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Life that Never Ends

Death has always been an interesting subject to me.  So let’s talk about it some.  There are many beliefs about death as well as the after death experience and as far as I know no one alive can tell you what dying feels like, or at least that is the popular belief.  I have some not so popular beliefs about death and dying so I will share from my perspective and from my extensive research.

Now I have never had a near death experience or NDE but I do have two close friends who have and from what they tell me it is not all that bad and in fact they tell me it was a pretty interesting experience.  The key points of NDE’s are the feeling of floating and separation from the body, but with a thin cord that maintains constant connection to the body.  Many will see a light which is very bright and almost magnetic. The other significant thing is that they felt no sensation whatsoever.  They had no thought either, only observation without judgment. 

The best book I have ever read on this subject of death is “Home with God: In a Life that Never Ends” by Neale Donald Walsch.  Since you are probably going to read it I will not go into great detail but I will mention a few points that grabbed me.  From the title you may have guessed that life does not end with death of the physical body.  Our souls continue right on with the journey and this experience depends on what you believe.  What you believe is true! (Ch 7 of my eBook)  So let’s say that you believe the bit from church where if you sinned you go to hell, well that is what you will experience until you realize that being there is not necessary.

There are many stories and whatever you believe in will manifest.  By the way if you believe in nothing you will experience that and living in nothingness can get a bit confusing.  LOL  Moving on, the next awesome thing about death is that you pick the time, the place, and the method all before you are even born!  I will not go into how that is possible because that can take a while. 

The other cool part is that no one ever dies in vain.  There is a purpose for everything and those who need to know of your death will.  There are some more fun things in the book so check it out and know that we are all manifesting our lives in the best and highest good of yourself, your family and everyone everywhere.  😉  Sequoia Elisabeth