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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR) takes a person back to experiences of past lives’ using hypnosis. It usually requires a hypnotherapist to facilitate and guide the process, though I have had meditative experiences which I will get into later. This blog is my take on the benefits and validity of PLR.

Whether or not you believe in PLR will determine your experience with it. Know that it is a therapeutic tool and nothing more, though some use it just for fun. Belief is the foundation for most of human experience because beyond belief means beyond space/time. “Belief is the state of mind in which a person thinks something to be the case, with or without there being empirical evidence to prove that something is the case with factual certainty.” (

Ok, so here is my take on PLR: …Life is but a dream. ‘there is but One Mind, the mind of God…’ (Ernest Holmes). As an extension then, any memories of your life in the past or future come from this One Mind. There is no “your” memories, only memories you have access to. As an individual you only connect with the One Mind through a small thread. This connection can be expanded through the use of meditation or hypnosis. Guidance makes this easier and safer (if your connection breaks it leads to insanity – this usually happens with the use of psychedelic drugs such as LSD or Ayahuasca). Self-hypnosis can also be used though it is not recommended. I prefer meditation because it is simple and with practice most profound. The difference between meditation and hypnosis is meditation is a one way connection like watching TV while hypnosis is a two way connection like video chat so this is where difficulties can arise without trusted guidance.

PLR takes you through the sea of thought and shows you events or moments from a collection which most resonates with your individuated signature. For example, I have the memory of being a Gladiator back in Roman times. I was 7ft tall, gay, and one of the most successful fighters of the day with thousands of kills. Another memory is as a Viking, though I believe I must have had many lifetimes in this society since I have both male and female memories of both pillaging and caring for my partner. Now it could be argued these memories are from this lifetime as I viewed them on some sort of media and I will not discount this perspective.

My experience with guided hypnosis PLR had limited results. I remember a lifetime in England as a wealthy merchant, surrounded by my possessions and alone. I was a hoarder of sorts and in doing so alienated any and all others. It was a very possessive lifetime of which I feel sad, and the lessons were hard won. I found it difficult to relax during the sessions and did not pursue them further due to this and limited funding. Most of my work around PFR has been through meditation which I used to do daily and still do frequently. There are other meditative experiences one can have such as astral projection and out of body experience. While I find these interesting I feel they are of limited use to me now. What I really am intrigued with is Life between Life regressive hypnosis and if you wish to know more about this I recommend reading Dr. Michael Newtons books, starting with ‘Journey of Souls’.

So what are the takeaways from all this? First of all the power of the mind is not to be underestimated. I can say without any doubt I have been amazed by the One Mind repeatedly. I am grateful for this experience I call my life. Secondly, Meditation is the tool most useful to the average seeker. For those wishing to take it to the next level explore hypnosis and use an experienced practitioner. Do your research and know what you are getting into. Thirdly, Don’t take it too seriously. Which goes for all of life IMHO. Fourth, PLR is a therapeutic tool which when used effectively will advance your “Journey of Love”.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Stupidest Question Ever Asked

The human mind can reason anything. The tool used is the power of deduction or the rational mind. So follow along and see if this makes sense. If you follow my blog then you know I teach Oneness and what that means. If not, then perhaps more study is in order. It has taken many years (50+) for me to reach these conclusions (God Is and nothing else is). Now I share my wisdom with you – do with it what you will.

By choosing birth we have chosen death. Make no mistake, you did choose to be here. It may not have been a conscious choice, but a choice none the less. It is like walking though a door on the 50th floor which opens to the outside of the building, you may not want to fall, but it happens whether you chose to fall or not. You took the step. Some may say this is simple consequence and perhaps it is. What I am leading to here is if you can choose an action with a consequence then why not choose the consequence? We obviously chose Death! HERE WE ARE! We took that step!

Suicide is taboo in society, so have you ever questioned why? Why is it when we have already chosen death by being born we cannot choose when or how we die? The next question you may not have considered is who is making this choice? The small self/ego self or the Infinite God self? Since God self is infinite and immortal it is unlikely this is who is making the choice. Since the only aspect of our self which can die is Ego this is the more likely culprit! The ego is not alive though, it only thinks it is and it constantly manipulates our experience on this level (the world you see around you) to make you think that it is. It’s reasoning… If you can die then you must be alive… right?

If you doubt this world is unreal, then ask yourself would God create a world with pain and suffering the likes of what we have here? Does anything in this world really hold up to scrutiny? Does it last forever? Does anything here make sense? Not to me!! I can assure you. I believe we are here to “loose our minds” for this is the way out. Ego mind is the scene generator behind this reality. Perhaps you have heard the Cave parable written by Plato? The longer I “live” the less convinced I am anything matters at all. Shadows all around….

So if God is infinite and immortal then we are speaking here of Ego death. I have experienced it many times in my mind as well as my experience. The next question is what does the Ego consist of? The answer is everything you see! Btw, did you know the eyes don’t see, the mind does? Yes, it is the Ego mind which sees for us. What we see is a projection from our own minds. It’s all “fake news”. The real is infinite and immortal… never ending… it does not die and was not born.

Once again, why does it matter whether we seem to take our life or allow “life” to take it? Natural death is an Oxymoron! Is this about giving or taking? I have done both and I will say giving feels better. Is this really my life to give though? What does giving of life really mean anyway? The Native American stories I have heard say when hunting, animals give their lives (bodies) so that other bodies may live. This means there is a conscious choice being made. Perhaps it is the hunter who actually makes this choice and maybe it is the animal who sacrifices itself to gain in the Spiritual Realm. Whatever you believe is what you will experience. Twenty six years ago I sat with a gun in my mouth asking myself these same questions! Which is it?

I have found that writing about death & suicide and expressing these feelings really helps to alleviate any related distress. God exists outside of Space/Time and knows nothing of our experience here. God knows only Love for this is what God is. The part of me considering taking life is Ego and delusion, for it is not possible to take something that is not yours! Notice I did not say take my own life. It is not mine to take. Ultimately this is the reason “i” am still here. These dilemmas here in Space and Time are on a feedback loop, repeating ad nauseum. Enjoying the ride?

The stupidest question you’ll ever ask is:

Why?   Dictionary meaning:

1. for what reason or purpose. [Why do we need a reason or purpose?]

Suicide defined: “the act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally.”


So what again exactly are we “taking”? So you think you have “a life”? Is this real? What is real?

I believe this is where the whole game falls apart. We believe… we have a life, that others have a life, that anything we see or feel is real. Belief is where it all “becomes real” to us. It is literally, according to the dictionary, “an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.”

What if the belief in “reality” is what leads us astray? What if we choose not to believe? Is not believing a belief? Just as having no religion, still a belief? Atheists are still indoctrinated in denial! I mean how do we even know we are alive? Don’t even get me started on proof! All facts are in fact part of the construct. There are no facts… just as nothing is really alive! So again I ask, how could anyone ever die or commit suicide when we only exist in mind? Don’t forget, “what you think of an-other you think of yourself.”

I know now this is my life’s purpose, ROFL. I assume I learned about suicide from my dad who had patients commit suicide (he is a psychiatrist). I remember at least 3 friends who I personally knew in high school who “did the deed”, two of which were closet gay (another taboo worth questioning). Perhaps the other was too, but I am not sure about that. I have not gone long without thinking of the “deed”. Frankly, I have lived a very long time with these thoughts (or have I?), but they are catching up with me. I have heard every argument in the book both for and against. Do you believe in destiny? LOL, neither do I.

Blessings on Your “Journey of Love”,

Sequoia Elisabeth

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