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Sex and Sexuality discusses Gender, Sex, Sexuality, and Spirituality in an informative and entertaining format. It is great for anyone who knows someone in the LGBT spectrum.

a Love Based Society discusses a world without money. Love is required to enter this world! Could this be Heaven on Earth?

Livin’ Large – A Journey of Love & Methods of Raising Our Energy are companion books about Life & Love which are very important to any journey. The first book, Livin’ Large, covers the authors philosophy and guidelines to live by. Who says life doesn’t come with a guidebook!?! Methods of Raising Our Energy is a continuation of this philosophy and is focused on practical techniques for improving your life. These two eBooks are illustrated with full color photographs done by the author.

All four eBooks are full of Love, Coping techniques, and Metaphysical Principles and offered in PDF format for easy readability. ALL eBOOKS ARE FREE TO READ ONLINE AND DOWNLOAD. Click the Title below the image to read, right click and Save As to download.

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