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Sex and Sexuality

Transition is changing from one form or state of being to another, and this process can happen instantly or it can take many years.  It is human nature to resist change so most often it is a slow process.  Each person has a fundamental energy signature that characterizes the individual’s personality or character.  Transition involves a change in energy vibration or energy signature. 

In my eBook Methods of Raising Our Energy I describe several techniques you can use to facilitate transition and make it smoother just as I do in this blog.  Actually the eBook came first and then I was inspired to begin this blog because this is in alignment with my mission statement and ministry goals. 

Toward that purpose I have been working on a new eBook that addresses the subject of Sex and Sexuality.  In this dual natured world we live in each aspect of life can be used to better your life or to ruin it!  Sex and Sexuality are foremost on this list.  The level of energy that is put into any activity determines the result that is attained.  By level of energy I mean your intention and purpose.  When sex activity is used for pleasure only it becomes all about the pleasure and what I can get out of it.  It becomes give me MORE! 

Such is any addiction and the root to so much suffering in the world.  The mind gets stuck on what can I get out of this, or what’s in it for me?  This is a very destructive mode to operate in and if your life is not going the way you would like, I would look at this very closely.  When the coin is flipped and you approach sex with an attitude of what do I have to offer?  Or How can I serve you?  Then the energy is flowing in the proper direction, through you.  You become the Light that heals and lifts up. 

Sexuality is basically the essence of this energy.  I equate sexuality with spirituality.  The energy signature I mentioned can be thought of as your sexuality.  It is what you have to offer the world.  Sex is only one method of expressing this energy.  Friendship, Love, compassion, caring, gratitude, grace, and many others are ways of expressing your sexuality. 

Gender identity and sexual orientation are aspects of your sexuality that I discuss in my new eBook.  Please keep an eye out for it.  I am releasing it in time for Christmas and the winter holidays.  If you are interested in my other eBooks, please visit this website, Unity in Gender Diversity.

May your days be filled with Joy and your nights peaceful. 

:0) Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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