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Space/Time and The Five Questions

Our universe consists of space/time and time/space both of which are mirror images of the other.  At the moment you are in space/time because you experience the physical world set in a certain time.  Space has 3 dimensions and time only one.  The mirror of this time/space has 3 dimensions of time and space only one.  In reality both have 3 dimensions.  Space is up/down, left/right, forward/backward and time is past, present, future.  The space/time physical experience only has the one time element, present, i.e. the time is NOW.

Having explained this very basic law of physics you now know where you are, right?  Not really….  This would require you know who you are and what you are.  The who, what, when, where and why questions of existence make life worth living in my humble opinion.  These are questions which have been intriguing mankind for millennia!  This essay will attempt to give an answer to each of them to some degree of practicality.

Of course these are answers I have arrived at and you may well arrive some place else!  Take what you read here with a grain of salt and move on with a bit more knowledge than which you arrived.  Let us start with the who.

Who are you?  In space/time we tend to experience ourselves as bodies, we think we are human beings or the animal human.  The flesh and blood human is in fact a vehicle or medium of experiencing this physical reality.  It is not ‘who’ you are, but perhaps where you are!  The where of our 5 questions can then be extended to the place of the physical body, i.e. sitting in a chair eating breakfast at the dining room table staring out the window at the fluffy white clouds as they float carelessly by.

As one question is answered all the questions are answered because the whole of it is One.  Understand our separation of each aspect/question is arbitrary and only used to help deepen the understanding of existence.  So we now know where we are.  Where the body is, is where you are at least in space/time.

The question of when you are is fairly simple since space/time has only one dimension, here and now.  So the where and when are answered rather easily.  The who, what, and why of it all are answered in concert because they are intrinsically connected.  I offer up only what I have learned from my studies and leave it to you to question further, as I am doing.

What I am, is an individuation of Source, Infinite Intelligence, God, which is also ‘who’ I am.  Same answer to both questions!  So who is God, Source, Infinite Intelligence?  That question is best left to another essay.  I will say that what and who I am is consciousness itself, and the when and where are subjective and relative to the physical experience of the physical body I identify with.  Why, is an arbitrary question and depends on the individuals interpretation of the other 4 questions.  Why for me is to know they self.  It is so God, Source, Infinite Intelligence can know itself.  Like pieces of a puzzle each person, place, and thing make up the whole and further define God, Source, Infinite Intelligence.  The combinations and experiences are infinite so the journey never ends!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Everything Is Energy

Have you ever considered the purpose of your body?   If we are energy, then why do we have a body anyway?  Why not exist as balls of light or waves of sound or particles of dust?  The inspiration I have received today is about the human experience and our bodies. 

Yes, the body is how we experience the world.  Without it we could not see, feel, taste, smell or hear.  And in order for the body to work it must have fuel.  The things we eat are our fuel and the body’s job is to convert one physical form (food) to another (energy for the body).  Basically the body digests foods, i.e. breaks it down into parts one stage at a time and then processes or converts this to energy which our body uses to function in this world. 

The human body is a sensory organ, energy converter, transportation device, and statement of the energy that makes up your being.  The body is not who you are, however it is how you express who you are.  How you treat your body shows your level of Love because it all comes from within the Heart center. 

On this day of thanksgiving, consider the miracle of who you are!  The beauty surrounds us and runs through us, as us!  Let us be united in this awareness of the grand miracle, Life.  Blessings to you and yours this Holiday season♥

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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