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on May 31, 2011

I used to believe in fate because no matter what I did certain things happened anyway.  My awaking has been quickening over the past 20 years and I would like to share what I have learned about being the Master of your own Fate.

First and most important is the law of attraction, what you focus on grows!  The second is the mind is a tool, not who you are.  Your thoughts are not always yours, unless you claim them (An idle mind is the devils workshop).  Please see my eBook Livin’ Large for more on this.  I talk about the senses of the mind in my blogs of September 2010.

What I have not discussed before is why we are alive, living here on earth, and in this current situation.  This has taken me many years to figure out, as soon as I think I have it, something else presents itself and my understanding is deepened.  So I am sure this will happen this time around too.  Be aware – gifts are all around you!  Those who need this info will find it!

Your life is finite, material, and limited in appearance only.  In fact you are a multi-dimensional being whom has incarnated here on earth at this time to experience the lessons available in the exact situation and circumstances you chose before you were born.

You have made contracts with others in your soul group or perhaps neighboring soul groups to experience different things at different times for the soul’s purpose or the sole purpose of expanding your soul (Spirit, or God Connection).

These contracts take many different forms and can be as simple as a onetime encounter or as complex as a lifelong association.  They can be as powerful as agreeing to murder someone or as benign as bumping into someone on the subway so they look in the direction they need to or maybe you introduce them to an important person in their life.  My grandmother’s best friend introduced my father to my mother, so this is a perfect example of a soul contract.

The complexity of the whole process can get to be mind boggling so do not fret about it too much.  The Spirit communicates with us on a need to know basis.  If it could hinder your progress you will not know about it.  Nothing harmful can truly take place in this world!  Think about this…  Everything that happens is for the highest good and if not then life shifts to make it so.  The very worst thing that ever happened to you was probably a soul contract with a hidden or not so hidden gift within.  Even death is a learning gift for you or someone else. (ACIM calls them forgiveness lessons – why are most murders or rapes often from someone you know? Yes – it is a soul contract and our family and friends are often in our soul group)

The main reason I share this now is so that you will be aware of the gifts in your life and look for the good in all that you experience.  I can remember my great aunt saying she never took pain killers because pain holds a gift.  It is supposed to hurt!  You are also supposed to find the gift and then release the pain.  Holding on to the pain is suffering and this is never necessary!  Suffering is never necessary, but it is an option.

It has taken me a lifetime or two to learn this lesson about pain and I still get insights all the time.  Sometimes it takes help to release the pain and this is most likely because you needed to meet someone or experience a process like love, forgiveness, or empathy.
Of course, it could be any number of things.  Look deeply and you will see.

When you understand that all things happen in the highest and best good it is so much easier to get out and live your life fearlessly.  This is a Loving and Supportive Universe – Make It So!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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