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Fate or No

Fate or no fate? This is the question.  Just how much “choice” do you have in your life?  If you believe all the New Age prophets and teachers it is all up to you.  Everything in life is your choice.  So if you have been following my blog you’ll know I love to question reality.  At this point in my life I have had enough experience to really compare and contrast events, to test theories, and to come to my own conclusions.  So let me share my conclusion on Fate.

First let me tell you an abbreviated story of my youth.  I am tall, always have been, so in elementary school I was adult size as a child.  This excited the basketball coach who was quite zealous in recruiting me for his team.  I tried it and hated it.  I come from a family of non-athletes.  It was not something that interested me.  But this decision was not up to me or even my parents.  The coach quite literally forced me to play thru fear and guilt, so I played and thus began that phase of my life, which did not end till after dropping out of college two years early.  Looking back on it, many good things came from my suffering, so there are no regrets, but the question still remains. Is this fate?

This story has repeated a few times in my life now, so this has led to this blog.  Who is making these decisions that vastly affect my life?  Is it the animal human me or some higher Spiritual me?  Or is it someone else entirely?  Who is “I”?

The answer will surprise some, but many who read my blog know exactly where this is going.  The “I” who makes these decisions is not the person living this little life here on Earth, but the Higher Spiritual Self (HSS) who exists beyond this world.  If you think about it, nothing else makes sense.  Not even the Distant God idea that so many religions teach.

The fact is we exist on many levels and each corresponds to the Chakras.  The beings on Earth exist on the lower levels, the first three chakras.  Our HSS exists somewhere else, but still connected here.  The HSS corresponds to the higher three chakras and the 4th or center chakra is the connection point between the two which make up the human body.  There are higher chakras but do not apply to this discussion, unless they do, so suffice it to say I will not be discussing these.

The way Stephen Davis describes it is we are the (i) little and the HSS is the (I) big.  Eckhart Tolle describes it as the ego vs. the Spirit.  Many advanced teachers describe this in various ways and once you grasp it this is easy to see.  Going back now to our original question.

It is the (I) Big who really chooses our path.  The (i) little is the one who experiences it and either accepts it (making the path smoother) or resists it (making the path painful).  So the moral to the story is simple, ‘Resistance is Futile’ and ‘What you resist persists’! Resistance is also what makes life painful. Acceptance has really been my topic these last few blogs and for good reason.  While many have been opening up and accepting their fate, many have not (thus the riots and unrest).

A good place to end this blog is a heart centered meditation.  Remember the heart chakra is where and how the two connect.  When the heart is open everything flows in harmony because the (i) little is communicating with the (I).  For more on this meditation please check out  With some focus and practice the heart is opened and harmony takes over your life.  A big part of life is learning to trust the (I) big, know that it is love, and will never hurt you or put you in harm’s way.

Love n Light,

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

Unity in Gender Diversity


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I used to believe in fate because no matter what I did certain things happened anyway.  My awaking has been quickening over the past 20 years and I would like to share what I have learned about being the Master of your own Fate.

First and most important is the law of attraction, what you focus on grows!  The second is the mind is a tool, not who you are.  Your thoughts are not always yours, unless you claim them (An idle mind is the devils workshop).  Please see my eBook Livin’ Large for more on this.  I talk about the senses of the mind in my blogs of September 2010.

What I have not discussed before is why we are alive, living here on earth, and in this current situation.  This has taken me many years to figure out, as soon as I think I have it, something else presents itself and my understanding is deepened.  So I am sure this will happen this time around too.  Be aware – gifts are all around you!  Those who need this info will find it!

Your life is finite, material, and limited in appearance only.  In fact you are a multi-dimensional being whom has incarnated here on earth at this time to experience the lessons available in the exact situation and circumstances you chose before you were born.

You have made contracts with others in your soul group or perhaps neighboring soul groups to experience different things at different times for the soul’s purpose or the sole purpose of expanding your soul (Spirit, or God Connection).

These contracts take many different forms and can be as simple as a onetime encounter or as complex as a lifelong association.  They can be as powerful as agreeing to murder someone or as benign as bumping into someone on the subway so they look in the direction they need to or maybe you introduce them to an important person in their life.  My grandmother’s best friend introduced my father to my mother, so this is a perfect example of a soul contract.

The complexity of the whole process can get to be mind boggling so do not fret about it too much.  The Spirit communicates with us on a need to know basis.  If it could hinder your progress you will not know about it.  Nothing harmful can truly take place in this world!  Think about this…  Everything that happens is for the highest good and if not then life shifts to make it so.  The very worst thing that ever happened to you was probably a soul contract with a hidden or not so hidden gift within.  Even death is a learning gift for you or someone else. (ACIM calls them forgiveness lessons – why are most murders or rapes often from someone you know? Yes – it is a soul contract and our family and friends are often in our soul group)

The main reason I share this now is so that you will be aware of the gifts in your life and look for the good in all that you experience.  I can remember my great aunt saying she never took pain killers because pain holds a gift.  It is supposed to hurt!  You are also supposed to find the gift and then release the pain.  Holding on to the pain is suffering and this is never necessary!  Suffering is never necessary, but it is an option.

It has taken me a lifetime or two to learn this lesson about pain and I still get insights all the time.  Sometimes it takes help to release the pain and this is most likely because you needed to meet someone or experience a process like love, forgiveness, or empathy.
Of course, it could be any number of things.  Look deeply and you will see.

When you understand that all things happen in the highest and best good it is so much easier to get out and live your life fearlessly.  This is a Loving and Supportive Universe – Make It So!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Destiny Fulfilled

This blog is a continuation of the previous blog titled Destiny.  Gender transition is not a conscious choice like most people think of it and neither is homosexuality, pedophilia, autism or any other condition.  These are choices made before birth that must manifest and be worked through.  It takes your entire life to fully experience these gifts and they affect everyone you meet, even if only for a few minutes.  The affect can be positive or negative, that is up to the individual you meet.  If you are positive and giving of your talents, then the meeting will be positive.  All Universal Laws apply! 

The message I wish to convey in this blog is a continuation of the previous blog and it is very simple.  Even though transgender is a choice before birth, it is not something that can be ignored.  It cannot be made to “go away”, it is not something to “cure” and it is not a disease!  Gender Identity is what it is and the hard part is that it is not listed on your birth certificate or in any way known to anyone at birth. 

Gender identity must be discovered over time and with introspection.  The child of 3-6 years old can usually tell others what it is, and sometimes if ignored must be rediscovered later in life, usually at puberty or much later in life.  Most children have a gender identity that matches their physical sex, so gender is often over looked or just assumed.  However in about 3% of the population the gender identity and physical sex do not match as in my case. 

I was too scared and confused to know what was going on, so the issue was not addressed.  My life was in full swing by the time I figured it out as a senior in high school, so I ignored the feelings and sometimes overwhelming urge to express my feminine nature.  To release this energy I crossdressed for 30 years and finally I faced the feelings I was having and transitioned.  It was not something that I could ignore.  It is not a choice, because the choice was made long before birth.  Please understand this when you are dealing with anyone who is coping with this condition.

Transgender, and any other condition as mentioned above affect the whole family and each person involved in this person’s life.  So the one’s closest to this individual must transition along with the transgender individual.  This is often a soul agreement made before birth as mentioned in the last blog.  The opportunity for growth here is phenomenal and must not be ignored.  This is a divine gift!  Embrace it and work it out with everyone you love.  Be not afraid to be yourself!  As hard as it may seem the rewards are worth every effort filled, painful and joyful moment.  Remember one thing above all else, Love is the way…

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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