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The question was raised how to get from a money based system to a system based on resources or what I call a Love Based Economy.  To quote a famous Chinese sage, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” Lao-tzu. 

If you read the news and keep up with current events you will know that change is happening now and it is the perfect opportunity to make the jump to higher consciousness living.

Much has been written about this way of living which many call sustainable living.  So much of life today is a habit, and whatever is placed in front of you is accepted and integrated into your life.  Unless you are one of the growing numbers who are living consciously.  Do you consider the long term effects of every product you buy?  Is what you are using sustainable, meaning recyclable, reusable, or renewable? 

When you are out in public at the zoo, park, ball game, etc. do you still follow the guidelines of living sustainable, or is it just when it is convenient?  There are so many ways that you can embrace the change without worrying about money!  The first step is to adjust your thinking and behavior!  A “YES” attitude is imperative to making the change, as is an honest concern and curiosity about living sustainably. 

The good part to this change is that many of the changes actually use less money and with a Loving and giving approach it is amazing the abundance available to all of us.  I would never dream of wasting anything because I have been conditioned to live frugally.  If you do a survey you will find that most wealthy people live a conscious and frugal lifestyle, even if it is not sustainable.  The jump to sustainable living is not far. 

The other important step you can take today to start shifting to a Love Based Economy is to stop supporting the old system!  This is a lot to ask for many of us, but the alternative is catastrophic.  I would rather shift my behavior little by little than having the floor fall out from under me, which is precisely what is happening to many people right now. 

How reliant are you on fossil fuels?  Most of us are totally dependent on them for every aspect of our life.  How about putting solar power into your home?  There are programs to help you financially with this change.  Even if it is only a water heating system, it is a step in the right direction.  Do you grow your own food?  Why not?  Another way to lessen your dependence on money is to grow it!  It does not have to be a major project, but it can be.  Whatever suits you! 

Another option to ease into being free of money is Fourth Corner Exchange,  They offer a community based system of exchange that keeps resources in the community and encourages growth locally.  “Local, alternative and community currencies replace the money drained away, allowing the people to continue trading the essentials of life. Fourth Corner Exchange Life Dollars cannot be removed from the communities in which they circulate, because the members issue Life Dollars as and when they need them by trading their goods and services within their communities. This is democratic money, issued in sufficiency by the people to meet all their local trading needs.”

The other trend that we will be seeing is interest free money, issued by community banks, and local authorities for the betterment of the region.  Once the profit motive is removed and people feel they are being treated fairly and with care (Loved Based) the incentive to repay the loan is high which leads to personal success and promotes the abundance of the community.  Kiva Bank is a good example of this.  I recommend reading up on their site.

I hope you will continue your pursuit of living free!  Please share your ideas for a Love Based Economy and how it will benefit the greater community!  New ideas are the fuel that drives change.  There are plenty of these going around, LOL.  I will also recommend you read up on The Light Party’s ideas on money and ways to remedy the financial collapse we are currently experiencing.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Man vs Nature

Let us take a lesson from nature.  If it were not for man running around building things do you think that we would have civilizations on this planet?  Well it is a possibility but it is also unlikely.  I would like to compare our social system of money with nature in hopes to get you thinking about a few things.  Have you ever considered the role of money in our society?  I mean really broken it down and considered the many functions it plays in society. 

Let’s take a closer look and see what money has done for us.  First of all the obvious exchange of money for services or objects, and second it makes our lives more convenient and is a definite improvement over barter.  It is also a method of control, since the one who has the most money can control the actions of others by either offering money or threatening to withhold it.  Money has been used for many evil purposes in man’s pursuit to have more.  This is where the old saying “money is the root to all evil” comes from, but it also comes from the church who preached that money is bad because it makes people do bad things.  Is this really the truth?  Of course not, money is nothing more than a tool and like all tools can be used for mischief or good.  The good that money can do is an abundant gift that serves all of mankind through its sharing. 

Using nature as a comparison, do animals use money?  What about trees and plants?  Is a rock going to charge you $5 to stand on it or use it to build your house?  Think of all the functions the cells in your body have and then ask yourself if they charge for their services!  I know this seems absurd but if you were a sentient animal, say a deer, what would you think of this behavior of those humans?  What did we do before money about 4000 years ago?  Now that I have you thinking, let’s take this to the next level.

What if everyone continued to do as they do, but money was subtracted from the equation?  Stay with me here and put down those flags.  I am suggesting that if we as a society agreed that survival was for the betterment of everyone and that suffering was not necessary then money could easily be removed from the equation.  How can this occur?  It requires that each person understand what oneness really means, that when anyone is harmed it affects us all, this means that we are all connected in ways we are just beginning to understand.  The movie “Avatar” nicely demonstrates this relationship to us.  This relationship is a synergistic one where life is based on a giving and receiving that is intuitive.  We can still have our cities and technology, and when we all work together we can create a heaven that is a culmination of all our dreams. 

I realized this morning that it is each of us and our attitudes toward this idea that determines its viability.  Let go of your mind, your doubts, your questions and consider the possibilities when you personally say, Yes.  As each person says, YES, the power of this agreement builds to a point when a cascading of people saying, Yes comes over the world like a wave of YES.  In our agreement comes the manifestation of our dreams. 

The problem is that so many of us say No automatically without even thinking of whether we would like this or not.  Our minds jump to the task of disproving this!  Ask each person if they believe that each human deserves to live a life with food, water and shelter and they will most likely tell you YES.  However ask them if they are willing to live so that this is possible and we get hesitation.  I am no longer hesitating!  I have a vision of Love for our society and over the next few days I will be putting this into words as best I can.  Please hear me, anything is possible with Love.  🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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