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Everything you say is a prayer, so accept this as my prayer.  I am not my body; I am a Spiritual Being having a human experience.  However my body appears, I created it to fully experience the results.  This means if I am bullied, abused, laughed at, murdered or admired, loved, desired, feigned over, I chose this experience at a level of awareness beyond this world.  Please allow me this experience! 

Why I chose this experience is not important.  What is important is that I embrace the experience accepting it fully.  I am listening to the still small voice within my heart for guidance.  The loud and often obnoxious voice in my head is ignored, in a polite fashion if possible. 

Faith need not be blind.  By listening to the feelings in the heart you are guided to your highest expression.  While faith cannot be touched or seen, it can be felt and experienced in ways that if pursued reveal themselves along the path. 

Since I am not my body, I do not die.  The body will fall away and in energetic terms change form.  The identity of that body will die and others will mourn the loss of this physical form.  The Spirit within that body moves on to other experiences.  Those in the physical realm will not be able to discern this Spirit from others.  Like a drop of water that rejoins the Ocean the Spirit remains alive and continues to flow.

Universal Consciousness knows not good or bad and never judges the physical world.  These constructions are created in the illusion of control.  Nothing is good or bad, it simple is.  How you experience it just is, unless you place a good or bad label upon it.  Placing judgment in this fashion is not good or bad, but serves you in some way.  Let it be.  (In the Oneness philosophy, “Judge not lest ye be judged” means there is only one to do the judgment!) 

Events always happen for a reason, although that reason is not always apparent.  Perceiving the reason is often helpful in accepting the event just the way it transpired.  However it is not required to understand the reason.  This is where faith comes in. 

This body is my vehicle for experience in the world.  I use it to communicate Love.  I give Love by sharing my body with others, by observing other’s Loving acts, and by sharing thoughts through writing, speaking and action.  

Any circumstance in my life is to these ends.  The specific events are meaningless, it is the Love communicated that gives life meaning.  My accomplishments are measured in the amount of Love I communicate.  I cannot fail, because I feel this Love as it circulates through this world as my blood flows through my body!  Oneness is so much more profound than most give it credit for.  I am the Love I seek.  I am that, I am. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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