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Self Murder

The Oneness perspective of suicide is when you kill yourself you are committing murder!  “Though salt not kill” is one of the Ten Commandments and this applies to you too.  From the perspective of oneness, we are all part of the one mind so what we choose to do will have ramifications for everyone on the planet and beyond. 

Everyone you meet is your mirror, so what you do to them is the same as doing it to yourself.  If you were to shoot someone dead, then in effect or metaphorically speaking you have just killed yourself.  This works in reverse as well.  If you were to shoot yourself dead, then you have just killed your neighbor. 

Love works this way too, so if you love yourself in effect you are loving the world.  If you love another person it is a way of loving “The One”, yourself.  This concept is so powerful and once embraced will change your life forever! 

Oneness can be and should be applied to every aspect of your life.  It is what we all desire more than anything else in the world, a feeling of being connected!  Most of us call this connection “Love”.  So the next time you say you hate someone or something, stop for a minute and contemplate the deeper meaning of this statement.  To hate anyone or anything is to hate the self, The One. 

The Buddhists teach this concept very well in their belief that harming even a fly or ant on the sidewalk is harming the one.  The dynamics of life are far beyond our comprehension at this point, but rest assured that everything, rock, plant, insect, animal and person is connected in a Divine fashion.  Our being conscious of this connection gives us the power to change the course of life on earth! 

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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