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Do Aliens Exist?

Yes, of course, but not like you think. Aliens are beings foreign to us. This can mean a tribe in the Amazon or “Greys” from another galaxy. Consider that the Universe or what you imagine it as, does not exist outside you. Our planet and the people on it, is the Universe. Consider the many races on earth. Everything you have ever seen in Sci-fi is based on what exists here on earth. We are holistic. The Many contains the Whole as does the whole contain many. Seek not outside yourself, but look within. The ‘out there’ has been projected there by Mind (just like a movie). Look around you and this is your Universe. I imagine the Universe as a bubble, it can be limited to the distance of your sight or it can be as large as your imagination. What you see is Who you are. We are not our bodies, we are Spirit, perfect, whole, and complete. So yes, aliens exist if your mind says so.

We love to escape our own perceived reality by using stories. Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc. These are escapes, yet they are created from your world. It is not possible to leave your bubble! This means the author of that story is within your Universe, his imagination is yours! This explains fandom! We can fill our bubbles as we like, but it is still our bubble and will be for the entirety of our “lifetime”.

Aliens as we are sold them, creatures or beings from ‘other’ worlds simply do not exist unless you create them. Yes, we are this powerful. Our mind projects the world we experience. The distinction here between the individual ego mind and the greater Spiritual mind is important. Ego creates our 3D experience here on this plane, currently called Earth. With the power of the Mind specifically the imagination we can create anything! Beware what you wish for! Most of us attempt to bring our imagination into this world in the form of art or some artistic endeavor. Movies are popular as are books, magazines, and graphic art.

If someone sees an ‘alien’ craft or experiences abduction or sees ‘aliens’ then it is their own mind projecting. Nothing wrong with this, it just does not align with mass consciousness at this point. At some point it may. Mass hallucinations are more common than most realize. “Just under half of Americans believe UFOs exist and have visited the Earth, according to a recent Ipsos poll.” (

The point I make here is life does not happen to you, it happens thru you. There is a give and take that drives your experience which operates within parameters chosen before time. Could this be called Fate? I believe so. We are each living a script chosen by us before birth and with certain leeway’s. Whether you walk to the left or right is totally up to you, though what you experience as a result is scripted. If you get abducted by aliens this is also your choice and it serves a purpose unique to you. The experience is still scripted though. It is not about “them”, it is only for you! This goes for every experience you have, be it seeing ghosts, aliens, or a new species of animal. It serves a purpose and this purpose is just for you. Look within to find the answer. As the saying goes, ‘sometimes a cigar is just a cigar’ remains completely true, so do not obsess about answers or purpose. Folks who get caught up in the unexplainable often get lost and never find their way home. The unexplainable serves as a fun distraction – nothing more. Aliens are not coming to Earth to save us or to destroy us, this is up to us. We have demonstrated the ability to do either many times.

This graphic misses the point. The answer is, there are no “other planets”! There is no “out there, out there”! Physics has now proven this. So have fun with your distractions, while remembering they are just distractions. Bottom line, if you see it out there, you put it out there! It is important to know the Universe supports you. As ACIM points out from the get go, nothing unreal can harm you. Love is all there is!

So, InJoy!

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Extra-Terrestrial Love

Aliens are not strange creatures from a foreign land, but the feeling of disconnection and separation from life itself. They are an Illusion! The mind is a powerful image projector or reality creator and I have no doubt that eventually the human race will conger up Extra-Terrestrial visitors.  If you search the internet and watch TV the examples are bountiful.

MatrixIn the movie “Matrix”, Morpheus asks the question, “What is Real?” and then goes on to explain that it is purely a matter of perception by the mind, processed by the brain.  Certain energy frequencies steer the mind in certain directions.  Fear or the vibrational frequency = to fear will produce scary and destructive experiences.  This is what is called separation mentality.

Love on the other hand or the vibrational frequency = to Love produces pleasant, creative, and constructive experiences.  This is referred to as Unity mentality.  It is important to understand that fear serves a purpose and is not all bad.  The beauty of life is the Holy Spirit takes what it gets and makes the most of it.  Fear can be transformed to the constructive.  If you would like to know more about Love and Fear please read the free eBooks available on Unity in Gender Diversity website.

Getting back to the point, we all desire Love!  In this illusion of separation from Love the mind often goes running about flinging open doors in a desperate search that leads nowhere.  This is the ego mind at work.  The ego leads you on a wild goose chase but will never let you attain your goal, because it is the aspect of you that really is separate from God.  Ego is the illusion of separation.  The Truth is God is all there is and any sense of separation from God is the devils work (ego mind).  Since God makes up your very being, separation is not possible!

We are attracted to the image of extra-terrestrials because we desire to belong somewhere!!  We want to be Loved, so we create something to Love.  Almost all of your life is created for the purpose of Loving, being Loved, observing Love, or sharing Love.  All else separates you from Love, and the ego mind is working constantly to de-rail your experience of Love.  It creates false love in many forms; ETs are simply one of them. Extra-Terrestrials

Remember the beauty of Love is Holy Spirit corrects these misperceptions and keeps us on track as long as we stay open to the guidance.  This guidance comes in a myriad of forms, movies, TV, books, advertisements, advice from a friend, etc., the important thing to keep in mind is that Love is unconditional, uplifting, and supportive.  So, if this is not your experience you are off track.  Try thinking of ETs as your future self.  Since there really is only One, what other possibility is there?

😀 Sequoia Elisabeth

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