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Community Action

on March 23, 2010

Community action is a method I see many transgender people using to cope with their situation in life.  It is almost like they are called to do that work, and I am sure they are.  We are each on a unique journey of which some of those journeys are closely allied. 

My advice on community action is to follow your heart.  Do what feels right to you, but do not do it so that you belong to a group or fit in.  This is something that you do for yourself.  In fact everything you do is for you!  Think about that from the perspective of oneness.  That person you are helping is part of the One, All That Is, they are an extension of you. From this perspective community action is self love!

In a way this is a paradox.  In order to truly help yourself you must take care of others and the way you do this is to make sure your body is clean and healthy, you eat good foods and are living a happy life.  Narcissistic behavior is when you think you are all there is in the world and are obsessed with yourself.  Poor self worth is when you ignore your own needs and place others on a pedestal.  Balance needs to be obtained and maintained. 

Community has so much more value when we understand that we are all one.  Planet Earth is a living organism, and each of us is like a cell in Gaia.  Each and everything you experience here is a part of the whole.  If you lose a few hairs it is no big deal, but lose them all and you feel it.  Our skin is constantly dropping the dead cells and replacing them with new cells.  This is exactly like our Planet is losing people every day and replacing them with new births!  This holographic cycle is repeated throughout the Universe at every level from the microscopic to the galactic! 

Take a minute to feel your connection to all that is.  Know that you are a vital piece of the cosmic plan!  When you go out and participate in community activities, feel the connection to the plants and animals, and to each person you meet.  They are a reflection of who you are, who we all are, Divinity Expressed!

😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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