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Are You Happy?

Are you Happy?  We seek Happiness in all that we do.  Our desire is to be happy at all times and this is simply not possible.  You see, happiness is an emotion and it has an opposite, sadness.  You are either happy or you are sad, but never both at the same time.

The emotion you are presently feeling may or may not be happy or sad, however what you can feel or experience at all times is Joy.  Joy is a state of being, like Peace and Love.  It exists always and in all ways, because it is your very nature!  If you could strip away all that you are not, what is left is your essence – Joy, Peace, Love.  God is an equivalent word because your very essence is God expressed.  There are an infinite number of Divine expressions!

One of the most delicious experiences is to feel sad as you allow Joy to express.  If you think you are sad and happy at the same time, in reality it is Joy that you feel.  Joy and happiness are often confused so let me explain the difference.  Happy is a short term, often invigorating and sometimes overwhelming feeling of elation; a high so to speak.  It comes quickly and often leaves just as quickly.  It feels good but is not always memorable.

Joy on the other hand is like a fountain of contentment.  An experience of bliss extended over a lifetime.  Joy runs deep and exists always whether you are experiencing it or not.  You may be experiencing Peace or Love instead because the three are interchangeable.  They are the well of your being!  Awareness is what allows you to experience them.  Simply choose to experience Joy and this will happen.  It sometimes takes a few minutes of relaxing and allowing this essence to surface.  The feeling is one of contentment, safety, and bliss.  It is not dependent on what is happening around you, and this is a key difference from happiness.

It is almost impossible to feel happy during a crisis or disaster, however you can feel Joy, Peace, Love.  We most often would describe this experience as Peace or calm within the storm.  It is a knowing that all is well and that you are safe despite the appearances.

Experiencing Joy on a regular basis takes conscious effort; an awareness.  It is like you are awakening to your inner essence and all this takes is a choice to do so.  State your choice in the form of an intention, like this.  I intend to be aware of Joy, Peace, or Love at all times no matter what is happening in my life.  I will share these experiences as the opportunity arises.  As my awareness grows so will the depth and breadth of the experience!  So be it and so it is.

These experiences come from within your heart and cannot be experienced with the mind or brain.  Emotions are regulated by the brain and thus are subject to the environment and to your thoughts.  However, because Joy comes through the heart from the soul it is a form of connection to Higher realms and cannot be lost.

As a warm sensation fills your heart and calms your entire body with Peace, contentment envelopes your entire being.  Break this connection and anxiety ensues.  True bliss is a connection to your Soul!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Self-Acceptance Key

The key to self-acceptance is first of all finding out who you are.  This is not as simple as it may seem.  The person you see in the mirror is not necessarily who you are.  The body is more like a vehicle than who you are.  Just like your car is not who you are neither is your body.  Getting to the point where you are a happy with the image in the mirror and with yourself is sometimes a long road.  There is no right way to get there either so leave the GPS at home and instead use your intuition.

Introspection comes easily for some of us and much harder for others, so if you are one of those who does not like to look within, then this will be even more important to you, although you may need to get help. 

The journey goes something like this, look in the mirror what do you see?  Ok, this is your vehicle.  It was given you for a reason and most likely that reason is that it will take you where you need to go, not necessarily where you want to go.  Right here and now, STOP thinking you know where you are going.  Stop thinking you know who you are.  Let go of any preconceptions you may have acquired.  Each day is a new day and one with the potential to discover yourself. 

Now that you have discovered your vehicle go take it for a ride.  Test the cornering ability, the acceleration, and the stopping distance.  See how good you are at changing situations, demands on your services or skills, and how well you can say no.  Once you learn to say no, then you can move on and learn to say Yes.  No is easy, but Yes carries responsibilities.  Of course this will lead to rewards also.  On the road keep a notebook with you and record your best features, skills and attributes.  Get to know what you are good at and what you need work on. 

You have a long list now and are ready to pursue this even further.  Stay focused on the desirable features, skills and attributes.  The ones you really like and have already accepted.  Staying motivated at this level is about focusing on your good attributes and if you noticed any undesirable attributes on the list you can acknowledge them, thank them for being a part of you and then letting them go.  To symbolize this write them down on a piece of paper.  In a safe location, burn the paper while thinking of your desires.  What are you grateful for?  What is next for you?  Be optimistic and joyful, you have just let go of all your troubles. 

The process continues and goes deeper each time.  Life will evolve and get better and better!  Before you know it love and acceptance will exist in you on a deeper level than you even knew existed!

Remember a few things along the way.  Everything happens for a reason (unless you decide it doesn’t), Resistance is futile, and everyone is going to the same place, only in different ways, through different means, and from different perspectives.  Joy is in the journey!

 🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Beware What You Wish For

Are you aware of what you are wishing for?  Did you know that every word and thought is a prayer?  Once you start paying attention to your words and thoughts it is amazing to see how you are creating all the wonderful and not so wonderful things that occur in your life.  Some of these are deep issues that you chose to work on before you were born, so you will experience them whether you wish to or not.  Many others though are things you have picked up along the way.  We are constantly learning as soon as we have consciousness at some point in the fetal stage and the learning never stops.  By learning I mean receiving and processing data from your cognitive centers though both your physical senses and your mental senses. 

What role do you play in your life?  Only everything.  Creating the life of your dreams is one of patience, persistence and faith.  On a conscious level, the thoughts you have connect to feelings you have about those thoughts and it is the feelings that are the fuel to manifestation.  Our beliefs about the thoughts or dreams are the doorway that either allow them or not.  This process can be a crazy seesaw effect of yes – no – maybe, so focus on your desire and let the doubts go.  When I say it takes persistence and patience I am not kidding, sometimes it is years before things actually materialize because of many reasons including the seesaw action combined with the feeling of knowing or faith that it is done!  Actually see it as done while feeling the effects of it. 

This is how fear works so well to create that which we do NOT want.  Fear is often accompanied with deep emotions and feelings of dread, and the amount of energy combined with the obsessive nature of fear gives it fuel to manifest.  Since you know this now, use this same process in reverse by focusing on your dreams!  I cannot stress this more.  See only your desires and release all else. 

Just by being aware of your thoughts and feelings you can pick and choose the ones we like most.  Choose Joy!  Because many of us have experiences of let down so often it can become a habit!  If you expect the worse then you reinforce this happening.  So if a thought crosses your mind that is unpleasant simply ask yourself what you want?  What is my desire?  “Oh I choose Joy”!  Where is the Joy in my life?  If I don’t see any then I need to look deeper, anything is possible.  Create it if you don’t see it.  Talk with a friend, see a movie, listen to music, or whatever you need to and the feelings will change to support your beliefs.  I am Joyful!  🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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The next tool our mind offers up is memory.  This can be a double-edged sword, but then so can just about everything in our lives.  One of the main premises to my ministry is “what you focus on grows”.  The power of this can be enhanced though the use of memory. 

Do all your memories need to be happy ones to benefit you?  Absolutely not and here is why, gifts are present in every experience we have and if we suppress those feelings or refuse to process those gifts then they turn into obstacles, so even a horrible thing like getting raped or attacked can be a learning opportunity.  The lesson most often learned in this situation is forgiveness and love.  I will let you work out the how’s, because that is the process of learning! 

Memory can be used in so many beneficial ways and the simplest is the experience of Joy.  We can feel Joy any time we choose simply by remembering the most Joy filled moment in our lives!  The double-edge here is that it is possible to get caught up in these memories and no longer be living our life, but a past life.  Re-member the feelings of Joy, happiness, contentment and once you have that feeling in heart then go about your business, knowing that any time you need a boost all you have to do is re-member!  Once experienced an event becomes memory and the process of joining with that memory/experience is called remembering or joining again. 

Did you know that often times the things we remember never actually happened?  Or at least they did not happen the way we think they did, or did they?  This can get very serious since sometimes people are accused of doing things and in fact did not, even though a witness remembers them doing it.  Our memory can play tricks on us so just be aware of this and use this to everyone’s advantage.  Let go of any memories of anyone being harmed, what was done was done and once you have faced your feelings and processed your emotions, let the whole thing go and move on.   If you are in a difficult situation simply create a memory that will comfort you.  Use the imagination to create an event and then file that in your memory so that the situation is transformed into a pleasant one.  It is perfectly OK to create your life to your liking and in fact I would expect you to.  My motto is to remember that which we desire and forget the rest. 

Memories that are very old often change over time and get “weeded out” leaving only the pleasant aspects and this is fine, because the purpose of memory is to experience an emotion on demand.  Memories can also be used to navigate and to share knowledge, however it is my belief that memories greatest gift is in the feeling of it.  Can you remember your greatest Joy?  How about your greatest adventure?  What about your best gift received? Or your best gift given!  Knowing where you left your socks is only part of the reason we have memories, so go out and use memory to fill your life with Great Feelings and Pleasant Remembrances.  😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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A new consciousness

One of the greatest Joys we share in this world is the feeling of connection.  This feeling has many avenues to the experience.   Love is the biggest one that comes to mind immediately, and  it is expressed in many ways, compassion, empathy, caring, respect, and affectionate play are to name but a few.  These are principles that Spiritual leaders have been teaching for centuries, so they are nothing new, but no less important.  I would like to share with you today another way to connect with others that is purely Spiritual, and goes beyond human interaction.  This is what I believe we are experiencing in this world wide transition we are experiencing right now and which culminates in 2012. 

It is time to take this human experience to a new level!     I will do my best to put this into words that convey my meaning, although please understand that the human languages are limited in what they convey.  The way we will move beyond this misunderstanding that is so prevalent in society is to communicate more directly through thought.  We are already doing this to some degree and some people are better at it than others.  For instance two soul mates in a close relationship can sense what their partner is feeling and thinking.  Some people can even pick up words from others.  Simple mind reading is sort of what I am speaking of but it is more than that.  Telepathy is the term we have given it and I feel like even that is too simplistic. 

Based on the philosophical belief that we are all of one mind, the mind of God (or whatever Deity you prefer) it is not hard to understand how we can communicate in this direct fashion.  All of your thoughts come to you from Great Spirit, God, or Universal Mind, and they are not your own until you claim them.  It is our ego’s that have us believing that we are brilliant and that no one else could have come up with that great invention you patented.  Or that wonderful story you have copyrighted.  When in fact the idea came from the “only” mind there is.  This concept is as deep as our oceans so I don’t expect you to grasp it all from this short blog, however I do hope to get you thinking in a contemplative, open way. 

The movie “Avatar” that just came out demonstrates this concept of one mind very well through the Na’vi and Pandora.  The parallels between that world and our own are profound to those who chose to see them.  Planet Earth is no less connected than Pandora and our bodies are simply our Avatars!  The timing of this movie is perfect because consciousness has come to the tipping point of not only being self aware, but being aware that it is self aware.  I find it increasingly easy to “see through the eyes of Great Spirit” which we can do since we are all using the same mind.  Yes, we are separate, but in a fashion much like rain drops are separate, or maybe you prefer the image of snowflakes sense they seem more distinct.  Either way we are all one, because we are not our bodies, we are of the one mind – Great Spirit, Universal Mind, or God.   😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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New Years Creation

Now that we have glanced back over our year of 2009 it is time to gaze lovingly to 2010.  Again this is something that should occupy a few hours at most and when we record our thoughts on paper, in audio or video these prayers (all thoughts, words, actions are prayers) are given form.  Visualize your life and how you would like to experience it.  Think of the relationships that are important to you now and also imagine your ideal personal relationship.  Feel yourself in this relationship and imagine yourself engaged in whatever activity you desire.   Keep things ideal and at the same time honor thoughts that may arise which are undesirable by releasing them.  I thank unwanted thoughts for visiting and then shoo them out. 

This process of creative visualization is so powerful and if you would like to know more about it I recommend Shakti Gwain’s book “Creative Visualization” and although it is an older book the technique is centuries old.  Of course this process does not end after the New Year, but extends the year around.  This works with whatever you are creating, be it a job, love affair, happiness, prosperity, etc. 

When I came out 10 years ago I used this technique to manifest my dream.  I was in a period of my life where I was doing a lot of introspection and getting in tune with my inner feelings and desires.  What I realized was, I am a woman, why else would I be compelled to wear woman’s clothing and makeup?  The activities I enjoyed the most are associated with women in our society and I could see that my nature was feminine, even though I had learned to be masculine as so many woman have done to cope with a masculine world.  The thoughts and desires I had as a teenager proved to be right on and it was high time for me to start honoring them after 30 years of denial.

New Year’s is a great time to begin anew and that is one of its purposes.  We can begin anew any day of the year and we do, but let’s seize this opportunity this year to think thoughts that support us, to plan for manifesting our desires and pay attention to what brings us joy.  Let joy (deep inner satisfaction) be our guide on this Journey of Love 2010.  Remember also to live in the moment and not get caught up in the past or future, yes they exist but only to provide perspective for our Now.  Have a Blessed NOW, always and all ways.  😉 Sequoia Blessed

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2009 Blessings

With only two days left in 2009 you may be tempted to look back over your year and judge it as good or bad, abundant or poor, easy or hard. Instead let us look back only briefly to see what worked, what was successful, what brought us Joy. Can you think of one thing that you did this year that brought Joy to your heart? How about a project that worked out just like you thought it would? Did any of your decisions of this year prove to be all you wished them to be?

We don’t have to get too big with the event either, something as simple as a new hair style that made you feel wonderful is a big success. Putting a garden in for the first time in years and enjoying the “fruits” of your labors is another great success. Helping a friend or neighbor with a project or really in any way is another Joy to be thankful for. New friends who brought Joy into your life are a wonderful gift to be grateful for. It is not hard to find these little treasures when we take a few minutes, relax, and reflect.

If you are so moved, write them down or journal about these wonderful successes so that any time you may be feeling down you can read over all the wonderful successes you have enjoyed over the years. Maybe you could create a victory book to record your progress. I mean that is the point of transition. To record our milestones and appreciate each and every success we have on the Journey of Love. It is so joyful to look back and see where you were and now look around at where you have come. After all as the Taoist saying goes, “The journey is the reward”. 😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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