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Physical Energy

Part two of this series on creative methods of coping with transition.  Do you love to exercise?  Well, even if you don’t the very act of being physically active will boost your energy and help to release any anxiety you may have.  Remember that an object in motion tends to stay in motion, so the more active you are the more energy you will have.  Of course it helps to enjoy yourself while you are exercising. 

Joy compounds the benefits tremendously, so find an activity that you enjoy.  The options are almost endless, so be creative and experiment some.  Personally I enjoy walking about as much as anything, bicycle riding used to be a favorite as did swimming.  I find as I am aging that walking works the best for me in the most environments.  The environment in which you do your activity will make a difference also, so choose a place that you like and are comfortable in.  Even if you are in the city there are places to walk like parks , malls, gyms or the neighborhood.  If you live on a farm you are most likely getting plenty of exercise doing the daily chores, but if not get out and have some fun!   Gardening is a great way to boost your energy also. 

Both the physical activity and being with the beauty of nature combine to really boost our energy!  For those who are not aware of how the human body works, it can get pretty complex so let’s just keep it simple.  As we move, our bodies use oxygen to fuel the cell functions in our various organs.  The more we move, the more we burn energy and the more oxygen is needed, so the heart and lungs are working harder and harder.  The lungs bring in the air and oxygen is diffused into the blood which is pumped by the heart to the organs of the body.  With practice the body gets used to this activity and is able to handle more and more activity to a point that is only determined by the mind. 

This is evident in the fact that athletes are constantly breaking speed, endurance and skill records!  We are expanding our limits and broadening our beliefs.  The other thing that is happening at a physical level is the brain is releasing chemicals such as endorphins that regulate our perception of pain or discomfort.  These chemicals are very beneficial to our overall health and can be released in other ways as well, such as sexual pleasure and meditation.  There are many good books out on the mind body connection so if you are interested in this just visit the library or surf the net. 

No discussion of physical energy creation would be complete without the inclusion of Tantra.  Tantra’s come in many powerful forms of ritual action but one of the more popular would be sexual tantra such as the Kama Sutra.  When two people come together in sexual passion an incredible amount of energy is released.  Once this is experienced though it can be addictive if a person does not know the source of the energy, so do not take this path lightly.  Joy is the goal, a feeling of oneness with all there is, so focus on that and know that we are conduits to this energy.  Our purpose is to feel, or experience with all our senses and be aware of Source!  We can use such experiences as Tantric Sex as a marker or guide to what it feels like to be one with all there is.   As we focus on the feeling during meditation we are guided to the Joy of Spirit.  As we revisit that feeling it is possible to orgasm simply by imagining it!  Some say that Heaven feels like one big long Orgasm.  I think I am ready….

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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