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What is our compulsion with doing? I am sure you can relate. That feeling something must be done! Even if it’s trivial, esp. if it’s trivial! LOL. This underlying urge to create, to do, to be productive consumes us all. Why?

A Course in Miracles explains that its about distracting you from yourself, from the One thing we just cannot face! God. More specifically our separation from God, or the belief we are separate. The answer is simple, we are not separate, never have been, never will be. God is all there is.(period)

So why does this knowledge not help? I have been studying ACIM for 10yrs solid and working up to it for 5 yrs previous. What is my resistance all about? Why am I constantly sabotaging myself? Perhaps this fear runs deeper than I thought. In fact, this fear is totally subconscious and for each of us the sea runs to different depths.

I sit here doing an inventory of my distractions and realized it pretty much all is a distraction. The aquarium hobby, (hobby’s in general), the internet, entertainment – especially, and even eating, drinking, and sleeping. I dream when sleeping and this too is a distraction. My ego is hard at work; it never sleeps. The ego mind is our conscious mind, the part which will not under any circumstance look at the Truth. Not the personality ego, but the ego which defines identity. ACIM describes ego differently than mainstream psychology, FYI.

ACIM teaches we have two choices at all times. Ego (individual identity) or Holy Spirit (our pathway back to God, which we never left, i.e choosing Love [realizing love is all there is]). Every religion has taught this to some extent. We must choose the devil (D evil) or God (Good), wrong or right! This is where other religions depart from ACIM. I speak of duality – the two choices. ACIM points out there really is only One choice since God is all there is how could we choose any thing else? SO it’s not really a choice but a realization. ACIM does not teach Love, but instead teaches us to remove the blocks to our awareness of love. Love is all there is! To clarify I use several words as synonyms for God, mainly these 3, Love, Joy, & Peace. Light also has its uses, but not strictly in place of God. There is another teaching I follow called the Law of One – The Teachings of Ra. They speak of Love/Light and Light/Love, though this is a duality POV, it comes from a place of non-duality. Think time/space and space/time here, opposite yet supporting dimensions.  I digress once again.  Thinking is a distraction too!

I encourage those who are interested to explore ACIM and Law of One further. I will say, be prepared, it will take years to grasp these teachings fully. It is a fun and fulfilling path though. So without any further distraction I will sign off here, knowing that this very blog is a distraction! LOL

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Who are you?

Identity exists in the mind and is seen in the people, places, and things we encounter throughout our day. How important is identity? Does it change? Are you still the same person you were a decade ago? These are questions which I play with constantly. It makes me feel good to question reality, to question my identity, and to question existence itself. Thus I sit here this evening doing just this. Who am I? Who am I in relation to you? Who are you?

Alas, the answer is complicated to say the least. Or is it? I feel like I have answers on a Spiritual level or an Ultimate Reality level, however this material world baffles me. It sure seems real even though I have been assured that it is not. The teachings in A Course in Miracles maintain this world is a projection of my mind, which is not really “my” mind but Ego Mind. Ego is the interface of the construct we call “reality”. We have been given powerful tools for interacting here, 5 physical senses, 6 mental tools, and umpteen beliefs upon which we base our actions.  Just like a TV set, the Ego is not who I am.  Thru ACIM my understanding has deepened greatly. I see so much clearer these days, except when it comes to daily life. It really all comes down to identity. How I identify determines my role to play, what I should do, and where I should go. The thing is, I have long established beliefs that conflict with my current identity. Which, by the way, was repressed for over 30 years. I can’t explain it, other than to say this is my forgiveness lesson. I must accept it and learn to live it. Doesn’t feel like I am doing very well with this. Though my life situation at the moment is very good. I have all that I need, I feel content, and well taken care of. I have others to care for and this is enough. My theory is I am getting very close to the end (of illusion) and the ego fears its end, so the disharmony and misdirection has been peaked.

The answer is simple. Love is the answer, always and all ways. The trick is to remember this in the moment. I go with the flow and be the observer, judging not, while seeking divine truth all the while. A good example of this just occurred. I am listening to New Age with a Native American flair and thinking I feel so connected, yet I did a DNA test and know I have no Native American in me at all. So what if it is not in me but rather the Earth or location I am in right now. Since I live in CO, this all used to be Native land. Even where I grew up, used to be Cherokee country. So perhaps this means location informs all who live here. Nature informs Nurture. I suppose this is the function of travel. Living in Mexico or India or wherever will inform the thoughts I experience. Even the Earth is traveling though space and as we move influences shift. This all relates to the Mind, so nothing is really moving, it is just the consciousness shifting. I maintain that if we attempt to live on another planet eventually we will stop being Human and become Martians or whatever. Not that Mars exists mind you, LOL.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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How to Handle Rejection from Family Members

Today’s blog is a sharing from another blog I recently read.  This subject touches me deeply and from chats with readers I feel this message will touch you as well.  The topic is “How to Handle Rejection from Family Members”.  We are all family – Love is the answer!


“The Voice for Love: “Precious One, please know firstly that consciously choosing to extend love to anyone or anything is always helpful, even if you cannot see the effects. There is more to your experience than meets the eye. So we thank you and encourage you to continue in your quest to extend love to others, even those who do not seem to want or accept your love.

“We would like to challenge you further, for in your quest to extend love you are now seeking a deeper level of understanding and a deeper experience. You have extended love to the persons about whom you are asking; now extend love to the very behaviors they are expressing. Those behaviors are expressions of fear, doubt, guilt, and pain. Although tempting to take their rejection personally you need not take them as personal attacks, though they are presented that way. You may also see these behaviors and expressions as separate from the person expressing them. See the person as innocent but fearful, and all these painful expressions as mere defenses, put up to avoid further pain.

“Extending love to negative behaviors may seem counter-intuitive or counterproductive, as though to do so means you approve of these things. Yet Love is not approval, but Love is acceptance of What Is. Love is knowing that you are both safe and free at all times. Love does not fear anything nor react to perceived attacks. Love is not defensive or resistant or afraid. Love allows others to be as they are, where they are, and loving them even when pushed away. Love allows the pushing away. Love is at peace and loves anyway.

“It is possible to extend love from afar, to hold these dear ones in your heart despite their rejection of you. They are asking for their freedom – give it them. To be embroiled in conflict, to push or force or argue, this is not what Love would do. Love says, ‘Yes, you may be that way.’ Loves gives to all their freedom and loves anyway. Step back, dear one, from the pain of this situation. You need not fix it, solve it, or sort it out. Extend love to the situation exactly as it is – that is, extend patience; extend freedom; extend allowance; extend compassion. These are all facets of the great diamond of love that you hold. Love can be extended in infinite ways, so do not underestimate its power.

“Remember that what is resisted grows stronger; it must, to prove itself. Therefore, do not resist the painful behaviors of your loved ones. Accept, allow, extend love to all that is happening without resistance or fear. Love is a healing balm and is not limited by time or space. You do not have to convince these dear ones in your life to accept love. Only you can accept love, know love, choose love, and extend love for yourself. Each one must make this choice when they are ready. Love would never force itself on another who is not ready to receive it. Trust that all will come to the glory of Love in their own perfect time; that is what the journey of life is for.

“Rest, dear one, from your efforts. Extend love to yourself as well as others. Be at peace and trust that God knows the way into each and every heart.”” (, 2012)

Please know that I Love You!  Even and especially my birth family who has had difficulty accepting my transgender journey, know that we are separate, yet ONE!

😀 Sequoia Elisabeth

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