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New Years Creation

Now that we have glanced back over our year of 2009 it is time to gaze lovingly to 2010.  Again this is something that should occupy a few hours at most and when we record our thoughts on paper, in audio or video these prayers (all thoughts, words, actions are prayers) are given form.  Visualize your life and how you would like to experience it.  Think of the relationships that are important to you now and also imagine your ideal personal relationship.  Feel yourself in this relationship and imagine yourself engaged in whatever activity you desire.   Keep things ideal and at the same time honor thoughts that may arise which are undesirable by releasing them.  I thank unwanted thoughts for visiting and then shoo them out. 

This process of creative visualization is so powerful and if you would like to know more about it I recommend Shakti Gwain’s book “Creative Visualization” and although it is an older book the technique is centuries old.  Of course this process does not end after the New Year, but extends the year around.  This works with whatever you are creating, be it a job, love affair, happiness, prosperity, etc. 

When I came out 10 years ago I used this technique to manifest my dream.  I was in a period of my life where I was doing a lot of introspection and getting in tune with my inner feelings and desires.  What I realized was, I am a woman, why else would I be compelled to wear woman’s clothing and makeup?  The activities I enjoyed the most are associated with women in our society and I could see that my nature was feminine, even though I had learned to be masculine as so many woman have done to cope with a masculine world.  The thoughts and desires I had as a teenager proved to be right on and it was high time for me to start honoring them after 30 years of denial.

New Year’s is a great time to begin anew and that is one of its purposes.  We can begin anew any day of the year and we do, but let’s seize this opportunity this year to think thoughts that support us, to plan for manifesting our desires and pay attention to what brings us joy.  Let joy (deep inner satisfaction) be our guide on this Journey of Love 2010.  Remember also to live in the moment and not get caught up in the past or future, yes they exist but only to provide perspective for our Now.  Have a Blessed NOW, always and all ways.  😉 Sequoia Blessed

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2009 Blessings

With only two days left in 2009 you may be tempted to look back over your year and judge it as good or bad, abundant or poor, easy or hard. Instead let us look back only briefly to see what worked, what was successful, what brought us Joy. Can you think of one thing that you did this year that brought Joy to your heart? How about a project that worked out just like you thought it would? Did any of your decisions of this year prove to be all you wished them to be?

We don’t have to get too big with the event either, something as simple as a new hair style that made you feel wonderful is a big success. Putting a garden in for the first time in years and enjoying the “fruits” of your labors is another great success. Helping a friend or neighbor with a project or really in any way is another Joy to be thankful for. New friends who brought Joy into your life are a wonderful gift to be grateful for. It is not hard to find these little treasures when we take a few minutes, relax, and reflect.

If you are so moved, write them down or journal about these wonderful successes so that any time you may be feeling down you can read over all the wonderful successes you have enjoyed over the years. Maybe you could create a victory book to record your progress. I mean that is the point of transition. To record our milestones and appreciate each and every success we have on the Journey of Love. It is so joyful to look back and see where you were and now look around at where you have come. After all as the Taoist saying goes, “The journey is the reward”. 😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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