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Ancestral Forgiveness – Going With The Flow

During meditation today I had a deep insight into my “Journey of Love” or “my Life” or “this grand forgiveness exercise we call life”.  How the tapestry of family is woven together became clear to me, at least to a certain point.  Perhaps the more I ‘dream’ about this the clearer it will get.  The vision goes like this: 

the male body given me at birth functions to balance the abundant mental/emotional energies of the Divine Feminine already flowing through my being. (There is no denying this energy as it consumes all that I think, say, and do) Normally a woman would get Masculine energy from a male partner, but this is not how a transgender woman operates or at least not this one (me). The physical energy of the Divine Masculine comes with resistance or reluctance to me, but I have access to this energy when I am willing to embrace it. This resistance to Divine Masculine energy is part and parcel stemming from my Aunts and Grandmother who felt they could not find “a good man” and that in fact they did not even exist. Their painful relationships have flowed over into the next generation as it so often does when these issues are not faced, meaning forgiven.

(I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you – Hoʻoponopono Prayer)

Perhaps they had too much Masculine energy since they were living in a time consumed by it.  On a grander scale it could be said all of mankind was overwhelmed with this patriarchal masculine energy and we are now moving into an age of the Divine Feminine. 

Our ancestors are an important part of who we are because of the simple principle of Oneness.  We are them and they us!  This is why we need to know our ancestors and family lines as it gives us insight to who we are and the challenges we are facing.  It also gives us ample opportunity to work on them and by this I mean working to clear misconceptions, misdeeds, and karma.  It is a balancing of our energies which is nature’s constant function. The phrase “Go with the Flow” applies perfectly here.  We are not here to do anything, create anything, or even accomplish anything; we are here simply to balance the flow while simultaneously being the observer of life in this flow.  Perhaps this is what is meant by “being yourself”.  Let it Be!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Divine Feminine Returns

Divine Feminine is resurging in both our individual lives as well as the collective.  If you look around you will see the breaking down of many masculine and male dominated systems.  The Dali Lama is quoted as saying that “the western woman will be our saviors”.  Why is that and what is going on in the world to warrant a savior?

The last 4000 years for the most part have been an adventure of masculine energy guiding our path and forging most cultures of the world, however the past 300 years or more the pendulum has reversed its swing in the other direction.  Divine Feminine is arising to balance the masculine and to bring peace to our planet once again.  Many world leaders are seeing this and it has been forecast by the Maya, the Hopi and many other societies of the past.  This is the age of Aquarius, the birth of 1000 years of peace!

Embracing Divine Feminine will lead you where you need to be.  We as a collective society must let go of the old masculine ways and embrace the healing, nurturing ways of Divine Feminine.  The world is on the verge of collapse and many changes are occurring daily as the old regime is crumbling.  This is the perfect opportunity to change the world, to rebuild it with Loving and caring femininity.  It is time to step into a passive role and allowing posture so that Mother Earth may heal.  Let’s take a step back from all the activity and masculine forces, take a deep breath and allow balance to return here on Earth!  You are the savior of your life regardless of whether you are male, female both or neither.  Consciousness is aware that it is aware and a shift is occuring as you read this.  Just as the poles of the earth are shifting from north to south so is the energy shifting from masculine to feminine.  It is important in all this change to stay focused on what is important to you, to allow the inner healing of your heart and hold a vision for the life you would like to live.  The next few blogs will be focusing on a vision of the future, so stay tuned and please share your ideas. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine is the path to Great Spirit.  We are carried by our emotions to the spirit world.  Our journey is constantly guided by our soul through coincidences and messages from nature.  An open mind and observant eye will do much to lead us home.  Learning to trust our visions and feelings is the first step to mastering our lives, but we must also learn patience, how to sit in silence and humility. 

According to Karen Berg’s teachings of the Kabbalah women are already corrected from the debacle in the Garden of Eden and here only to guide their man who still needs correction back to their spiritual home.  If  a person is meek, quiet, unimposing and demure then they have an understanding of Great Spirit that is reached by letting go of the masculine and immersing oneself in the feminine.  The masculine is necessary to balance the feminine and provide strength and action, but once we are where we need to be then it is time to let go of all masculine and flow into the feminine. 

The last 4000 years for the most part have been an adventure of masculine energy guiding our path and forging our culture.  It is time and has been for the past 300 years or more for the pendulum to swing the other direction.  Divine Feminine is arising to balance the masculine and to bring peace to our planet once again.  Resist it not, for it is a gift that will set you free. 

Embrace the Divine Feminine for the gift that it is and wade into its waters like a warm spring.  The waterfall is there as source with its masculine energy filling our little pond with vibrancy, so soak in the waters that fulfill us.  Let the banks overflow with soft and gentle waters.  Move into the realm of emotion and fear it not.  Who you are is who you need to be at that time, there are no limits such as physical form or such.  I am woman because I need to be.  🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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