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Why does a person do what they do?  I know the question of why can often lead down a circumferential path but let’s just give it a go, for fun.  Why do you drink coffee every morning, or walk in the shadows on a hot day?  Given the choice of going to a familiar restaurant and eating food you have had many times and enjoyed or going to a new place serving unfamiliar food, which would you choose?

The answer is going to vary a lot by each person and reflects the person’s character.  On a deeper level though the choices you make determine your experience of life and in turn influence future decisions.  Often life is based on an experience from your past, so in effect the past becomes your future!  This can be a very dangerous and limiting habit.  What if instead you made your decisions based on the joy offered?  By listening to your inner voice and letting your soul guide you the experience changes for the better.  This is a practice of faith and demonstrates a belief in a benevolent world.

What if you drink coffee for the flavor experience and the pleasure it brings you and if it wakes you up then all the better?  How about staying in the shade to protect your skin and stay cool?  The other motivation might be fear of dying of cancer or getting sunburned.  Fear is a dreadful feeling and poor for your health.  The fear itself is the problem not the sun or coffee or any ‘thing’ outside you.  How you think about things makes a difference in your experience of it.  Thoughts are things, how you use them determines the outcome.

The ultimate reward for all you do is the experience or feeling gained.  Giving feels good, thus it is a good thing to do.  Swimming in clean clear warm water feels good, thus it is a good thing to do.  Not all experience is going to feel good, but this does not mean the outcome will not be good.  This is where listening to your inner voice, the soft quiet one, is your best guidance.  The feeling good part is often another person’s experience as a result of your actions.  It feels good to be a part of making another person feel good, even if it hurts in the short term.  An example would be jumping into cold water to save a person’s life or running into a burning building to save someone.

As obvious as all this may seem, how often do you think about the feeling you experience when making a choice?  How often do you think of other people’s feelings when you make a choice?  Do the thing which feels right to you and consider others in the decision.  This is what is called a win-win.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Hope Denies Reality

Hope: the quintessential fabrication of man.  The word is hollow and gives promises it cannot deliver.  Hope is an illusion or a cry for help.  Do you have any idea what the word actually means?  Let us venture into the world of Hope.

“Hope is the denial of reality.” ~ Margaret Weis, Dragons of Winter Night states the meaning this way: the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best; to feel that something desired may happen.  Look very closely at this wording and examine the feeling it brings.

First of all Hope is a feeling, not something tangible or concrete.  It is a want, a state of mind that acknowledges a possibility but not a reality.  Wanting is another hollow feeling that can give nothing more than the feeling!  “May happen” is a statement of doubt.  It is saying, “This is something that may happen but I doubt it will”.

Is doubt what you intend?  Maybe it is just a good feeling that you desire?  From my experience this is precisely what is being requested.  “I desire to feel good” (a cry for help).  There is nothing better for making you feel good than Hope!!  However, this is all you get!

If you truly desire the outcome you “hope” for, then I recommend dropping the word and choosing a more positive and affirmative request.  I trust that all is well in my world!  I feel positive better things are coming my way.  May all your dreams be true!

Do you get the idea?  Hope (doubt) has potential and feels good but does not deliver till you are at a place of Trust (faith).  See your desires and know they are met, the moment you express them.  Do not fall into the trap of contemplating all the possibilities.  While you know your desire to be true, also accept the form may be slightly different than you imagined, and rest assured it is true in some form.  We are all One, so accept Truth in all its forms.

“Hope is a state of mind, not of the world. Hope, in this deep and powerful sense, is not the same as joy that things are going well, or willingness to invest in enterprises that are obviously heading for success, but rather an ability to work for something because it is good.”  ~Vaclav Havel

Vaclav has a positive view of Hope and I wish to end on the positive.  Hope is not bad, it is simply a feeling.  If a feeling is what you desire then Hope is your word.  If however you desire a tangible experience try using Trust or Faith.  Know that your desires are real and this is your experience!  Look deeply and you will see this truth.  Seek and ye shall find!  Be aware what you wish for, you will get it!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Are You Happy?

Are you Happy?  We seek Happiness in all that we do.  Our desire is to be happy at all times and this is simply not possible.  You see, happiness is an emotion and it has an opposite, sadness.  You are either happy or you are sad, but never both at the same time.

The emotion you are presently feeling may or may not be happy or sad, however what you can feel or experience at all times is Joy.  Joy is a state of being, like Peace and Love.  It exists always and in all ways, because it is your very nature!  If you could strip away all that you are not, what is left is your essence – Joy, Peace, Love.  God is an equivalent word because your very essence is God expressed.  There are an infinite number of Divine expressions!

One of the most delicious experiences is to feel sad as you allow Joy to express.  If you think you are sad and happy at the same time, in reality it is Joy that you feel.  Joy and happiness are often confused so let me explain the difference.  Happy is a short term, often invigorating and sometimes overwhelming feeling of elation; a high so to speak.  It comes quickly and often leaves just as quickly.  It feels good but is not always memorable.

Joy on the other hand is like a fountain of contentment.  An experience of bliss extended over a lifetime.  Joy runs deep and exists always whether you are experiencing it or not.  You may be experiencing Peace or Love instead because the three are interchangeable.  They are the well of your being!  Awareness is what allows you to experience them.  Simply choose to experience Joy and this will happen.  It sometimes takes a few minutes of relaxing and allowing this essence to surface.  The feeling is one of contentment, safety, and bliss.  It is not dependent on what is happening around you, and this is a key difference from happiness.

It is almost impossible to feel happy during a crisis or disaster, however you can feel Joy, Peace, Love.  We most often would describe this experience as Peace or calm within the storm.  It is a knowing that all is well and that you are safe despite the appearances.

Experiencing Joy on a regular basis takes conscious effort; an awareness.  It is like you are awakening to your inner essence and all this takes is a choice to do so.  State your choice in the form of an intention, like this.  I intend to be aware of Joy, Peace, or Love at all times no matter what is happening in my life.  I will share these experiences as the opportunity arises.  As my awareness grows so will the depth and breadth of the experience!  So be it and so it is.

These experiences come from within your heart and cannot be experienced with the mind or brain.  Emotions are regulated by the brain and thus are subject to the environment and to your thoughts.  However, because Joy comes through the heart from the soul it is a form of connection to Higher realms and cannot be lost.

As a warm sensation fills your heart and calms your entire body with Peace, contentment envelopes your entire being.  Break this connection and anxiety ensues.  True bliss is a connection to your Soul!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Sadness Is Natural

Many people avoid feeling sad or think that it is wrong or somehow not good to feel sad.  Get this idea out of your head right now.  Without sad you cannot have happy.  The two go hand in hand, meaning one cannot exists without the other. 

When a loss is experienced the natural reaction is sadness.  This goes for any transition, be it a loss, a graduation, moving away, divorce, breaking up, etc.  Allow yourself to feel sad.  It is OK and in fact if you do not allow your feelings to express these emotions become blocked just like trees in a river.  Over time a pond develops or an area of excess emotion which throws the whole system off.  Outlets develop and they do help to relieve the pressure, however they are not complete balance.  Imagine a stream flowing into a pond and a small outlet draining the excess to one side or the other.  Until the blockage is removed that area will not function at full capacity. 

All this because you where afraid of a little pain that comes with feeling sad, or maybe you were avoiding the stigma that comes with sadness.  You don’t want anyone to feel sorry for you.  This too is natural.  It is natural to feel compassion for your fellow man/woman.  To deny them this opportunity is again blocking the flow. 

It is not sympathy that is desired, but empathy.  Sympathy is joining someone at their level, sort of like buying into their drama, this only adds to the situation and does nothing to help remedy it.  Empathy comes from an honest feeling of compassion for the person, not the situation.  Instead of feeding into the drama you are sending Loving energy to the person so they may lift themselves out of the drama.  We all have drama so please do not shy away from feeling the emotions associated with it, no matter what side of the equation you find yourself on. 

One last note on Sadness, being sad is the opposite of happiness so we are either one or the other and can vacillate back and forth fairly quickly.  Do not associate happy with Joy.  It is possible to feel Joy while you are sad or happy.  Joy is a space that always exists just as Peace and Love exists always and in all ways.  These feelings are the presence of God that makes you who you are.  In other words, Joy, Peace and Love are the essence of your being and exist always.  Sadness and Happiness are temporary, so use this knowledge to your benefit.  If you are feeling sad, then allow that feeling to flow through you and it will be gone rather quickly.  Happiness is a choice which you can make at any time.  With practice choosing to be happy in every situation is certainly achievable. 

When a big event comes into your life like the loss of a parent or child, destruction of your home or loss of a job, allow yourself to feel sad, it is the natural thing to do!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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The next tool our mind offers up is memory.  This can be a double-edged sword, but then so can just about everything in our lives.  One of the main premises to my ministry is “what you focus on grows”.  The power of this can be enhanced though the use of memory. 

Do all your memories need to be happy ones to benefit you?  Absolutely not and here is why, gifts are present in every experience we have and if we suppress those feelings or refuse to process those gifts then they turn into obstacles, so even a horrible thing like getting raped or attacked can be a learning opportunity.  The lesson most often learned in this situation is forgiveness and love.  I will let you work out the how’s, because that is the process of learning! 

Memory can be used in so many beneficial ways and the simplest is the experience of Joy.  We can feel Joy any time we choose simply by remembering the most Joy filled moment in our lives!  The double-edge here is that it is possible to get caught up in these memories and no longer be living our life, but a past life.  Re-member the feelings of Joy, happiness, contentment and once you have that feeling in heart then go about your business, knowing that any time you need a boost all you have to do is re-member!  Once experienced an event becomes memory and the process of joining with that memory/experience is called remembering or joining again. 

Did you know that often times the things we remember never actually happened?  Or at least they did not happen the way we think they did, or did they?  This can get very serious since sometimes people are accused of doing things and in fact did not, even though a witness remembers them doing it.  Our memory can play tricks on us so just be aware of this and use this to everyone’s advantage.  Let go of any memories of anyone being harmed, what was done was done and once you have faced your feelings and processed your emotions, let the whole thing go and move on.   If you are in a difficult situation simply create a memory that will comfort you.  Use the imagination to create an event and then file that in your memory so that the situation is transformed into a pleasant one.  It is perfectly OK to create your life to your liking and in fact I would expect you to.  My motto is to remember that which we desire and forget the rest. 

Memories that are very old often change over time and get “weeded out” leaving only the pleasant aspects and this is fine, because the purpose of memory is to experience an emotion on demand.  Memories can also be used to navigate and to share knowledge, however it is my belief that memories greatest gift is in the feeling of it.  Can you remember your greatest Joy?  How about your greatest adventure?  What about your best gift received? Or your best gift given!  Knowing where you left your socks is only part of the reason we have memories, so go out and use memory to fill your life with Great Feelings and Pleasant Remembrances.  😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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