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Birth, The Ultimate Transition

The ultimate Transition is the first 9 months of your life.  I have often wondered why we celebrate our birthday when the Big Day is conception.  I figure it is simple logistics, we often do not know when we were conceived, however our birth is a clear cut event which we can document.  So we are having Birthday parties every year instead of Conception Parties. 

Let’s take a closer look at Birth.  Our soul groups have a party in heaven or wherever you believe our souls reside before we are born to decide on where, who, and what experiences we need in the next lifetime.  We choose our parents, siblings, children and our role in life.  We also choose a purpose or lesson to experience during our lifetime.  All of this is done before we are born and I must recommend a great book on this topic by Thomas Youngholm, The Celestial Bar Food & Spirits: A Spiritual Journey

Your parents meet and follow their destinies.  In that moment of impassioned union where their two souls join as one your spirit enters this world in one fell swoop of compassion!  This union is sacred and has opened the door for another blessed soul to enter this world, so I ask you what is not to be celebrated about this? 

For 9 months your Human body develops and grows following the path that was agreed upon in the time before time.  Slowly but surely you develop into the person you are destine to be.  Your Mother carries you and gives you all the love you need to be the person you have chosen to be.  And then comes the day of your arrival to the greater world of life on earth. 

Birth is a painful process for both the mother and the child, although they both have angels who are assisting the momentous event.  Depending on how each person in the process views the birth is how they experience it.  We are thrust out into a cold cruel world crying from the shock of it all and spanked right away “to assist breathing”.  Only later being wrapped in a blue or pink blanket depending on what appears between your legs.  Or We are pulled into a warm loving world.  Birthed in a warm water bath and quickly tucked into a warm neutral colored blanket and cradled by both Mom and Dad who give you a loving welcome to this world.

There is no doubting that the first 9 months of our lives are the most dramatic transformative events in our journeys here on earth beginning in passion and moving through pain and glory off and on for the entirety.  Celebrate each milestone with equal Joy and vigor.  Change is good   😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

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