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What is our purpose? I’ve been asking myself why I even keep these websites. What I should do with them if anything. So here is what I came up with. A refined Manifesto.

My purpose and lot in life is to love and accept myself and the dream I have created. There is no more sobering thought than to realize you are the source of your nightmares. All the pain you have ever felt is on you. There is no one else, not really. “All else” or “other” is a projection from mind, your mind, the only mind. Our whole sense of self is based on Ego, this is the very definition of identity. If you think you exist, then this is the Ego. It is not good or bad, it is just the filter used to experience the world around you… to Know thy self!

Sometimes this image gets blurred and we think the “Other” is who we are. On the greater levels this is true, however on this limited Ego level it is not. I am you and you are me, though the Ego exists to further refine what you and me are. Ego is separation. All in this world is separate and represents the Ego (not the personality as Freud presented, but the entire “self”). I have come to believe that gender itself is an ego construct and Transgender is a confusion of this primary construct. We are born male, female or intersex, this cannot be changed in this lifetime. Sex is simply our Identity construct, it may define our life this time around, but it is by no means fixed in reality. Gender by the way is not Sex, these aspects are separate and yet intertwined. In the Ego world, there are shades of gray or color. A rainbow represents separation of light… thus the Ego. A perfect symbol for anyone who identifies with being human, special, or different. Yes, we appear to be unique, but this is only a perception – a desire by the Ego to be special or somehow better than other. The way to work though this is presented in A Course in Miracles. I will not go into it further and leave it up to you to explore.

I will not tell anyone else what to think or what is right or wrong, because that depends on your perspective and point of view. Being Transgender is real if you think it is. It cannot be denied, as I tried for 30 yrs and it kept coming back. When you get a obsessive idea the only way to get over it is to move through it. It could be called a problem, but in reality it is just an idea. Consuming, yes. So accept it and move through it. Face it head on. Fear = false evidence appearing real. Even death is false. I have died many times or at least my Ego has. Love is real and can not be destroyed. Whatever is “killed or dies” is unreal. Know this and life becomes a Joy. By “Know” I mean no doubt whatsoever.

So, if you have the impulse to crossdress then go for it. If you wish to sleep with the same sex or deny sex all together, go for it. However, if you have the impulse to harm anyone including yourself then take a step back. Tell someone about these feelings. Talk it out and take no action. The question is what does “harm” mean? I have been over that many times. Is it harmful to Transition? Is it harmful to die? Does shattering the concept others have of you qualify as harmful? There is the simple principle of “what you do to another, you do to yourself”. So perhaps transition is just passing your own confusion off to others close to you (other self). As you see the “other” you will see yourself. There is also the principle that we learn through experience, so unless we transition no lesson is learned. Pain is inevitable, suffering is up to you. I am not responsible for your suffering, even if I am responsible for your pain. We each have free will. There are no easy answers to these questions, there are only your answers. I have answered them for myself. I invite you to explore these questions and do your best. Live life and don’t apologize! Only you can ultimately judge you, so be kind.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Like a Reversible Sweater

Human beings are like a reversible sweater.  They have both a man and a woman within each of them or if you prefer a feminine and a masculine.  This has nothing to do with sex which is nothing more than the physical aspect of the body.  It is time we started thinking of human life as multiphasic.  We each have many levels which shift and flow over time, some of us more than others of course.  Some never reverse their sweater and thus never get to know their full self.  Part of doing inner exploration is opening all the doors without fear and embracing what you find.  The spirit of acceptance without any preconceived ideas of what is proper or right is a must.  The idea of congruence must also be questioned.  Why do men have to have penises and women vaginas?  Like I said sex and reproduction is a whole other topic and at this stage of the game is becoming irrelevant with over 7 billion people on earth.  So let us move on beyond this primal need to replicate.  Instead let us get to know the self before we go about making more selves.

What I know is that there is much more to life than this concept of “me”.  I exist beyond this body and will always exist with or without the body I currently experience as “me”.  I am not “me”, nor am I “you”.  We are One.  The understanding of Oneness changes the entire game… it changes everything!  There is no “me” or “you”, only we.  Like a kaleidoscope of humanness we are constantly shifting and morphing, so to get stuck on one expression of this is a game ender.  The meaning we place on words is not fixed, but many think that it is.  You are not the “you” you believe yourself to be!!  Let it go.  And above all else stop trying to “fix” yourself.  We are here to discover (dis-cover) who we are, not to manipulate or manufacture a self (a false self).  Surgery, drugs, and other external methods just end up hiding the true self, the authentic self.  Please do not be drawn into this game of the “six-million dollar person”.  No other can make you better than you already are!  Love that which is the self.  In order to do this you must really get down and see yourself… look within, without expectations, fear, or limits.  Feel who you are… close your eyes and be not deceived.  Let the Journey begin… once again, for like all journeys they tend to repeat.

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Living In Authenticity

Are you being the person you most desire to be?  Not who you want to be, or even who you think you are, but the person at your core who drives your desires.  This requires shedding skins, like a snake.  As the snake grows it outgrows their present skin or identity if you will and it falls away, sometimes naturally and sometimes with assistance.  This is precisely what we do as we grow too, often without thinking about it because it is less literal and mostly metaphysical.

As above, So below… means when we grow we do it on all levels at once.  This is more obvious when you are young because life is mostly about growing, but this continues to happen throughout life.  As multi-dimensional beings we have many bodies not just the physical body we each identify with here on earth.  (Click here for more on Subtle Bodies)

The journey of discovery of self begins with intention and continues throughout life, the deeper you go the deeper it gets and this is indeed a good thing.  No worries about getting lost because all roads eventually lead home.  Have fun on this journey and at the same time do not get too attached.  The skin you live in today is not the same as the one you had as a child and is not the same as you will have on your death bed.  For some of us who are awake and aware this skin changes more rapidly than for others, it all depends on your intentions and desires.   The journey can take a side path which is often very fun at first and then gets tiresome quickly. Eventually though the journey becomes about seeking your most inner desires in order to connect to your innermost being or soul.  Does it really even matter what skin you wear?  Only if you believe it does!  Still it is important to honor the expression your path has drawn you to, meaning if you find yourself drawn to military things, honor that aspect of your being even if it seems to contradict other aspects of yourself such as gender expression.  If you find yourself being drawn to natural processes and nature then honor this path and explore.  Life has many blessings, gifts, and pleasant surprises.

So I ask once again, Are you being the person you most desire to be?  Are you being honest with yourself?  If not, then why?  What is the fear motivating this dishonesty? As you face your fears they fall away and this is what it takes to live an authentic life.

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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Self-image is very simply who you think you are.  It is based on feelings, past behaviors, and feedback from others.  While this seems simple it really is not because life is interwoven beyond comprehension.  Our minds cannot wrap around who we really are so it does the best it can to extrapolate meaning and identity.  The mind uses the physical universe for the basis of this identity and employs many techniques of deception and subterfuge.  At a young age we simply accept what we are told as to who we are.  For instance, if you are born into a middle class white family with male genitalia and dark hair it is just assumed that you are a Caucasian boy from an average family who has dark hair and pale blue eyes.  Identity is based on appearance.  The reality of this identity is only as real as the material world.

Mixing in feelings and behavior, identity can be further clarified.  First of all behavior is often driven by feelings which in turn feeds more behavior leading to self-image.  If you feel average, act average, look average then one would assume you are average.  I would say the ego mind sells this version of reality to most everyone whether it is true or not, and most of the time it is not true.  What is normal after all and what/who is used as a baseline or model?

Feelings come from within and can vary depending on many factors both external and internal.  Hormones for instance can determine how a person feels, as well as many other brain and body chemicals.  From the exterior things as simple as the weather can have an effect on feelings, is it raining, sunny, windy, etc.?  Other people can affect feelings if we let them by reacting to their actions or words.  So the bottom line is we often base our self-image on false data!

How does one figure out who they are then?  From experience self-image is learned and can be changed with some concerted effort.  Identity is a personal thing and evolves over time in sync with the environment and personal choices.  The more I delve into this subject and it has been an important factor all my adult life, the less I am inclined to believe the standard teaching on self-identity being hardwired into the brain.  I believe the brain to be far more malleable than we realize.   In fact, I view the brain as a computer processing center and without input it has no output.

So who are we?  First we need to know who we are NOT!  We are not our body or any part of it.  We are not who others think we are even though this does have an effect on who they are.  We are not our feelings or behaviors although they do have an effect on our appearance to others.  …We are who we think we are!

“I think therefore I am” Descartes

Going back to the previous example, if you believe (think) or agree with what others think of you then this is who you will be, a white middle class boy with dark hair and pale blue eyes.  If however you think yourself to be a rich white upper class girl with blonde hair and hazel eyes, then this is who you will be!  I can speak from experience here as this has precisely been my experience.  Ultimately, I know I am neither!

Just because a person has certain DNA and gene structure when born it does not mean they will or have to follow this path.  Choice plays a far greater role than given credit for, however I also know that fate or destiny also plays a role.  Now, please understand that I do not suggest that a person chooses to be gay, straight, transgender, or black consciously, but we do choose a destiny before birth so as to have certain experiences for spiritual growth.  Fulfilling this destiny is the only way to move on.  So it is best to embrace this path by looking deep within and with all the courage you can muster, step onto this path fully, with open eyes and open heart knowing all is well.  We are Spiritual beings having a human experience after all.  The Spiritual Principle, “As above, so below” applies perfectly here.  As we evolve spiritually, our physical expression changes. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Greetings family!  As I sit here thinking of what I would like to say for this segment, I am reminded by the author Neale Donald Walsch that it is our actions that define us.  Not only am I who I say I am and think I am it is through my actions that I am defined.  This is an interesting fact to consider.  Do you like what you see?  I mean as you look back over your life at all your accomplishments, are you happy with what you have demonstrated?

How often do you use the words “I am”?  These are the words that Moses uses in the bible to describe God, “I Am That, I Am”.  Powerful words, because they define us!  Now the version that most bibles use does not have the comma and that is a sore oversight by the men who translated the original document.  James Tywman pointed out in his book the “Moses Code” that the comma was missing so you can see how much that little detail changes the meaning of the phrase.  No longer is it “God is that”, it becomes “I” am that as an individual, I am God.  God is no longer outside us but within, through and as us!  The way I use this is to point to something and say, “I am that, I am”.  It matters not what you are pointing to, God is all there is.  The way I look at this is if I am an aspect of God and God is all there is, then I must be all there is.  When we say be “all that,” we mean it literally.

I am walking down the street pointing to a dog, “I am that, I am”, then to a tree, “I am that, I am”, etc. The feeling I get when I do this is one of inner-connectedness. Try it and see how you feel.  It may seem strange at first but when you think about it and let the reality sink in the Truth reveals itself.  We are all a part of the whole, and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

The ego or “little self” part of your mind is probably screaming at you about now and that is to be expected.  So let’s go a little deeper.  God is all there is and we are merely instruments!  God works in us, through us and as us to express Divinity.  While this may seem a tall order, it is something that you have been doing all your life, only now you are aware of it.  Going back to the beginning of this blog I said that our actions define us, and so now you know who you are!

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Who Are You?

Identity is an important aspect of human life for several reasons.  It is how we all relate to one another and the world around us, it is how we discover our self, and it is how we discover God.  I am not sure we ever really “know” God, especially in one human lifetime.  Unity in Gender Diversity is a website that celebrates this journey of self discovery from the perspective of one individual.

UGD has two main parts, the Gender Learning Center and the Spiritual Learning Center.  Each explores an important aspect of what I call the Journey of Love, which is really a journey to discover the self, God and all that is.  Along this journey identity changes and evolves to the point where deep insights are discovered.  It really never stops though and when this lifetime ends another one begins and the process is repeated in a slightly different way.  Some say that when you lay down at night you die and are reborn the next day in a slightly different way.  I have this experience often, so maybe I can say I have lived many lifetimes within this one lifetime, maybe we can all say this!

I love the infinite expressions of life that constantly shift and change, but in essence never change.  No matter what you identify with, be it an object, animal, or person, the core essence never changes.  Thus the saying, As much as things change, they stay the same.  Meaning all things are Unified as One in infinite variety.

In essence we are all made of the same thing and this includes everything you can sense around you, the people you meet, the chair you sit on, the food you eat, the stars you see in the sky, the ground you walk upon, everything!  Carl Sagan called it “Star Stuff”, Plato called it “Aether” and Aristotle called it the “Fifth Element”.  (

This knowing can make your life both interesting and fulfilling.  Since all things are of the same source, no harm can really take place.  Things appear to change all the time, the experience is constant change!  This is the way it was meant to be.  This is how the source discovers itself!  All that I am not, leads to what I am.

The Journey then is “notness”.  It is being what you are not so that you can truly experience who you are!  I pray this means something to you, if need be please read over the website and discover who you are not.

Ok, I will spill the beans right here… all that you can see, touch, taste, hear, and smell is NOT who you are.  You are not your pet cat, your favorite Barbie doll, or even your car,  nor are you, your name, a man, blonde, short, stupid, wealthy, etc…  At some point you will identify with just about everything that crosses your path in this life… it is NOT who you are.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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