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Love Based Economy

on February 23, 2011

What is the most abundant source in all The Universe?  What do you get more of when you give it away?  The title is a good hint.  Doesn’t it make sense to base the economy on the most abundant material in the Universe – Love!  Love is a simple concept that is not well understood and for good reason.  We are still discovering the source.  Since the source is the Universe it is not likely we will discover it all – ever! 

Suppose we are going to make the shift to a higher (energy vibration) Loved based form of living, what would that look like?  As a side note, we are already love based since this is the nature of the Universe, so the jump would not be away from who we are, but towards it!  The new economy celebrates our very being and supports us from our core, not from some imaginary inanimate object like money.  Gold has been the standard for many centuries and while that used to work, it is no longer working for one basic reason.  It brings the worse out in Humans instead of the best.

Money, Gold, Platinum, Chickens, Cows, whatever the medium of exchange is based on scarcity and promotes greed, power, control, hunger, war, competition, crime and a lower energy vibration.  This was our past and it served us at the time, it no longer serves us, so we must set it aside and move on. 

We have a dualistic society at this stage in the game, meaning love is balanced by hate, abundance by scarcity, joy and happiness by pain and suffering.  Why do we have to have both, what about a monistic society where we only have Love?  There are two philosophies that teach monism in today’s society, one is very old and predates all modern philosophy, The Vedas.  The modern day philosophy also of monistic base is A Course in Miracles.  A love based economy will teach both, because they are different versions of the same story. 

It is likely that many versions of a love based economy will manifest over the coming years as we sort out what works in the best interest of everyone and as the old system breaks down.  Much like all evolution the shift will be fairly quick in the big scheme of things.  The actual shift in consciousness is occurring now as you read this in Feb. 2011 and will show up in society in the many years to come.  Often these changes happen in spurts, so now would be one of those spurts, but before our cup can be filled we must empty the one we are holding….

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity    

For more info on a cashless society please read my previous blog by that title “A cashless Society” Jan. 31, 2011.  Also visit to see the resource based economy advocated by Peter Joseph.  Our greatest resource is Love 😉

More blogs to come on this subject of a Love Based Economy….

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