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Hearing your Inner Voice

This voice has been called many things over the years – The voice of God, Voice of Love, Inner Voice, Inner Consciousness, Angels, Spirits, God, The voice within and many more.  What it is not is ego, the devil, or evil.  The trick is being able to discern between the two voices, since we all have both.

The first and most obvious is the loud, eager, sometimes obnoxious voice of ego.  It is the one that is easiest to hear and it is the one that gets us into trouble.  The voice of God or your Inner Voice is soft and deliberate; it often comes first, but is quickly quelled by the ego voice.  I need to clarify here that neither is good or bad, however the Inner Voice has your best interest at heart, while the ego is often out for itself and cares not what happens.

The inner voice is consistent and caring.  It never suggests something that is harmful, although risk is a part of life.  You will often feel pain and this is a guide also.  It helps you find your way.  Learning when to press onward and when to take a break only comes from experience, so be aware and get out there!

The inner voice is also best heard in silence so if you are blaring loud music or always talking then hearing is difficult.  Take time every day to be quiet, meditate, and be alone.  It does not have to be a long time, even a few seconds can be enough.  A ten second break during a heated discussion, argument or crisis is invaluable.  Simply stop talking, relax, take a deep breath, notice how you feel and remind yourself that all is well.

Meditation is a daily exercise that may be more important to your health than physical exercise, although both are recommended.  The body was meant to move so get out and be active, but if you are unable to, then find other ways to be active such as isometrics.  Here again be inquisitive and listen carefully to your Inner Voice.

A quiet mind is one that has been disciplined and cultivated like a garden.   With practice and intentional thought learned through meditation or other activity hearing the Inner Voice becomes automatic.  Other activities that cultivate a disciplined mind are sports, martial arts, and creative arts.

Remember that doubt is a natural human condition and if you have no fears then you should pause and question reality.  Learning to hear your Inner Voice is a matter of practice and trial and error.  When you are conscious of your thoughts and the experiences they bring then discernment becomes easy.  What is working for you?  Even if it has worked in the past does not mean it will continue to work, constantly question reality, while listening to your Inner Voice.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Self Talk

Your greatest tool and worst bandit.  In a way this Blog is self talk, lol.  What are you saying to your self?  The voice within our head is what I call your ego voice or man’s voice.  This is the voice which is easy to hear and does not want to shut up! 

Whether you listen to this voice is up to you.  And by listen I mean act on the advice the ego doles out.  When I act on this voice and sometimes I do, it is with as much awareness as I can muster.  By shining the light of awareness on ego actions we can nullify the negative effects much the same as done when we forgive our transgressors.  It is like shining a light into a dark room without placing judgment on what we see. 

With conscious effort you can guide your self-talk to take you where you wish to be instead of being at ego’s whim.  If the ego is telling you something you would prefer not to hear then choose something else.  Many of us do this by listening to music or watching TV.  The other ways are by creating something, making dinner, painting, playing games, and anything that occupies the mind. 

Some people slip into the negative realm when they attempt to escape this ego voice by outside means such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and harder drugs.  Any activity that is destructive is considered the negative realm and while it is not bad, (nothing is bad or good lest you say it so) it does lead down a long dead end street.  There are many twists and turns down this road and it is easy to get lost. 

Finding your way back can be done with help and on a rare occasion it can be done alone.  From my earlier teachings, what you focus on grows.  This means that the further you venture down that destructive road the longer the trip home is.  Self talk is one of those things that will lead you down that road if you are not consciously aware. 

What I am suggesting here is to use that same self talk as a tool to bring yourself home.  By focusing on the positive and constructive our lives are transformed.  Complement yourself constantly and speak favorably of your self as often as you can.  Do this even with others, just be careful not to boast (boasting is negative and makes you feel bad afterward).  Look in the mirror and tell that lovely person that you love them.  I love You.  Focus on what you enjoy.  Find things to do that are fun!  Sometimes we must do things that are not so much fun, and that is ok, still tell yourself that it is only temporary and that you can handle anything.  Life is going to throw us curve balls and it is up to us whether we re-act from fear or act from love.

Make a list of all your best features and traits, make a list of what you enjoy doing, and remember to focus on the positive.  If sometimes you slip then restate in the positive and go right on with your life.  Forgive, forget and stay positive! 

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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