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The possession of God is the silence of the heart. The thought of God is the silence of the mind. ~Mother Mary of St Austin

Chapter 6 from the eBook, Methods of Raising Our Energy, The following chapter discusses Silence as a tool for not only Spiritual Enlightenment but for daily practice.  For more on this topic please check out the free eBooks found on the website listed below.

A still soul is the pathway to God, for God resides in the silence in between reality.  The journey within begins with a desire to know God and is never finished.  When you sit in silence and hold nothing in your mind you are opening the door to the heart.  The heart is the seat of the soul thus connecting you to your higher self.  The next time you have a day off do nothing at all, and I do mean nothing!  This takes a lot of practice, but can lead to awesome shifts in perception of what is (Enlightenment).

Silence is the folding of the wings of the intellect to open the door of the heart. ~Catherine de Hueck Doherty

Meditation is the simple act of continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature.  Many people use meditation as a method of clearing the mind and finding the nothingness we all are looking for.  The mind is a tool and it is always on.  Let me say it again, the mind is always on.  Meditation is focusing the mind on something, or nothing and since focusing on nothing is very challenging for the beginner start with something (a flame, spot on the wall, picture, or just about anything).  When using “nothing” as your focus for meditation, try imagining a white room with no furniture or anything. Mantras (an often repeated word, formula, or phrase) also work well, such as “I am Peace and Love”.  It is simply a statement that you resonate with as truth.  In your meditations focus on your desires in a positive way as if it is already true.

For Instance, say you desire Peace in your life, get comfortable, relax, let go, and focus on Peace.  Ask yourself questions such as these.  What does Peace mean?  What does it feel like?  Is it a place?  Is it temporary or permanent?  Where does it come from?  You get the point, to simply dwell deeper on the subject or object of focus.  It is also helpful to imagine Peace as a building and you are exploring its many levels starting with the grand front door.  See it in your mind!  Walking up will raise your consciousness and going into the basement will expose your fears which can be quite healing.

If another thought comes in, allow it to pass, and re-focus on the subject.  At first this will happen frequently, so just relax, and let it flow.  As you practice meditation it gets easier and easier, but the changes are not always apparent.  Not to worry, change is constant and with focus the change is in the order of increased energy!  If things appear to be going poorly that is OK too.  Whether you are experiencing this truth you meditation upon is due to many factors.  Some of which I discuss in my first book, Livin’ Large.

Suffice it to say that thoughts plus emotions equal feelings and let your feelings be your guide, not what you think you see.  Persistence and consistency always pay off.  Remember that meditation is a simple act and can last for a few seconds or hours, it can occur when you least expect it, like while cleaning, exercising, or working, or it can occur when you deliberately focus on it.  Without meditation in its purest form humans would perish!  So you do it already, and you can get much greater benefit by doing it on purpose.  Awareness is the path to freedom.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Livin’ Large For Free

What you focus on – Grows

Where you put your attention, your energy goes.  Another way to say that is an object in motion tends to stay in motion. This is basic physics and easily provable with a little time and effort.  Of course, physics is nothing more than the study of physical “things”.  How does this affect me?  Well, everyday gravity affects you as does the laws of motion.

Found ItSince I am not a physics teacher and simply an observer of life and how things work (or don’t), what I am telling you is based more on my experience than anything else.  Sure I went to college and had the usual science classes and even some math, but the point I am making here is don’t take my word for it. Be the observer and test life to see how it works!  Yes, get out there and break some eggs, just be prepared to do the clean-up.  When you are sitting in class wondering why in the heck you are there, remember this is Life, this is why you are here, to be the observer and understand the principles of living a happy, healthy, prosperous life.  For example YOU are the object in the law stated above and the more you move in a certain direction the harder it is to change that direction and the more energy it takes to change.  This means that when you have been doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, and speaking the same way for years, it will take time and effort to change. So hang in there and stay FOCUSED on that which you desire.  It may take a few tries or even a few thousand tries, but it will work.  As you practice focusing on that which you desire it will get easier and easier to live the life of your dreams.  You do have dreams don’t you?  Oh good, then try writing them down and sharing them with those you Love.

The above paragraph is from the eBook “Livin’ Large” which is available free at this link.  I invite you to explore the four eBooks offered there and to peruse the pages of prose on the website, some of it may be relevant and some may not be, but I guarantee you will learn something.  Thank you for reading Transitions Blog!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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