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Community action is a method I see many transgender people using to cope with their situation in life.  It is almost like they are called to do that work, and I am sure they are.  We are each on a unique journey of which some of those journeys are closely allied. 

My advice on community action is to follow your heart.  Do what feels right to you, but do not do it so that you belong to a group or fit in.  This is something that you do for yourself.  In fact everything you do is for you!  Think about that from the perspective of oneness.  That person you are helping is part of the One, All That Is, they are an extension of you. From this perspective community action is self love!

In a way this is a paradox.  In order to truly help yourself you must take care of others and the way you do this is to make sure your body is clean and healthy, you eat good foods and are living a happy life.  Narcissistic behavior is when you think you are all there is in the world and are obsessed with yourself.  Poor self worth is when you ignore your own needs and place others on a pedestal.  Balance needs to be obtained and maintained. 

Community has so much more value when we understand that we are all one.  Planet Earth is a living organism, and each of us is like a cell in Gaia.  Each and everything you experience here is a part of the whole.  If you lose a few hairs it is no big deal, but lose them all and you feel it.  Our skin is constantly dropping the dead cells and replacing them with new cells.  This is exactly like our Planet is losing people every day and replacing them with new births!  This holographic cycle is repeated throughout the Universe at every level from the microscopic to the galactic! 

Take a minute to feel your connection to all that is.  Know that you are a vital piece of the cosmic plan!  When you go out and participate in community activities, feel the connection to the plants and animals, and to each person you meet.  They are a reflection of who you are, who we all are, Divinity Expressed!

😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Community of One

Social interaction is something that all humans need to survive.  We are social animals!  This need can be difficult to meet when you feel like an outsider or if you feel like you do not belong.  Finding your place in the world can sometimes be a life long journey, and it is worth pursuing.  We all have a reason for being and finding that can be one of the most satisfying things you can do in your lifetime.  If you need help with this I am happy to assist.

This journey begins within your own heart, not out in the world.  Those who look outside themselves for answers, go without.  Upon inner reflection and getting comfortable with yourself you can begin to explore the outer world.  Just because you are going through some motions like going to school, going to work, and doing activities does not mean you are exploring.  So what do I mean?  I mean once you discover who you are, sharing that with the world and looking for loving acceptance.  If you have found the acceptance within your heart then you will find it in the world. 

I like to think of my life as a rose bud unfolding, revealing its inner beauty.  So now that you have decided to share yourself with others then get out there and re-member.  Join groups that interest you and give your all.  Keep the groups limited to a few that you are passionate about and become passionate about them.  Volunteer in the community, be active, and most importantly do this from authenticity.  This means be honest with yourself about who you are and share that even if it is non-conforming.  It does not mean that you try to be different, it means that you be yourself without concern that you will be accepted, because you have accepted yourself! 

Once you have accepted yourself all else is gravy!  If someone objects or questions who you are that is fine, because what they think of you is none of your business.  Objections and resistance from the outer world is simply a sign that you have more inner work to do.  Do not waste your time attempting to change them, instead go within and change your own heart.  You will be amazed at the reception you get from the outer world when your inner heart is healed!             😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Family of One

The future of our society here in the USA is in question and I feel this is a good thing.  This depressionary period we are going through right now is a result of the decisions we have made so far.  We are being forced to re-think all the aspects of how we live, so where are we headed?  It is up to you.  Quite simply our decisions are what determine our outcomes or experiences.  Let me ask you a question, How involved are you in your community?  Do you know the person living across the street?  What is your hair stylists name?  How many different doctors have you seen in the past year?  How many relationships do you have, including anyone who you know by name and see more than once in your life?  These relationships are what make our lives meaningful and give depth to our lives. 

Society seems so caught up in “family” and “family values” of which I would like to point out are the vary values that are destroying our county!  The mentality that anyone is more important than anyone else makes us weaker and puts us in competition and conflict. 

The human race is a family in itself and in order for our family to thrive we must be working in harmony and in the best interest of all.  Society today teaches us that the persons that birthed you into the world are the most important people of all and that you owe them your very life!  Doesn’t this seem absurd to you?  We all play important roles in each other’s lives and that is wonderful, but to owe your life to another person is not how the system works. 

Our core family, the ones who we were born with are basically volunteers and members of your soul group who work together to grow Spiritually.  I am very grateful for my parents and appreciate the Love, guidance and support they have offered me over the years, but it does not mean that I owe them anything and I also understand that they are volunteers who owe me nothing!  They do what they do out of Love, which is a great model for everyone else in our lives.  I had a motto when I worked in the hospital industry, “I treat my patients like they are family”, which in all reality they are!  We are a family of One, one human race.  I even expand that to include all animals and plants, because we are all a part of a whole system, planet earth. 

The point I would like to leave you with today is that Community is important to the health and well being of our entire planet and we each need to participate for a community to exist.  The nuclear family that you are born into plays its role in your development but it is NOT the most important part!  The most important part is to realize that we are ALL family and to treat each other as such. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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