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Finding Meaning In Life

The blog today is about How to find Meaning in your Life.  Since this is a common question I did some research and found the following seven steps each of which makes a lot of sense to me.  So instead of reinventing the wheel the steps are to follow.  For the full article/source click here.

  1. Find out how inquisitive and trusting you are. Many people find religious belief systems more than adequate to fill their lives with meaning. Being a “True Believer”, however, will only result in giving up your identity for the identity of the collective. Conflicts and mid-life crisis inevitably arise when the adopted concept of self-conflicts with the true self. If you are inquisitive and trusting of your own intelligence, the first step is to find your true self. Self-revelation is not for the squeamish. Take the time to let go of societal and personal preconceptions, letting your identity emerge without construct.
  2. Let go of language. The universe was here before Humans and certainly before language, and requires no pedantic explanation. Words are not things or actions. They are vibrations of the air molecules or squiggles on a page. Mistaking words for reality is the mistake that puts politicians in office and sells all of the products, religions, and systems of government on the planet. Saying “Tree” is no more a tree than saying “I love you” means someone loves you. To perceive reality as it is one must accept that words are a vehicle for the transference of our perception of reality, not reality itself.
  3. To bring meaning to your life, you must be able to perceive it without language. The fragility of language will undermine your search.
  4. Seek without purpose. The universe will unfold and become clear when you seek knowledge without prejudice. Knowledge is not a destination, but a journey. Human knowledge is also imperfect. But don’t despair; we know enough to come to firm conclusions. A ‘fact’ can only mean ‘confirmed to such a degree that it would be perverse to withhold provisional assent.’ I suppose that apples might start to rise tomorrow, but the possibility does not merit equal time in physics classrooms. Work with what you can know, not what you can imagine.
  5. Know that the universe is under no obligation to conform to your expectations. It is what it is whether or not you exist.
  6. Know that your life in civilization is a construct, not a law of nature. Our lives and the way we live them are human constructs of what we think is the best way to live. It is littered with over 6000 years of myth, superstition, and dogma. Don’t confuse the truth with the things you do to survive. Society doesn’t, and very often won’t make sense.
  7. Understanding yourself, the universe, and your place in society, it will be easy to find meaning because you will determine what is meaningful. You will be able to separate the noise of language and society from the true sound of yourself. Define for yourself what brings meaning to your existence. Your meaning will be different from everyone else. You will know your life is meaningful because you will not fear death, getting old, or the various travails all of us encounter. Your destiny, your reason for being here will be apparent every waking hour. Contentment and bliss will follow.

The moral to this story is life has no meaning till you give it meaning.  You are here for a reason and it is up to you to find the meaning and act upon it.  I will add the importance of getting out of your head and into your heart.  This means to stop thinking about your life and simply live it.  It means to feel what you are feeling, do not hide, shrink away, or avoid situations you are presented with.  It means to live from your soul.

🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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Ps. For help in hearing the voice for love, go to this link.  David Paul is a friend and his teachings are highly recommended.

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The Meaning Of Life

What if you have thousands if not millions of purposes in life and not just one?  New books on the purpose of life or finding your true purpose in life come out all the time.   We all feel a need for life to have meaning!  What if that meaning is in the mix and simply by breathing and engaging in this realm your purpose is served?

Think about this for a minute.  It could be your purpose is to smile at that certain person at work at just the right time to give them hope when they are feeling down.  Or take your granddaughter to the zoo and indirectly inspire her to be a zoologist or simply to love her.  Your purpose could be simply to think positively and love each person you meet with an open heart and kind words.

Super Heroes are one of our favorite subjects for the movies, however we are each a super hero in ways that really matter to those we love and care about!  The movies are just there to inspire and entertain you.  We each have our gifts to offer the world and what I am offering here today is the realization that you cannot miss your purpose as long as you wake up in the morning and live your life.  The details take care of themselves.

Humanity has a higher purpose also that each of us is here to share.  Some people call them principles to live by, but I see them as Universal Purpose.  The first one is to “Be Here Now”.  This simply means to be awake and aware of as much as possible at all times.  The easiest way to know you are aware is to feel your breath as it moves in and out of your body.  This can be done as you go about your daily activities.  Simply feel your body, every cell is alive, pulsating with energy and carrying you to your destination – Feel It!

The next Universal Purpose is to “Love Unconditionally”.  I think this is self explanatory; however I will point out some key points here.  Love has no limits, and it is your very essence.  Love is who you are!  When you are embracing this gift you serve your purpose.  Love feels good always and all ways, so if you are feeling pain that is a sin or a sign you have missed the mark.  Loving is actually the easiest path or the path of least resistance, so go with the flow and stop trying so hard.  Remember Love is your nature, it is as easy as breathing and as close as your heart beat.

The third Universal Purpose is to “Tell the Truth – as you see it”.  We each come from a place of our personal understanding and knowledge.  It is important to always operate from this point of Truth.  Lying is a deliberate avoidance or aversion from this place of Truth and it harms you every time you do it.  A layer of separation or veil is created each time you lie and on the journey home you must clean through these layers to reach source.  All humans have a certain number of layers; it is simply an occupational hazard of being human.  We make mistakes, do not fret.  Instead focus on the Truth and be honest with yourself and others always.

We each have personal purposes as well as the Universal and these are discovered by listening closely to your heart and being observant of life and that which inspires you.  What brings you Joy?  I am not talking about having fun; I am talking about a deep feeling of blissful satisfaction and serenity.  The answer to every question is always right there and all you have to do is look, listen and feel.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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