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I am as God created me!

I am as God created me!  So why are you feeling dysphoria?  Why do you think there is something wrong with you?  (too fat, too tall, wrong genitalia, wrong hair color or eye color, etc, etc.)  The imperfections are not of God’s making.  The imperfections and the feelings of incongruence (dysphoria) come from the Ego.  Allow me to explain this world to you.

This physical world we live in here is the creation of the Ego Mind, the aspect of you which believes itself separate from God.  In truth this world is a dream and often it is a dream within a dream!  It does not matter how many ‘echos’ of the One which are created, the point is there is only One and this one is God, the all there is.  If you love movies, theatre, or story-telling then you know dreams… this life you think you are living is no more real than the stories you experience on TV, Movies, Theatre, or a story-telling stage.  What makes it seem so real?  Ego mind!

Adam and Eve are the original Ego story, not that they are real either.  This Ego is an aspect of God which wished to see what separate means and so created a separate world, this world where we sit today, or seem to sit today.  In reality no one has gone anywhere!  We are all still in the loving arms of God, yet asleep and dreaming of life.

As the Course in Miracles states, the dream was but a second or flash and all that is or was or will be happened and we returned to God.  The “reality” we experience now is simply an echo of this dream, thus the dream within a dream…

The next question then is how do we awaken from this dream?  First of all by understanding who “I” is.  These pesky pronouns are very confusing!  I, me, you, us, we, they are simply different aspect of the One.  Please understand there is only ONE.  The delusion is that you are separate from me and that they exist at all!

This probably seems farfetched and from the perspective of the Ego mind it is.  Step back from this perspective and see through the eyes of Holy Spirit, feel through Holy Spirit.  It may take a while so don’t be in a rush.  I have been working in this for years.  The Truth becomes clearer every day though, so I keep the Faith and move forward.  This takes us to the next step, acceptance.

Accept things as they seem (even though we know otherwise).  Imagine you are a character in a movie.  Can that character get out of the movie?  Not hardly; they must play their part to the end.  So why not enjoy your part/role in this elaborate story of life!  It is much better than choosing misery.  Be the best you (whatever your role is at the time) and Shine!

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

Unity in Gender Diversity

ps. If you would like to read more on this, I highly recommend Butterflies Fly for Free by Stephen Davis, as well as A Course in Miracles (ACIM).




Self Murder

The Oneness perspective of suicide is when you kill yourself you are committing murder!  “Though salt not kill” is one of the Ten Commandments and this applies to you too.  From the perspective of oneness, we are all part of the one mind so what we choose to do will have ramifications for everyone on the planet and beyond. 

Everyone you meet is your mirror, so what you do to them is the same as doing it to yourself.  If you were to shoot someone dead, then in effect or metaphorically speaking you have just killed yourself.  This works in reverse as well.  If you were to shoot yourself dead, then you have just killed your neighbor. 

Love works this way too, so if you love yourself in effect you are loving the world.  If you love another person it is a way of loving “The One”, yourself.  This concept is so powerful and once embraced will change your life forever! 

Oneness can be and should be applied to every aspect of your life.  It is what we all desire more than anything else in the world, a feeling of being connected!  Most of us call this connection “Love”.  So the next time you say you hate someone or something, stop for a minute and contemplate the deeper meaning of this statement.  To hate anyone or anything is to hate the self, The One. 

The Buddhists teach this concept very well in their belief that harming even a fly or ant on the sidewalk is harming the one.  The dynamics of life are far beyond our comprehension at this point, but rest assured that everything, rock, plant, insect, animal and person is connected in a Divine fashion.  Our being conscious of this connection gives us the power to change the course of life on earth! 

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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