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Extra-Terrestrial Love

on January 24, 2012

Aliens are not strange creatures from a foreign land, but the feeling of disconnection and separation from life itself. They are an Illusion! The mind is a powerful image projector or reality creator and I have no doubt that eventually the human race will conger up Extra-Terrestrial visitors.  If you search the internet and watch TV the examples are bountiful.

MatrixIn the movie “Matrix”, Morpheus asks the question, “What is Real?” and then goes on to explain that it is purely a matter of perception by the mind, processed by the brain.  Certain energy frequencies steer the mind in certain directions.  Fear or the vibrational frequency = to fear will produce scary and destructive experiences.  This is what is called separation mentality.

Love on the other hand or the vibrational frequency = to Love produces pleasant, creative, and constructive experiences.  This is referred to as Unity mentality.  It is important to understand that fear serves a purpose and is not all bad.  The beauty of life is the Holy Spirit takes what it gets and makes the most of it.  Fear can be transformed to the constructive.  If you would like to know more about Love and Fear please read the free eBooks available on Unity in Gender Diversity website.

Getting back to the point, we all desire Love!  In this illusion of separation from Love the mind often goes running about flinging open doors in a desperate search that leads nowhere.  This is the ego mind at work.  The ego leads you on a wild goose chase but will never let you attain your goal, because it is the aspect of you that really is separate from God.  Ego is the illusion of separation.  The Truth is God is all there is and any sense of separation from God is the devils work (ego mind).  Since God makes up your very being, separation is not possible!

We are attracted to the image of extra-terrestrials because we desire to belong somewhere!!  We want to be Loved, so we create something to Love.  Almost all of your life is created for the purpose of Loving, being Loved, observing Love, or sharing Love.  All else separates you from Love, and the ego mind is working constantly to de-rail your experience of Love.  It creates false love in many forms; ETs are simply one of them. Extra-Terrestrials

Remember the beauty of Love is Holy Spirit corrects these misperceptions and keeps us on track as long as we stay open to the guidance.  This guidance comes in a myriad of forms, movies, TV, books, advertisements, advice from a friend, etc., the important thing to keep in mind is that Love is unconditional, uplifting, and supportive.  So, if this is not your experience you are off track.  Try thinking of ETs as your future self.  Since there really is only One, what other possibility is there?

😀 Sequoia Elisabeth

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