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Money is Energy Continued

In continuing the story of money as energy and the created economy consider your own situation.  How much energy are you attracting?  How much energy do you give away or expend?  The system always balances itself!  The good news is that the system feeds on itself and grows proportionately.  You may have heard the Law of Tenfold Return, if not click here for more.

In reality you are an economy of one multiplied by millions!  In essence the world is your creation and therefore is an extension of you.  Of course your perspective is that of an individual who is separate from the rest of the world.  It is really an ingenious design, although it is NOT divine design; unless it is.  You see the ego mind is what creates your reality with all its challenges and gifts.  When you ask for help from Holy Spirit, it takes what you have created and makes it whole again.  This is called the process of for-give-ness.

An object in motion tends to stay in motion.  Meaning that once you make a choice life falls into place to support that choice and if you ever wish to choose it again it is that much easier.  A good Samaritan for instance is on that tangent and it gets easier and easier to stay on that tangent.  One step in the other direction simply negates the energy created so far.  Remember the balance?  There is also the concept of “guilty by association” which means the energy is contagious and by hanging out with a certain group your energy will tend in that direction, wealthy, criminal, degenerate, upstanding moral, etc.

You are like a magnet for energy!  The energy you put out is drawn back to you and by the Law of Attraction – Like attracts Like.  Maybe you enjoy hanging out with those of “like mind”?  We all do it is natural to be with those who are like you!  This does not necessarily mean in appearance although often that is the case also.

Appearance can be a tricky thing and constantly confuses the average person.  How can a grimy Homeless man living on the street win the lottery? (and they have!) Because this is not the energy he is putting out.  He is probably helping his fellow man, caring of others and at sometime in the past in a position of at least modest means if not wealthy.

Creating money is easy for those who go against the grain and partake in illegal activities.  These pursuits always pay off in karmic ways down the line.  Remember what you give you receive, or those who live by the sword die by the sword!  Enough said.

Money is a tool and it matters not who uses the tool.  In this same way energy is a tool, like fabric it weaves life into a beautiful creation.  We are quite deep at the moment and I am not sure you get the meaning of this and I find this could easily fill an entire blog (which it has – Tools of the Mind).  I will wrap this up here.

One last word here on free money.  We have established that money is energy, so this would mean that energy is free right?  In essence energy is free, however in this ego based world there is always a balance so this means nothing is free!  You might not pay in cash, but it always costs something, even a smile!  Do you know the only thing you have more of when you give it away?   LOVE (smiles fall into this category).

If you have questions on what I have presented here please write to me and ask.  I am happy to clarify anything that puzzles you.  Be sure to read the eBooks and articles on this website, Unity in Gender Diversity.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity




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Money is Energy

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” (Wayne Dyer).  Take money for instance, if you change the way you look at or use it, it will change its role in your life.  When life is broken down to the base components the finding is that everything is energy.  So this means that money is energy too!

What if you stopped looking at money as a burden or distant object that is hard to obtain and instead see it for what it is – energy?  The energy components are everywhere but not always compatible which sometimes makes conversion difficult.  Energy exists in many forms and in many states so the issue of quality becomes more important than quantity since energy is everywhere.  Digitized bits of data are flowing though the air waves right now carrying billions of dollars all over the world – this very cash is flowing through your body!  Abundance is our nature.

This world is a free will zone meaning that you have choices and no one can make them for you unless you give them permission to, and this can occur without being aware of it, so take note here.  Make your decision consciously!  Be aware and make others aware of your view points on money and everything else in the world.  Sharing is a good thing.

Going back to money as energy, usually your efforts are converted to money by working or selling something you have.  It takes energy either way to make something, provide a service, or share your knowledge.  All that you have and do is of value whether a monetary sum is placed on it or not.  It is the conscious intent behind what you offer that determines the value (quality), as well as how this action, service or product is received.  The principle is what you put in is what you get out.

There is the old saying, something is only worth what someone will give you for it.  Of course this does not take into account intrinsic value or implied value or even value added!  It takes energy to tighten your face muscles into a smile, this expenditure of energy is free but has value because you are giving energy away!  The energy has to come from somewhere, and it does.  It comes from either your pocket in the form of food used by your body or it comes from Divine Source.  We all know how to get energy from eating, but getting energy from Divine Source is not generally taught.  ( I cover this in my eBooks)

They say money does not grow on trees but in fact it does come from trees and everything else in this world.  Beside that fact that money is made from paper which comes from trees, energy is constantly changing forms.  This is how the barter system works; exchange one form of energy for another.

Self worth is also a big factor in how much energy you attract.  If you feel worthy it shows in your actions which are generous and caring.  You take the actions necessary to care for yourself and those in your life.  We have made this process very complicated these days, but it works either way.  You can work to make things, then work to market and sell them, and then use the funds gained to get what you need or study for years to gain the skills for a career and then work for a corporation or small business or you can simply create the things you need.  Grow your own food, make your own clothing, etc.  One reason commerce exists is because not everyone enjoys creating all things.  So we work together to create what brings us Joy and in sharing an economy is created.  The market decides how valuable what you create is, but it also comes from you!  It is a dual process.  I will get into this more on the next blog!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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