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Your Life is Not Your Own

The life we live comes with a construct. Each and every lifestyle choice comes with all the trappings, quite literally. What do I mean by lifestyle? I mean roles, occupations, and leisure activities including hobbies. Let me provide a few examples to illustrate what I mean. Say you decide to be a cyclist, this would require all the gear to go with this activity and the more serious you get the deeper down the rabbit hole you go… cycle clubs, contests, professional status, sponsorships, etc. Choose a career… Broker for instance, this leads to college, professional dress clothes, employment, and a certain expectation of behavior including circle of friends and associates, not to mention an aptitude for math and social skills. Maybe you simply chose to be a housewife or homemaker. This too comes with its own lifestyle trappings. If not children, then at least pets. If not cooking, then at least cleaning house. Even being homeless comes with a lifestyle!

I trust that by now you know what I am speaking of. Our lives are scripted by the choices we make along the path. While I cannot prove it, my understanding is we make many if not all the major choices of our life before we are born. Some call this fate. I really don’t care what it is called, it has been my experience. I have been steered to where I am now. Need some examples? I certainly did not choose to be Trans* unless I did … before I was born. Maybe sexual orientation and gender identity choose you like a magnet chooses its polarization for the purpose of balancing your energy? I have always felt like there is something going on below the surface which I cannot see. Like I was being watched or something. I choose to believe it is my Angels (Holy Spirit) guiding my path and leading me home.

Another example is my childhood dream of being a doctor like my father. I tried 3 times to pass college chemistry and never did, so what I did was find a medical career that did not require it. For some reason, Radiology came very easy to me. I seemed to understand all the physics involved quite easily and fortunately for me the chemistry involved was taken care of by others (film processing was all automated and now it is all digital so they don’t even use processing chemicals anymore). I remember early in my career dreaming of the day X-ray caught up to MRI and CT (cat scan). Eventually my love of Metaphysics lead me to my current life as a Spiritual Peacemaker. Passion eventually leads to your most fulfilling experiences.

Writing has been an interest of mine for over a decade now and for some reason I cannot get the idea of reinventing Story out of my head. We each have a story (our lives), though we are not our story. We are much larger than any story or lifetime. What is next for me has yet to be revealed, even to me. This is something which will percolate for a while longer, though it evolves every day as my understanding of story expands.

Poverty or Wealth are also lifestyles and we choose them without even realizing it. Time and again poverty has been proven to be a mindset and a violent one at that. Wealth is often something one is born into, because if wealth came from hard work their would be millions of millionaires. This is not to say with the right mind set, some hard work, and smarts anyone can be a millionaire. Though I will argue that if the invisible and intangibles are figured in we are all millionaires. Economic cast is built into the system, though it need not be. Like I mentioned before, we choose our path if not before birth, certainly along the way. So there is nothing wrong with Poverty at the surface. I have always admired Monks for their devout lifestyle and I have chosen to live my own version of a devout life. It is my choice to put my faith in the Great Spirit to provide and if that means this life is cut short then so be it. Faith by choice means this life journey will be fulfilled.

Perhaps you’ve read or watched the story, Cloud Atlas? In any regard, it is an intertwined story of six lifetimes for four main characters. One of the premises of the story and what the lifetimes demonstrate is, “Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.” (David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas). Meaning everything you think, do, or say is connected with the great whole, with others in this lifetime, and with all other lifetimes. So with this knowledge what comes next? Perhaps you are more cognoscente of your choices and their path (consequences). Maybe you can lean into your life now, knowing all will play out just as it is intended. The only inevitability is the ego will die and maybe this is a good thing.

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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A Metaphysical Perspective

Though I have spoken of these before here are some metaphysical meanings which have changed the way I see the world. Condensed into one grouping, maybe they can help you too.

Jesus: Literally means “I am”, so when you see the word, Jesus, replace it with, I am, and see how that changes the meaning of what you are reading.

Lord: means “Law”, so replacing the statement, My Lord and Savior, would say My Law and Savior, taking this further, My Law is My Savior. My word is my gospel. It is telling us to be true to our word. I know this is a stretch, so if this does not work for you, then skip it. Still experiment with replacing the word Lord with Law and see how that sounds.

Sin: means “Missing the Mark”. Instead of feeling judgy when you use or hear the word Sin, know that they or you missed the mark. No worries, try again, with no guilt necessary.

Hope: means you can feel good about the situation. It does not mean things will work out. Hope is a false prophet. Think about this carefully and notice how you feel when you use this word. “I sure hope things work out”, really means “I have no idea things will work out, but I wish they would, and if they don’t I will at least feel OK in the mean time.” Hope is a way of avoiding the pain of life. Choosing faith instead will lead eventually to the highest and best good.

God: Everyone has their own understanding of this word and what it means, so find what works for you and stick with it.

Love: Another word for God and like that word must be made personal. Know how those around you understand it before using it. To say, I love you, can mean the world to someone or it can be meaningless. Frankly if I hear that said, I say of course, that is who we are! Other words I equate with God are Joy and Peace.

Christ: means “The Anointed One” or “Centered”. The meaning of ‘Jesus Christ’ then becomes, I am centered or the anointed one. So Jesus Christ is not some other person, it is a description of you! By proclaiming “Jesus Christ” it is a way of centering yourself. It literally brings your thoughts back to you. It centers you in reality!

Much of this is taught in Science of Mind or Centers for Spiritual Living. It is where I first learned it, though my understanding has deepened with the study of ACIM, A Course in Miracles. If you wish to know more I suggest researching further.

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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Livin’ Large For Free

What you focus on – Grows

Where you put your attention, your energy goes.  Another way to say that is an object in motion tends to stay in motion. This is basic physics and easily provable with a little time and effort.  Of course, physics is nothing more than the study of physical “things”.  How does this affect me?  Well, everyday gravity affects you as does the laws of motion.

Found ItSince I am not a physics teacher and simply an observer of life and how things work (or don’t), what I am telling you is based more on my experience than anything else.  Sure I went to college and had the usual science classes and even some math, but the point I am making here is don’t take my word for it. Be the observer and test life to see how it works!  Yes, get out there and break some eggs, just be prepared to do the clean-up.  When you are sitting in class wondering why in the heck you are there, remember this is Life, this is why you are here, to be the observer and understand the principles of living a happy, healthy, prosperous life.  For example YOU are the object in the law stated above and the more you move in a certain direction the harder it is to change that direction and the more energy it takes to change.  This means that when you have been doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, and speaking the same way for years, it will take time and effort to change. So hang in there and stay FOCUSED on that which you desire.  It may take a few tries or even a few thousand tries, but it will work.  As you practice focusing on that which you desire it will get easier and easier to live the life of your dreams.  You do have dreams don’t you?  Oh good, then try writing them down and sharing them with those you Love.

The above paragraph is from the eBook “Livin’ Large” which is available free at this link.  I invite you to explore the four eBooks offered there and to peruse the pages of prose on the website, some of it may be relevant and some may not be, but I guarantee you will learn something.  Thank you for reading Transitions Blog!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Only the Shadow Knows Too

This two part blog on the Shadow has taken us from the obvious to the metaphysical and on to the metaphorical.  The practical aspect of “Shadow work”, as it is called in psychology and self-help, is the simple examination of your personality traits which you don’t like.  This is simple but not necessarily easy.  It requires you to look deep into your soul and see yourself as you are!  Not pleasant for most people.

The traits I speak of are things like anger, jealousy, spitefulness, vindictiveness, loathing, meanness, cruelty, apathy, etc, etc.  Whatever upsets you about other people are the traits within you that are at issue.  It is not very often and usually only in drastic events that you can see these shadows within yourself.  Usually the ego mind projects these traits on others so you can see them better.  Think of it like a movie projector.  The ego projects you…out there (the movie screen called life) for you to watch and embrace.

What kind of movies do you like?  What kind do you wish to avoid?  This is called getting to know yourself better and it is a lifetime process so don’t worry if things change.  They will, I can assure you!  It is part of the growth process.

There are several ways to explore the shadow (ego mind).  One is as described above, by simple observation; others include meditation and creative visualization (I am sure there are others too).  The mind is a tool which is used by ego or by Spirit (higher self).  As you explore this will become clearer.  Remember a few important points, the ego is a part of you and it is not “bad” although it may be negative.  Without it you could not interact in this world of shadows.  Spirit only knows light!  Ego does not exist in the Spirit realms because it has fully been integrated into the soul.  Here on earth they are separate or at least that is the illusion.

Meditate on your Higher qualities, the ones you like, the ones you aspire to.  As you do this the others fall away because you are not focusing on them.  The shadows will appear and you are to make notice of them, visualize yourself embracing them and then releasing them.  So what you are doing, and this can be done throughout your life, not just in meditation, is acknowledging the shadows and saying “I see you” “I love you” and “I release you” “You no longer serve me”  then you consciously redirect your attention to traits you desire, admire, and feel attracted to.

This process sounds really beautiful and it is, but in reality it will often be ugly.  It will manifest as arguments, temper tantrums, confrontations, fights, embarrassment, harassment, and the many challenges we face every day!  There is nothing wrong with this and in fact to avoid these is to avoid yourself!  Now there is a difference between embracing the issues as they arise and seeking punishment.

Be gentle in your explorations by listening to your inner voice.  Some lessons will repeat and can get stuck in a feedback loop if you are not aware of what is going on.  Examples are the man who always gets in fights, or the woman who goes from abusive relationship to abusive relationship.  The key here is to be awake and aware of what is going on!  This is the purpose of this Blog!  By being aware of your shadows you can dissolve them and move on as we spoke about in the previous blog, moving from one attribute in the Labyrinth to the next till you reach pure light, Agape.  Blessings on your Journey of Love.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Only The Shadow Knows

When was the last time you took a really close look at your shadow?  Have you ever considered why we have shadows?  There is the obvious physical reason of an object blocking the light so a dark outline of the object is projected in relation to the light source, but have you considered the metaphysical reasons or symbology that shadows represent?

The shadow represents the dark side of life, the mysterious and unknown.  Humans are naturally frightened by this and for good reason.  Everyone knows that creatures lurk in the dark waiting to consume you!  Carnivorous animals hunt at night because pray is easy to take.  …Of course this is a barbaric notion that served us many centuries ago, but in this age of enlightenment how do shadows figure in?

To understand shadows fully you need to understand your ego mind.  This is the part of you that believes in separation and in order to prove its existence it is constantly showing you how bad things are, how people die and that death exists.  The ego mind is your “small self” the part of you that is fearful and afraid.

While this does serve you in this dualistic world, it is not really you.  The ego is a manifestation of this 3d low vibration material world.  The world of illusion, fear, and separation!  Halloween and Dia de la Muerta are holidays that exploit and celebrate the ego mind.  It is a part of the Human ritual and a rite of passage if you will.  Our journey here on Earth is to navigate the shadows and emerge the other side in the light.  The shadows can lead the way if you know how to follow them.

On a more Metaphysical side of it shadow represents your negative traits; parts of your personality that you do not like and do not wish to deal with.  They are aspects of you that are deeply suppressed.  The shadow is still a part of you in this world just like the yin and yang; the dark and light that which makes up the whole.  In order to know the light one must embrace the darkness!

To do this takes Courage, Patience, Wisdom, Certainty, Compassion, Joy, Clarity, Understanding, Depth, Generosity, Abundance and Agape.  Each is a step into the darkness till pure light is achieved at Agape.

EmissaryWheel Angelic

Think of a Labyrinth, where the turns are folding back on themselves and the path is dimly lit.  It is the shadows that show the way, because as you follow the shadows the source light is behind the shadow.  Each step takes you closer to the light.  Till you reach the center to discover that you must return to the outer edge to fully be in the light.  Each discovery, insight, and revelation brings more light to the path till it is unmistakable which direction to go.  It then becomes an exercise in determination and persistence, putting one foot in front of the other experiencing each attribute on the path fully till the next one pops up and spurs you on.

Shadow work is so important in Spiritual development that many psychology programs are teaching it now and any self-help lesson is incomplete without it.  Next time I will get more specific and practical with this two part discussion on Shadows.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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When going in for any medical procedure requiring anesthesia you are required to stop eating or consuming anything by mouth and if the procedure involves the abdomen or pelvic area a complete colon cleansing is required as well.  There are several medical reasons for this requirement.

            Adult patients (= or > 18 years)

  1. SOLIDS + MILK: stop eating and drinking after MIDNIGHT the night before your surgery.
  2. ORANGE/citrus JUICE or OTHER JUICES with PULP: stop drinking after MIDNIGHT the night before your surgery.
  3. CLEAR LIQUIDS: stop drinking FOUR (4) HOURS before your scheduled surgery time.
  4. ALCOHOL: no alcohol-containing beverages after 8pm the night before your scheduled surgery time. (

When sedated or under anesthesia, your body’s normal protective airway reflexes, such as coughing, that prevent the aspiration of any regurgitated stomach contents is impaired. The aspiration of acidic or solid gastric contents can cause serious and even life threatening lung inflammation and infection.  If your stomach is full, the chances or regurgitating are greater, and the amount regurgitated will be greater which increases the likelihood of aspiration. (

OK, so now we know the physical/medical risks of having food in the GI track during anesthesia, and we are going to move on to the metaphysical reasons.  Since the mind, body and spirit are intimately connected it is important to understand the Spiritual aspects of surgery or other medical procedure. 

The body is a vessel for the Spirit to express in the material world or 3rd dimension and thus the actions taken with the body create ripples in the spirit world much as they do in the physical one.  Eating is the act of fueling the body or literally taking in the materials to build a new body!  You are what you eat after all.  Metaphysically speaking during surgery the goal is to suspend this process as much as possible so that the invasive procedure does not interfere with the process of digestion and assimilation.  The body will then be focused on healing the shock of the surgical procedure, be able to allocate more resources to the immune system and it will be more flexible to changes. 

If you would like to experience this shift in energy, try fasting for three days, cleansing the colon completely or both.  The body literally has less weighing it down and thus you will feel lighter.  Your Spirit is freer.  The energy you feel is wonderful and uplifting! 

The ironic thing is that eating is a major source of stress and aging on the body.  The more dense and complex the food, the more work required to digest it.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, because it brings different nutrients to the system.  As far as our discussion here about anesthesia it is important.  The food you eat is metaphorical to the thoughts you think.  You have heard of digesting a thought?  The saying comes from this very fact. 

The body is symbolic/representative for the soul connected.  As is the body, so is the soul and vice versa.  Cleansing the body both inside and out is literally cleansing the soul!  (I use the word soul here to indicate the Spiritual aspect of the body that exists in multi-dimensions.  It is not God per se, but like the body and mind, Spirit/God flows through.  The soul then has access to a greater flow than the body or mind can handle.  The soul is still individuated – God/Spirit is not, it is the energy makes up all creation)

I like to think of my body as a sensing organ for experiencing the 3rd dimension, but it also works as a tool for making changes.  May your transition be Blessed.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Ps. Another aspect to this is the natural cleansing the body does before the final transition.  The soul knows when the time is coming and thus directs the body to cleanse itself and to take in less to digest, thus making transition easier.

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Guilty by Association

Our thoughts are more powerful than we know and one of the principles which can assist us on our transition is “guilt by association”.   When you are aware of this principle you can use it to your advantage instead of suffering its consequences. 

This principle works by proximity, be it thought or physical location.  Whomever or whatever we associate with we become like.  The reason for this is we learn from our surroundings and the behavior of those we spend time with.  This learning is unintentional most of the time, however when used constructively it can be very powerful.  The concept of apprenticeship works this way.  When we wish to learn something new the best way is to find a teacher who can show you the “ropes”. 

For instance, a person transitioning from male to female will benefit from being around other MtoF transsexuals and other women.  You may have heard the expression, “hanging out with persons of like mind”, which is precisely what we are discussing here.  This concept can be used in a variety of ways. 

For those who desire to start their own business, finding others who are in that business to associate with will make their likelihood of success so much greater.  Or if you are quitting smoking then you will want to stay away from other smokers and places that are associated with smoking like the bar or buddies who smoke. 

You may remember stories of gangs like “West Side Story” or “Boyz in da Hood” and if you hang out with a particular group then you are guilty by association!  Be careful the groups you hang out with and make sure you wish to be like them.  This goes in every situation whether it is on the playground, at church or at work.  I suggest hanging with people you want to be like, so if you desire to be successful then hang with successful people.  If you like art then hang out with artists, take classes in art, collect art, go to art parties.  This process should be fun when you are using it consciously. 

To close my discussion of this principle I will make a gentle warning.  If you associate with people who like to “raise a ruckus” like activists for example, then do not be surprised if you get more attention than you like.  Things can quickly go from fun to being arrested for disturbing the peace or worse.  If you see things going too far it is up to you to decide it is enough and put a stop to it.  The best method is to simply leave.  Just be aware of who you are and who you are hanging out with and ask yourself, is this who I am? 

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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