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What’s your Story?

What’s your story? Have you ever thought about the story you were given? We are born into our story, whether fed the story line from family or discovered along the way. In fact, we create it as we live our lives by the choices we make moment to moment. For example, choosing college after high school or jumping straight into career building, each path contains it’s own story for you. In this aspect life is like a branching tree growing and expanding till it reaches a point where the branches start falling away… the tree dies and a new one sprouts from a seed it dropped long ago.

Have you given it some thought now? Story is woven into society and includes family, community, and geography. For instance, each town and region has its own story. Folks from Appalachia are a certain way- hillbilly, lazy, tobacco smoking, overall-wearing farmers. “Thai people are a warm, inviting bunch that revel in the rich traditions their culture has built up over the course of centuries.” (OneHourTranslation) The stories are infinite!

Many of us attempt to change our stories and in doing so, simply add to the story, not really changing it. Moving to a new place and starting a new life means the story has a new chapter. The story does not end till ones life does and even then stories tend to stay on track within families. This is why ancestry seems to be so popular today. With computer records and DNA testing it is fairly easy to find out the “story” you haven’t been told.

What does all this mean and how much of it determines your path. Are you really your story? You can be if you accept all your told. Or you can question reality and choose your own path. In the end and after reincarnating a few hundred times or more does the story ever really change? I think not. We are told this is how we get to know ourselves, but all we ‘get to know’ is the story.

My life has been about questioning my beliefs and thus my story. The turning point for me was at the age of 30. I was just divorced and looking for my path. I starting questioning everything about my life, especially religion. Beliefs are the foundation of who you think you are. These beliefs are informed from your story, the one you developed from birth and were fed by your family. I have learned it is important to go back before belief, to dig deeper. Who am I without my beliefs? The process is like peeling an onion and takes a while. My process continues and I am about to reach 60 years in this story. I feel very close to the core!

There is a higher You and a lower you. They have been called different things from different professions, soul and over soul, id-ego-super ego, etc. However, I go with the ACIM teaching of Ego and Holy Spirit or wrong mind and right mind. Not to be confused with left and right brain. The mind is not in the brain! Which gets us down beyond beliefs to mind. We are not our bodies but mind! So the body is in the mind, not the other way around as we are taught in school. “Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking inside a radio for the announcer.” Nassim Haramein

Thus my study of Story began about 7 years ago. This included the study of archetypes though I still don’t completely have a handle on that. Story though was made simple by Joseph Campbell in 1949 when he coined the Hero’s tale. We are each on our own hero’s tale and every story you have ever heard is some version of this. Once you know it, you’ll see it everywhere. Are you being the hero of your story? Of course you are! The story laid bare opens so many doors. Step outside your story for a bit and look back. Who are you, really? Who are the characters in your story? Which archetypes do they represent? It can get rather complicated and I have a simple mind, so I often get lost along the way. I just fall back on my foundation, I am a Spiritual Being, having a human experience! I am not my body, I am free, I am just as God created me. Understand this and everything changes. The story becomes infinite!

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Suicide – Not A Choice

Transition can get to be overwhelming at times which can lead a person to look for an escape.  The pain gets too great and the options get too few, so what’s a person to do?  Suicide thoughts creep in and suddenly thoughts of death (escape) become overwhelming.  It seems so easy, a few too many pills or the slice of a knife in the right spot or one pull of a trigger. 

Let me assure you there is nothing to escape from.  Suicide is not the answer you seek.  What I will tell you is that those feelings are stemming from isolation and fear.  There are always options!  In some strange way, feeling like suicide is actually an option can be comforting.  Just keep it as option “Z”.  I like to list my options for remedying my situation from A to Z, which gives me 26 options to choose from and reaching option “Z” is very unlikely.  Just knowing that you have that many options is comforting.

Talk to someone who can relate to your situation.  Share your thoughts and feelings with someone who cares.  Ask for other options that maybe you cannot see.  If for some reason you cannot find someone who cares, which is not unusual in this situation, talk to God, Holy Spirit, Allah, Buddha, Great Spirit, Goddess, or whichever Deity you relate to.  By sharing your troubles the burden you feel is lifted. 

Shifting your viewpoint will help you move beyond your feelings of hopelessness.  Embrace whatever change is knocking at your door.  Welcome it in and see how you can best participate in this transition.  An “I can” attitude or “I can, with help” attitude will go a long way to moving you beyond the depressive state you are in.  Allowing others to help you is part of the give and receive cycle that life runs on, when we withdraw from this cycle our life stops flowing and depression sets in.  Getting back into the flow of giving and receiving will help to alleviate any thoughts of suicide. 

When other people’s happiness becomes more important than your own the dark veil of depression will lift and the light of Joy will re-visit your life.  Caring about others in a healthy balanced way every day will assure that suicide thoughts never visit you again. 

Something that I realized when I was holding the barrel of a 357 in my mouth many years ago, I am being very selfish!  I am not hurting myself, instead I am hurting those I Love and those who Love me.  I could see them crying and I could feel the pain I would have brought into this world.  I asked myself, do I want to be the problem or the cure?  In that instant healing began and I put down the gun never to return to that point again. 

If those thoughts of suicide return and they have, all I do is remind myself that there are people who love me and hurting them is not the kind of person I choose to be.  I am alive because I have a gift to share with the world and when my time comes I will gladly go. 

“Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you’re alive, it isn’t.”
Richard Bach


😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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