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Past Life Regression

on December 21, 2021

Past Life Regression (PLR) takes a person back to experiences of past lives’ using hypnosis. It usually requires a hypnotherapist to facilitate and guide the process, though I have had meditative experiences which I will get into later. This blog is my take on the benefits and validity of PLR.

Whether or not you believe in PLR will determine your experience with it. Know that it is a therapeutic tool and nothing more, though some use it just for fun. Belief is the foundation for most of human experience because beyond belief means beyond space/time. “Belief is the state of mind in which a person thinks something to be the case, with or without there being empirical evidence to prove that something is the case with factual certainty.” (

Ok, so here is my take on PLR: …Life is but a dream. ‘there is but One Mind, the mind of God…’ (Ernest Holmes). As an extension then, any memories of your life in the past or future come from this One Mind. There is no “your” memories, only memories you have access to. As an individual you only connect with the One Mind through a small thread. This connection can be expanded through the use of meditation or hypnosis. Guidance makes this easier and safer (if your connection breaks it leads to insanity – this usually happens with the use of psychedelic drugs such as LSD or Ayahuasca). Self-hypnosis can also be used though it is not recommended. I prefer meditation because it is simple and with practice most profound. The difference between meditation and hypnosis is meditation is a one way connection like watching TV while hypnosis is a two way connection like video chat so this is where difficulties can arise without trusted guidance.

PLR takes you through the sea of thought and shows you events or moments from a collection which most resonates with your individuated signature. For example, I have the memory of being a Gladiator back in Roman times. I was 7ft tall, gay, and one of the most successful fighters of the day with thousands of kills. Another memory is as a Viking, though I believe I must have had many lifetimes in this society since I have both male and female memories of both pillaging and caring for my partner. Now it could be argued these memories are from this lifetime as I viewed them on some sort of media and I will not discount this perspective.

My experience with guided hypnosis PLR had limited results. I remember a lifetime in England as a wealthy merchant, surrounded by my possessions and alone. I was a hoarder of sorts and in doing so alienated any and all others. It was a very possessive lifetime of which I feel sad, and the lessons were hard won. I found it difficult to relax during the sessions and did not pursue them further due to this and limited funding. Most of my work around PFR has been through meditation which I used to do daily and still do frequently. There are other meditative experiences one can have such as astral projection and out of body experience. While I find these interesting I feel they are of limited use to me now. What I really am intrigued with is Life between Life regressive hypnosis and if you wish to know more about this I recommend reading Dr. Michael Newtons books, starting with ‘Journey of Souls’.

So what are the takeaways from all this? First of all the power of the mind is not to be underestimated. I can say without any doubt I have been amazed by the One Mind repeatedly. I am grateful for this experience I call my life. Secondly, Meditation is the tool most useful to the average seeker. For those wishing to take it to the next level explore hypnosis and use an experienced practitioner. Do your research and know what you are getting into. Thirdly, Don’t take it too seriously. Which goes for all of life IMHO. Fourth, PLR is a therapeutic tool which when used effectively will advance your “Journey of Love”.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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