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Time and Space

One reason we like TV/Movies so much is the experience is like a dream state.  Scenes flash through just as in a dream.  And time can be experienced as past, present, or future.  Another name for this is time/space verses space/time which is our wakened experience.  Space/time is linear and 4 dimensional.  The fourth being Time itself and since there is only one dimension of time, it is experienced in a linear fashion (Now, now, now).

In our dreams just as in the movies time/space works the opposite of space/time.  Our dreams (also TV/movies) move from one location to another with no regard to space because space is only one dimensional.  You remain still during the whole experience.  In Time/Space there are three dimensions of time and only one of space which is “here”(where ever you are having the experience).   The point where Time/Space and Space/Time intersect is called “right here and now”!

From this we can see how time and space are relative… quite literally!

So let’s review, Space/Time has three dimensions of space – up/down/around, while Time/Space is three dimensions of time – past, present, future.  When awake we can only experience time in a linear motion, while dreaming we can only experience one space – here (you do not move while sleeping).  On TV/Movies there is the freedom to experience both, a good example of this would be in the movie the Matrix Reloaded there is a scene with the villains going through a door, closing it and when opened a different place is experienced, just as we do in our dreams.  Although it is not always so abrupt in dreams, often the experience is a fading from one scene to another… each person will experience dreams slightly differently.  If you are having nightmares or frightful dreams then TV/Movies will be less appealing too.  Of course this is my personal experience and this realization came to me after reading The Law of One series, The Teachings of RA.   So if you would like to know more, please read this series and do your own research, don’t just take my word for it.  I am happy to answer questions if I can.

Try this experiment using your power of imagination.  When riding in a car (better to not be driving) imagine the car is stationary and the world is moving.  Staring straight forward and broadening your field of view, relax your mind into the experience… you have just shifted your experience into time/space!

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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What if?

What if no one had any gender at all?  We would still be exactly as we are now, but gender would not be a trait.  Sex would still exist.  We would still love one another and have intimate relationships, just without any gender attachments.  There would be no taboos or societal constructs as to moral behavior. 

There would be only one rule, Do no harm.  This is much like the Hippocratic oath, and since this is the only rule, easier to follow.  Another way to think of this rule is “do onto others as you would have done onto you”.  Yes, the Golden Rule is the only rule we need. 

Each person is treated like an equal, no matter what their age, sex, gender identity, race, nationality, abilities, health, religion, behavior, or intelligence.  Just imagine equality!  Complete equality, but also complete diversity.  No two people, animals, places or things are the same.  Some are similar but none are the same.  What would life be like?  Is this truly what we desire?  Why is this not the reality now? Or is it? 

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.” Albert Einstein 

The process of dreaming is how our lives are created.  Think back over all the dreams you have had.  Now consider which ones have manifest?  Did these dreams serve your highest good?  This may be why they have not manifest.  The dreams that are in the Highest and Best good of everyone are the ones that materialize.

 Nothing happens unless first we dream.” Carl Sanberg

I am inviting you to dream of the life you wish to be living right now.  Why aren’t you living it?  Consider the possibility that you are living the life of your dreams, only you have not been dreaming very big.  Let go and Let God.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” Carl Sagan

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Dream within A Dream

What is your vision?  I listened to a great talk last night by Jean Houston and what I learned is that it is our myth that creates our future.  Without a creative vision for how life can be more enjoyable for all then nothing changes or more accurately our past becomes our future because without new material the movie just repeats! 

This is the power of the movies, they provide us with a visual of a possible future or past.  Of course you know the past is no more permanent than the future, right?  Let’s save the time discussion for later.  All movies started as a written story first even if it was just the director doing a story board.  And of course the written story was only an idea to start with.  The process of creation is thoughts, words and action and this is how we get movies and our very lives! 

We see movies as fiction and our lives as reality which works for now, but someday this could be a way of creating reality.  We have seen this in the Sci-Fi movies like “Total Recall”, “The 6th Day” and “Star Trek”, I just love the holodeck!  There is a program online now called SecondLife and basically the user constructs their own version of reality and then lives within this reality chatting with friends all over the world, making things, sharing things, flying, teleporting, and all sorts of awesome and fun things.

Does this reality affect our physical reality?  From my experience it most certainly does.  I find it amazing how our worlds are interconnected and by using my imagination in SecondLife gives fuel to changes in my “first” life.  I hesitate to use the word “real” life here since I am not so sure that one life is any more real than the next. 

You may have heard the phrase, a dream within a dream, which is the title for a great Edgar Alan Poe poem, but this does describe life pretty well I think.  “The Matrix” movie illustrates this dream within a dream concept nicely too.  So how do we create our lives or is the question, “who is driving this bus?” more appropriate?  Remember that we each create our lives with thought, words and action, so Yes we are driving our own buses!  Another movie that illustrates this nicely is “What Dreams May Come”.  Where we get a glimpse of Heaven and what that is all about.  What would your Heaven look like?  The possibilities are infinite so let go today and dream a little dream within a dream, lol.

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