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Christ Mas 2022

A last-minute inspiration moved me to repost this blog from 2012: Our favorite time of year is upon us again, especially if you are a youngster or still feel so. It is a time of giving, sharing, and togetherness. This does not require family, but it does require a willing to give of self. It is easy to find those who need love through simple acknowledgement and/or attention. A small gift of time or material substance is all it takes to let them know they are important. To move beyond this point let us look deeper to the heart of the holiday.

This is the time of year when we are reminded of Christ consciousness and its relationship to our lives. The very word itself is an indication of what this season is all about. Christ in metaphysical terms means centered or anointed one. The word “mas” in Spanish means “more”. So thus, we have it in simple terms. This season is about getting more centered or literally, centered more and the word “anoint” means to dedicate to the service of God or in other words, to make sacred and whole.

The ceremony (Christmas eve/Christmas morning) is a way of connecting to Spirit and setting intentions. It is an acknowledgment of Oneness with God (Great Spirit, Universal Oneness, Goddess, etc). The symbology is important this season because when you share gifts it is a way of saying to the recipient, “you are sacred to me”. On Christmas morning you are anointing those you love with gifts. The actual item is far less important than the Loving intention (Christ consciousness) that goes into the gift. The gift is in the giving!

When thought of in this manner the Spirit of Christ Mas is brought to life! This year when you are sitting around the tree (yule log, menorah, or whatever) and sharing gifts, share also the Christ Consciousness. In short, move outside yourself (ego mind) and connect with the One (God) which is present in each person in your life.

This is how Santa delivers millions of presents all in one night! Through Christ Consciousness the Spirit works through each of us!! May you be Blessed this season.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Blessed Season

This time of year has us celebrating our achievements of the past year and making plans for our future.  Each of us is preparing for the transition to the Holiday season by celebrating in our own way.  Tradition usually drives our activities and they do help us to maintain a positive glow this time of year by bringing up pleasant memories of times gone by.  If this is not the case for you then I would suggest making new memories this year and looking to the good in all that happens.  Of course, this is always good idea. 

The gifts this year are going to be better than any other year we have experienced.  Why you ask?  Because I am giving my best gift, Love.  It really is all we ever have to give.  Knickknacks and bobbles are nice and so are those new socks, but nothing is more valuable than the feeling of Love.  We do not need material things to feel that!  In fact they often get in the way of our feelings of Love.  We come to expect that new bike or sewing kit we have always wanted and it becomes about what you are getting and not about what you are giving.  Let’s focus on the deeper gifts this year and feel our connection to all that is.  So remember to focus on the Love that we all can put into our gifts this year whether we have material things to give or not.   

More importantly let’s see the Christ in every face we see this year!  Chist-mas is about being more centered in our being, thus Christ = centered (metaphysics) and mas = more (Spanish).  This is how I think of this holiday and whatever way you celebrate this season just remember that you are Loved.

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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