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All The World Is A Stage

on June 26, 2011

We have all heard the famous quote by William Shakespeare but have you really considered its meaning in your life?  Please read on and I will share my insights.

Each person you meet is playing a role just as any actor would do on stage or on camera.  This person brings personality to that role however it is still a role you as observer are creating.  Your thoughts, feelings and actions are the fuel for this creation and there is a delayed effect so that what you thought yesterday or last week is creating today…this varies.  With practice and intention you can reduce this time lag to seconds!

The time lag is for your own protection by the way.  We wouldn’t want you to kill your boss or rape your sister.  Not to stray too far here, I just need to point out that your thoughts are not yours!  Until you claim them that is.  You are sitting on the banks of a stream of consciousness and your fishing pole is extended.  You are catching thoughts by the second and each one has to be evaluated and either kept or discarded!  The mind is an incredible computer and crunches this data so fast you often do not even realize it is doing so.  Your conscious will can be utilized here to keep the thoughts you like and discard those which are not an expression of who you are?

Returning to the actors or persons in your life… they may change either by death, geography, marriage, or other circumstance.  Over the course of your life the individuals change, but the roles do not!  For example your aunt that inspired you as a youth shows up in your adult life as a dear friend who inspires and comforts you just as she did.  Or you find a father figure in a friend at work.  Getting the picture?

Certain archetypes exist in our life from time to time, so look closely at the people in your life whom you have daily interaction with.  Ask what role they play?  Have they always played this role?  Is someone else playing it now?  How do you interact with them?  For more on Archetypes please see this website.

Take the idea of archetypes to a broader level and see that your current life probably fits into a story line and when the entire span of your life is considered you may see a series of archetypal patterns emerge.  This is your evolutionary journey or your life lessons.

What this understanding has done for me is to make living a purposeful life easier as well as making it easier to love any person I meet in the first moment of introduction.  I immediately see that person as another member of the family and not only do I feel more comfortable but they do as well, because I am radiating Love!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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