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The Way

on December 29, 2016

This is my path and it could be yours as well if you choose. Know that 2017 is dedicated to this path. I have been on this path for some time now… I am close.

“Change no one.

Change nothing.

React to no one.

React to nothing.

Do not live in the past and

do not worry about the future.

Stay in the eternal now,

where all is well.

After all, you are me

and I am you.

There is no difference.

Do not react to the world.

Do not even react to your

own body.

Do not even react to your

own thoughts.

Learn to become the witness,

Learn to be quiet.”

(Robert Adams)

There is no transgender woman. There is no man. There is no child…

Those who seek will experience what is…

Blessed Be 🙂

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