has been taught by many great leaders, Jesus Christ being the central one. Mahatma Gandhi is also a major influence in these teachings, as are Mother Teresa, St. Francis, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Each minister who is ordained brings their own uniqueness to the fold and together we make up a diverse community of spiritual beings. We follow no doctrine and so the ministers of The Beloved Community represent all religious denominations. Please see Peace Prayers for more about what we represent.

Each person is encouraged to look closely at their beliefs and to follow the guidance found within the Heart. The blog posts represent the teachings of the Beloved Community as well as Oneness Ministry’s teachings founded by Sequoia Elisabeth Carpenter, the minister and author of this site. James Twyman and The Beloved Community are her mentors, however she is guided by many wise beings and gives credit to those on the recommended links post as well as other posts as they are presented.

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