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Continued from yesterday…Thought, word and action is the process of creation.  Please be aware of your thoughts and that you choose your thoughts!  At least you choose which thoughts you act on.  With all the advertising we are bombarded with every day it is important to be discerning with your thoughts.  If someone tells you that eating soap will clean your digestive system, they are technically correct, however the way it does so is not so pleasant and is potentially harmful, therefore this thought or suggestion is discarded. 

Even a person with an M.D. behind their name does not necessarily know what is best for you.  Make that determination yourself!  This is a very important point; authority is not necessarily a good thing.  Your power comes from you so be aware of that.  Sometimes it is appropriate to get help from an expert, so by all means do that when you need to.   Get several opinions, listen to your inner voice (the quiet one) and test the idea if you can.  What is “good for you” is up to you!  How you feel about it and how it affects others determines whether it is the right choice for you. 

What happens when you throw a pebble into a pond?  Ripples flow outward correct?  So what if you drink a beer, what happens?  How about drinking 10 beers?  Does this affect others?  The simple fact is that everything we do affects someone.  How about driving down a one way street backwards?  Understanding that we are all One will make these choices very easy. 

Getting drunk and starting a fight is generally thought of as an undesirable outcome.  So is eating a gallon of ice cream and vomiting or getting diarrhea.  Use that powerful tool between your ears to choose your actions, knowing full well what the outcome will be.  Do things that make you and others feel better.  This is not all about you, so keep that in mind.  Unless you understand Oneness then everything is about “You”. 

Oneness is the concept that God is all there is, so that nothing is separate and everything is connected.  The implications of this understanding are in fact changing the world as you read this!  A good way to visualize this is to see everything as energy, which it is.  Even the air is energy since wind can be very powerful.  Thoughts are things too, so as all this energy interacts our world is created.  It is “source energy” flowing through you that creates your life and your mind is the tool. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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I Thought So

Many in society would have you believe that a certain product is either good or bad for you, so I have to ask you is this true?  Do objects control your life?  Meaning are there harmful and safe items your life depends on? These are deep spiritually philosophical questions that will in fact greatly influence your life.    

It is time to shine the light!  This is all a game, and right now we call it the game of life.  So I would like to make it clear that the game is neither right or wrong, or even win/lose.  It is how you feel about your life.  Simple huh?  Let’s look a little closer though so you know what I am talking about.

What we eat; food, dietary supplements, medicines, and drinks seem to be a big part of our lives, especially in American culture.  Your Mom gives you a glass of orange juice and tells you it is good for you, so you drink it down and it tastes great!  You feel, full, relaxed, energized and satisfied.  So was the drink “good for you”?  Yes, the drink is good for you because the drink made you feel better.  If you drank 5 gallons of OJ this might be different. 

You see a commercial on TV for a super diet aid that will have you lose weight in one month, the price is right and so you buy the product.  What you have just done is tell the Universe that you think you are fat and need to lose weight.  Ok, that established, what next?  The product arrives and you start taking it, just as the instructions tell you to.  A month goes by and you have lost 4 pounds.  Did the product work?  How much weight did you want to lose?  Did you need the supplement to do so?  How do you feel now? 

You can lose 10 pounds just by taking a laxative and not eating for a few days, however the point is how you feel about it is what makes the difference.  The choice is yours!  Some supplements do help you feel better, but why?  Is it because they are changing your body?  Or is it because your mind is making it so?  The body always changes due to a thought, so the mind is what does the deed.  How you think about what you put into your body then facilitates the action of that product. 

High fructose corn syrup is bad for me you think as you drink a soda, why do I drink this stuff?  Each thought is a self fulfilling prophecy dear readers!   Salads are really good for me and I really enjoy eating them…a smile comes on your face…a self fulfilling prophecy!  It works both ways and it works on about anything.  Some thoughts are group thoughts or mass consciousness so it is not only “you” that influence your thoughts.  Please don’t use this as an excuse to blame others however.  It is the law of attraction, what you think about most of the time becomes your reality!  Continued tomorrow…

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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