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Sexual Taboos

A taboo is “proscribed by society as improper or unacceptable behavior.” (  Thus, depending on the society, what is acceptable may vary.  Each society has a prescribed set of rules of conduct which evolve over time.  We all follow these constructs either consciously or unconsciously. 

Sex is often a volatile subject which goes way back depending on the founding society concerned.  In the USA, we are very conservative when it comes to issues of sex behavior stemming from our strict Christian foundations.  The sexual revolution of the sixties and beyond has tipped many of societies norms on their proverbial head!  In my humble opinion this is a very good thing although it has come at a price.  Anything surrounded by fear will create challenges.  AIDS was born of this fear!  It will be undone by its opposite, Love. 

A few of the taboos that have been set aside are homosexual sex and polyamorous relationships.  In some more conservative communities these remain taboo, but for the most part (esp. cosmopolitan cities) it is no longer taboo.  The level of acceptance varies by community of course.  Society can be thought of as a tribal consciousness and as this consciousness shifts so do the taboos.  This consciousness will vary by community, but is still connected to the greater whole, like clouds on the horizon. 

The consciousness which you embrace will be the governing factor in your acceptance.  Let’s say you grew up in the Catholic Church which says it is taboo to have same sex intimate relationships, so as long as you remain in that community or consciousness you are bound by those taboos.  Sometimes the community changes to embrace the consciousness of its members.  For example DignityUSA is a catholic LGBT organization which embraces those life styles.  This to me demonstrates the interdependency of the individual with the larger tribal consciousness. 

Polyamorous relationships have been taboo until recently because frankly I don’t think the average person was mature enough.  Polyamorous means having multiple consenting Lovers /intimate relationships.  It means all parties are aware of each other and respect each other’s freedoms.  It means the individuals have to be mature enough not to slip into jealously or possessiveness.  I see this as being common in societies of the future, because it is natural for most humans.  Unfortunately, the ego based ruling society of yesterday did not support this behavior and often suppressed it though the media, education, and social/religious avenues.  However, as your individual consciousness shifts, so does the greater tribal consciousness.  (which came first the chicken or the egg is an ongoing debate that I will not address at this time)

The bottom line here is that we each have choices that we make every day and these choices determine our individual path, but also influence the greater tribal consciousness as well.  If you wish to explore a sexual taboo, then by all means do so, but do so with caution in an environment that is supportive and safe.  If you do a little searching and this is important enough to you, then you will find those who support you. 

Some sexual taboos are still too far out there at this time and cannot be embraced by society at large.  Till the day comes where society is more accepting, there remains constructive methods of dealing with the compulsion to go beyond the law.  Prison is not one of them.  I would suggest contacting a professional sex counselor if you need guidance on these issues.  There is nothing wrong with you or these acts per se, but staying within the law is conducive to a healthy life (for everyone). 

What I do know is that God loves everyone, no matter who they are and no matter what they have done.  Forgiveness comes from within your own heart and is supported by actions that put everyone’s safety first.

 😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Polyamorous Relationships

There is nothing more important than having Loving relationships in your life.  Just exactly how you express your love is up to you and is highly personal.  This blog is one possible way to express Love along with a few things to keep in mind when developing your Love life. 

Love is our nature or more specifically Love is who we are.  If you were to strip off every layer of your life; the appearances, the behaviors, and the thoughts, the only thing that would be left is Love or Agape.  Not only is Love the way, it is the essence of your being.  This Love is interchangeable with Joy, Peace and God.  This is in stark contrast to ego love which is possessive, limited, weak and jealous.

If you have any experience with ego love in a relationship then simply understand the difference between ego love and Spiritual Love (love and Love).  Love is based on surrender, trust and gratitude, while love is based on fear, manipulation, and ego centric behavior.  To be in a polyamorous relationship it requires that you be coming from Love. 

Polyamorous simply means multiple Loving intimate relationships with the consent of each and every person involved.  These relationships are more than a one night stand, although they could include those also.  Love is not meant to be limited and when allowed to flow freely keeping it focused in one monogamous direction is like trying to hold a handful of water; the harder you try the less water is left. 

Love as a paradigm and lifestyle emerging now in our society as the new relationship, so I will share my vision of where this is going.  I see the end of marriage as an institution.  Instead there will be soul bonds or spiritual unions which may be two people or more and their gender, race, national origin, etc. will not matter.  The government will not have any say in these bonds and offer no coercion in their formation. (licenses, financial benefits, etc.)  The Church no longer offers judgment as to whether relationships are right or wrong.   They simply support and Love their members.  They will still conduct ceremonies if the Polyamorous partners choose this, although I do not see this as being necessary any longer.   

The Polyamorous paradigm is a world based on Love instead of fear.  It is a world based on oneness, trust and free will.  No one can harm you in this world, and no one would want to.  Relationships are based on sharing loving experience and have no limits.  The relationships are all about gaining a deeper understanding of who you are and experiencing that through your partner. (Which is true today, but comes coupled with all sorts of fears)  If a polyamorous relationship is dissolved it is done in a loving and accepting manner because the relationship is based on goodness and sharing, not attachment.

Relationships are open and consenting because we each come from a place of Love and a desire to express Love.  Children are embraced and raised by the community, not only the parents.  The community is totally symbiotic and each person knows that in Loving and supporting others they are in effect doing so to themselves.  This is what Jesus meant by “Do onto others as you would have done onto you”.  

The Polyamorous paradigm is emerging now because it is time.  The world is ready for this kind of Love.  We have seen ego love enough now to know that it is not who we are.  Now that we know we are Love, let’s express this in all that we do!

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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