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Fall Creek Falls, TN

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “Go with the flow”. Perhaps not. Let us consider the significance of that saying and the word, flow. What makes this saying so important and potent? The simple answer would be energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed yet it constantly moves. Either flowing from higher states to lower or vice versa. While energy can be in a steady state, it usually does not stay there for very long. We are not here to discuss physics so we will keep this simple as possible.

Spiritual energy is an oxymoron. Why, because Spirit has no energy… it exists beyond time and space. Energy only exists on the mental and physical plane. I used to speak about creation being thought-word-action and this sums up the basics here. Or to say it another way, Spirit-Mind-Physical. The role energy plays only matters (pun intended) when it comes to the mental/physical worlds. Energy is the juice that makes up everything in this world. It never completely stops, because if it did it would cease to exist.

Consider a river as the perfect example of flow. The water cycle entails world wide systems, constantly giving and receiving. Mental energy works like this too. As Spirit touches the mind, so the flow begins and it remains in flow till the physical falls apart and the cycle begins anew. The entire Universe is a closed loop system driven by Logos. Our role here is simply to be the river.

As we allow life to flow through us, so we experience what we know as “our” life. On a more personal perspective, it is your life or my life, or life itself. So, when we say, “go with the flow”, we mean it quite literally. On a superficial level the life we choose is under our control, and yet when viewed on a deeper level. We are the observer, row, row, rowing our boats, doing our best to enjoy the ride!

So the secret to Health and Prosperity is flow. The more flow the more of life’s vitals. My struggle here is to be in the flow, yet not of it. At times, I have totally succeeded with this, while most of the time, not. As I age I find it much harder to stay in the flow. My tendency is to judge the flow as good or bad, while all along attempting to manipulate it. I want more of this and less of that, LOL. News Flash, not going to happen! As I have stated many times before, life takes you where it needs you to be, not the other way around. Consider for a moment, Who is this “you” anyway? Perhaps you are simply an ego construct with which this game called life is played.

The point I wish to emphasize here is to have and to hold one must be in the flow. More specifically, energy flow of some sort. What you give, you receive… and remember, as soon as the flow stops, energy ceases to exist. Much of this flow is not even up to you. The heart beats, our bodies breath, and life exists without your intervention. So no worries if and when you take a break from it all. In fact, it is your intervention (wants and desires) which shortens your life. This is why we are always being told to “let go and let God”. Or to “go with the flow”.

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

Maui, HI
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Art of Detachment

The art of detachment is a Buddhist teaching which also has its Christian counterpart.  Jesus teaches this and likely learned it from the Buddhist teachers he had.  It works like this; be in the world but not of it.  What this means is to fully experience life and at the same time release any attachment you have to it.  Please see the blog of Jan. 26, 2011 for a previous explanation of The Art of Detachment.  From this point on I would like to provide other perspectives so the picture becomes clearer.

Live fully and completely without being attached to the outcome.  Accept what you have as a gift and make the most of it!  Once you have experienced this know that you can experience anything you desire.  Do you see how living with passion can bring vitality to life?  If not you soon will.

“Detachment means rising above the status quo, without passing judgment, and watching the drama unfold without becoming physically or emotionally involved. Detachment doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand so that you need not watch the action as it unfolds; it means, being there, observing from an objective space, and remembering who you are, a spiritual being watching the drama of polarization reach its climax and fail so that a new paradigm of victory can be birthed by those of us who refuse to buy into a perpetual game of winners and losers. Detachment addresses the need of the spiritually inclined to remove oneself from the chaos while observing and learning valuable lessons about this temporary physical existence. … But remember, we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around. So we can remove ourselves from the drama when we’ve learned all we need to know about polarization and separation. When we finally realize who we really are, and how we are all equally part of the same creative manifestation, we will finally learn the fine art of detachment and the truth behind our cosmic ancestry and oneness.” (Dawn Abel, 2002)

The key is to tap into your desire and experience it fully, and once experienced you release it and move to the next.  Here is a different view of Detachment that provides a deeper insight to its value and use.

“Detachment not only releases joy; it is also the secret of health. It is the best medical insurance in the world, and not only because it can keep us free from physical habits that sap our vitality. Most illness has a serious emotional element. While there is an important place for physical measures in the treatment of disease, a mind at peace and a heart flooded with love can release healing powers that strengthen and revitalize the physical system. Strength can be regained even after years of emotional instability. In extreme cases, I believe, recovery can be brought about even from what seems a terminal illness.

Today, of course, it is widely appreciated that because of advances in medical knowledge, we can expect to live much longer than was reasonable at the beginning of the twentieth century. But we can lead lives that are not only longer but richer, more loving, and more productive. The next steps in stretching the limits of human health and longevity, I believe, will not be in biotechnology. They will come from learning to govern the way we think and feel. Detachment is a longevity skill. Freedom from compulsive emotional entanglements is the best insurance against stress. More than that, by opening a window onto a fuller, loftier view of life than that dictated by self-interest, detachment brings a sense of purpose. Without a reason for living, the human being withers and dies inside. However paradoxical it may sound, it is detachment that enables us to give ourselves wholeheartedly to worthwhile work without ever getting depressed, despondent, or burned out – right into the last days of our lives.” (The Blue Mountain Center of Meditation)

I wish I could describe the feeling of Joy that comes from detachment, but I will just say “Give it a go – put this to the test”!  Love your partner, family, pet, job, home, etc. completely without being attached to any outcomes such as living the next 20 years together, being happy, or even being healthy.  They could be hit by a car tomorrow and become paraplegic or even die!  I have certainly seen this happen more times than I would of liked.  I have also seen people who had this experience and made their lives into celebrations!  Taking the lemons you are given and making lemonade is one of the most satisfying things you will ever do!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Resistance is Futile

As the decade draws to a close let us give thanks for all the wonderful things that happened while forgiving those tragedies that tested our resolve.  I for one can think of many milestones in my life and I am sure you will come up with a long list as well.  Life for all of us has change drastically and if it has not then get prepared because it is about to.  We could think of this past decade as the calm before the storm, but most of us have been in the storm so I think most of us would agree that the storm is about over.  Depending on how far back you choose to look, the past 300 yrs have been a storm of change and growth for our world.  The point here is that we have had enough storm and it is time for peace.

Peace and Prosperity is here now if we are only willing to open our eyes and see.  I get the feeling though that many of us are doing that very thing as we reflect on the changes in the economy, environment and society in general. The one thing we must do is prepare to lose it all!  Not until you are willing to give up what you think you have will you truly enjoy it!  This seems like a paradox and in a way it is.  I only know that it is truth I have experienced firsthand.  Anyone who has had a near death experience will know what I mean.  Or you may have heard the saying, “You don’t appreciate something till it is gone.”  This does not have to be the case.  We can appreciate our lives right now and in doing so truly experience them.  We do this by giving of ourselves to others, so just give up!  Giving up is a powerful action that often works better than trying to force things; “resistance is futile” anyway!

Turn your life over to Holy Spirit and all is well.  It is a matter of willingness and we have a twelve step process that we go through in The Spiritual Peacemaker ministry which was adopted from the Emissaries of Light.  James Twyman put it all into words or I should say poetry as “The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking” is the most beautiful book I have read.  The wisdom runs deep like the waters of an ocean and yet it lifts you up in ways that cannot be spoken.  Please visit my website on The Twelve Attributes if you wish to learn more, or get James’s book and take a deep swim in warm waters. 

🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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