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Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a kingdom of Peace and Equality, where all peoples respected and honored each other as well as their environment.  Each person lived a life free to follow their dreams, and create any life they so choose.  The resources were abundant and anyone with the strength of character and body could attain as much as they desired.  Food was freely available all around in this place, and the more it was appreciated the more was available.

The greatest reward in this kingdom was the feeling of Love one felt when their actions where appreciated by another, whether they be person or animal (any intelligent being).  There was a connection anyone could feel when they gave this gift of love to another.  It could be as simple as looking another in the eyes and smiling!  This energy flows freely from one being to another and in all directions.  This energy of Love was the fabric that wove the entire kingdom together.

Those who knew of this energy and freely shared it where the rulers, and no one person or thing controlled it all.  There was no limit to the amount of love available to share and in fact the more one gave it away the more they had!

This kingdom is not a fairy tale but it is all around you this very moment.  The way you see the world is the way you will experience it.  What you expect to see is the beginning of the experience of it.  What is your story?  What part do you place in this grand drama called Life?  Take a moment and feel the love that exists within you, around you, and flowing through you this very moment.  Can you feel eternity?  It is right here!  And it is there too.  Know that you are the very Love you seek, the essence of all existence.  I love you, as you are Love.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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What is Love?

This is a continuation from yesterday.

I will offer you a few poems to illustrate LOVE and then I will discuss some important points. 

What is Love?

It is that which is without condition, without limitation, and without need. 

Because it is without condition, it requires nothing in order to be expressed.  It asks nothing in return.  It withdraws nothing in retaliation. 

Because it is without limitation, it places no limitation on another.  It knows no ending, but goes on forever. It experiences no boundary or barrier.

Because it is without need, it seeks to take nothing not freely given.  It seeks to hold nothing not wishing to be held.  It seeks to give nothing not joyously welcomed. 

And it is free.  Love is that which is free, for freedom is the essence of what God is, and love is God, expressed.”

Neale Donald Walsch, Friendship With God, Page 156

“Love Is, a Poem

Love is not exclusive, but Inclusive

Love is not painful, but the Highest JOY

Love is never lost, but exists always

Love is not changing, but constant

Love is not different, but the same at all levels

Love is not wrong, but the answer

Love is Universal!

Love exists regardless of what is happening in your life, in fact

Love exists regardless of your life

Love is something you can share, but cannot prevent another from experiencing, only yourself

Love is the only thing you have more of when you give it away

Love is a feeling, an emotion, an experience, and so much more

Love is life itself

Love is a way of life

Love is an acceptance of all that comes your way

Love is an expression of WHO YOU ARE, who we all are


Sequoia Elisabeth Carpenter, Livin’ Large, page 20

 Now that we have some idea of what love is and is not, I offer some important points to remember.  The first and most important thing for you to realize is that love is not painful, so if you are hurting then that is not love; that is ego.  Now that you realize this you can let it go for it serves you not!  Infatuation is often painful so no that is not love although so many of us think it is when we first get started.   This is a painful lesson to learn, but that is ok, pain is simply a distraction from the Truth, which is you are Loved by All That Is.  If you are asking for love from one person and only that person, then this is not love.  Love chooses you, not the other way around and if you put limits on your love then it instantly becomes ego.  You cannot love one person more than any other, so when I say “I love you” I mean that as if I was speaking to my Beloved, because I am!  This is the way Jesus spoke of love and so we can carry on the tradition. 

Hopefully you are getting a good feeling of what love is and is not, so now let’s take this one more level to where it all begins; in your heart.  I have mentioned doing mirror work before and this is where self acceptance and self love begin.  Look into the mirror and go deep within your soul, feel the love, say it out loud, “I Love You”.  Practice this over and over every day, every time you see yourself in the mirror!  Feel it deep within your soul, for this is who you are speaking with, and your soul is reflecting back to you!  At first this may seem difficult or awkward, just stick with it, the payoff is Golden! 

Some of you may be thinking this sounds very narcissistic or conceded.  I assure you it is not, and why it is not is because “you” are greater than what you see in the mirror.  Remember the soul we were speaking of before, this is who you are loving, not the body you see in the mirror or the ego.  Ego love is narcissistic and conceded, so that is what we are letting go of and instead we are focused on the Love of God, Universal Love, Soul Love, or Oneness.  

Let me know if I left anything out or if you have a question I did not address, I am at your service.   :-)Sequoia Elisabeth

“Wisdom is knowing that I am nothing, Love is knowing that I am everything, in between my life moves.”

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