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Go with the Flow

on December 30, 2021
Fall Creek Falls, TN

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “Go with the flow”. Perhaps not. Let us consider the significance of that saying and the word, flow. What makes this saying so important and potent? The simple answer would be energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed yet it constantly moves. Either flowing from higher states to lower or vice versa. While energy can be in a steady state, it usually does not stay there for very long. We are not here to discuss physics so we will keep this simple as possible.

Spiritual energy is an oxymoron. Why, because Spirit has no energy… it exists beyond time and space. Energy only exists on the mental and physical plane. I used to speak about creation being thought-word-action and this sums up the basics here. Or to say it another way, Spirit-Mind-Physical. The role energy plays only matters (pun intended) when it comes to the mental/physical worlds. Energy is the juice that makes up everything in this world. It never completely stops, because if it did it would cease to exist.

Consider a river as the perfect example of flow. The water cycle entails world wide systems, constantly giving and receiving. Mental energy works like this too. As Spirit touches the mind, so the flow begins and it remains in flow till the physical falls apart and the cycle begins anew. The entire Universe is a closed loop system driven by Logos. Our role here is simply to be the river.

As we allow life to flow through us, so we experience what we know as “our” life. On a more personal perspective, it is your life or my life, or life itself. So, when we say, “go with the flow”, we mean it quite literally. On a superficial level the life we choose is under our control, and yet when viewed on a deeper level. We are the observer, row, row, rowing our boats, doing our best to enjoy the ride!

So the secret to Health and Prosperity is flow. The more flow the more of life’s vitals. My struggle here is to be in the flow, yet not of it. At times, I have totally succeeded with this, while most of the time, not. As I age I find it much harder to stay in the flow. My tendency is to judge the flow as good or bad, while all along attempting to manipulate it. I want more of this and less of that, LOL. News Flash, not going to happen! As I have stated many times before, life takes you where it needs you to be, not the other way around. Consider for a moment, Who is this “you” anyway? Perhaps you are simply an ego construct with which this game called life is played.

The point I wish to emphasize here is to have and to hold one must be in the flow. More specifically, energy flow of some sort. What you give, you receive… and remember, as soon as the flow stops, energy ceases to exist. Much of this flow is not even up to you. The heart beats, our bodies breath, and life exists without your intervention. So no worries if and when you take a break from it all. In fact, it is your intervention (wants and desires) which shortens your life. This is why we are always being told to “let go and let God”. Or to “go with the flow”.

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

Maui, HI

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