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Will You Or Not?

I recently watched the movie “Green Lantern” and was intrigued by the notion that Will Power is the strongest force in the Universe.  So I gave it some thought and consideration.  This is what I came up with.

From my diverse readings one thing I have learned is that the Earth is a “free will” zone.  Meaning that every person here has free will to make choices and do as they please.  There are still those who would control you if you allowed them to and again this is free will!  Being a free will zone it means others can harm you if you allow it and they choose to do so.  There are realms where this is not possible where peace, harmony and positive energy is the only choice.  The question arises then is this really what you want?

Obviously it is not, because you are here!  That’s right in this 3rd Dimensional realm of free will and anything being possible trade off is simply the nature of life.  When swimming you get wet.  Now this seems obvious, however many think that they can live in a free will zone and somehow control others.  If you are being controlled it is with your permission!  Now this permission may not be conscious, but it has been made either by action or thought.  “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent” ~Eleanor Roosevelt.

This also pertains to Love, meaning no one can make another Love them.  So how does one find Love?  Simply by Loving – You get what you give.  Thus through the free will to share your Love you find it!  Once again this works in reverse too.  If you harm another through your free will then you are harming yourself.  This is not always apparent and often does not materialize for many years or even multiple lifetimes.

It behooves you then to be conscious of your choices and to take an active role in your destiny.  The other consideration in free will is consequence.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  What you give you receive!

What exactly is Free Will?  As I have written about in previous blogs, Will Power is a tool of the mind!  It is for you to use in experiencing who you are and thus the world around you.  The Green Lantern uses this tool quite well to create all sorts of protective and defensive weapons.  Use yours wisely and for purposes that serve the Highest Good.  Please note that the Green Lantern had to learn to use this tool and with practice it comes fairly quickly.

Explore the use of this tool you have been given and it will develop into a mighty vehicle of liberation both for yourself and others.  Since you know that everyone has free will then it makes no sense to attempt to control anyone.  Take personal responsibility for your life and use the tools of the mind to create a magnificent life!  The simple act of doing so radiates this energy to all those you love.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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