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Specialness and Separation

on March 30, 2016

The theme today is Specialness and Separation, both of which are illusions. Kenneth Wapnick explains this beautifully in this video: Remember that you always have what you need so just seek to explore this topic and answers will show up. The ego wishes to feel special as a substitute for Love (God’s love = Agape). It is also a response to the fear that we are separate from God, Divine Source, or, Prime Creator. The acronym FEAR applies here perfectly, False, Evidence, Appearing, Real. The following is a quote from ACIM (A Course In Miracles) Chapter 24:

“II. Specialness as a Substitute for Love

Love is extension. To withhold the smallest gift is not to know love’s purpose. Love offers everything forever. Hold back but one belief, one offering, and love is gone, because you asked a substitute to take its place. And now must war, the substitute for peace, come with the one alternative that you can choose for love. Your choosing it has given it all the reality it seems to have.”

Substituting God for Love in this quote works to clarify its meaning, esp. for Christians.

Please read this whole article sourced above because it describes exactly what the topic is today. It can be hard to read at times because of the way it is written, however the reward is great indeed. I could offer select quotes but that would subtract from the experience and the knowledge. I withhold nothing. For I am Love, Your Love. Knowing separation is an illusion defines Oneness. With this realization the whole world becomes Heaven. May this Holy Instant be yours. (The holy instant is ACIM’s term for the instant — outside time and space — when we choose the Holy Spirit as our teacher instead of the ego.)


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