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Beware What You Wish For

Are you aware of what you are wishing for?  Did you know that every word and thought is a prayer?  Once you start paying attention to your words and thoughts it is amazing to see how you are creating all the wonderful and not so wonderful things that occur in your life.  Some of these are deep issues that you chose to work on before you were born, so you will experience them whether you wish to or not.  Many others though are things you have picked up along the way.  We are constantly learning as soon as we have consciousness at some point in the fetal stage and the learning never stops.  By learning I mean receiving and processing data from your cognitive centers though both your physical senses and your mental senses. 

What role do you play in your life?  Only everything.  Creating the life of your dreams is one of patience, persistence and faith.  On a conscious level, the thoughts you have connect to feelings you have about those thoughts and it is the feelings that are the fuel to manifestation.  Our beliefs about the thoughts or dreams are the doorway that either allow them or not.  This process can be a crazy seesaw effect of yes – no – maybe, so focus on your desire and let the doubts go.  When I say it takes persistence and patience I am not kidding, sometimes it is years before things actually materialize because of many reasons including the seesaw action combined with the feeling of knowing or faith that it is done!  Actually see it as done while feeling the effects of it. 

This is how fear works so well to create that which we do NOT want.  Fear is often accompanied with deep emotions and feelings of dread, and the amount of energy combined with the obsessive nature of fear gives it fuel to manifest.  Since you know this now, use this same process in reverse by focusing on your dreams!  I cannot stress this more.  See only your desires and release all else. 

Just by being aware of your thoughts and feelings you can pick and choose the ones we like most.  Choose Joy!  Because many of us have experiences of let down so often it can become a habit!  If you expect the worse then you reinforce this happening.  So if a thought crosses your mind that is unpleasant simply ask yourself what you want?  What is my desire?  “Oh I choose Joy”!  Where is the Joy in my life?  If I don’t see any then I need to look deeper, anything is possible.  Create it if you don’t see it.  Talk with a friend, see a movie, listen to music, or whatever you need to and the feelings will change to support your beliefs.  I am Joyful!  🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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