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on March 14, 2011

When going in for any medical procedure requiring anesthesia you are required to stop eating or consuming anything by mouth and if the procedure involves the abdomen or pelvic area a complete colon cleansing is required as well.  There are several medical reasons for this requirement.

            Adult patients (= or > 18 years)

  1. SOLIDS + MILK: stop eating and drinking after MIDNIGHT the night before your surgery.
  2. ORANGE/citrus JUICE or OTHER JUICES with PULP: stop drinking after MIDNIGHT the night before your surgery.
  3. CLEAR LIQUIDS: stop drinking FOUR (4) HOURS before your scheduled surgery time.
  4. ALCOHOL: no alcohol-containing beverages after 8pm the night before your scheduled surgery time. (

When sedated or under anesthesia, your body’s normal protective airway reflexes, such as coughing, that prevent the aspiration of any regurgitated stomach contents is impaired. The aspiration of acidic or solid gastric contents can cause serious and even life threatening lung inflammation and infection.  If your stomach is full, the chances or regurgitating are greater, and the amount regurgitated will be greater which increases the likelihood of aspiration. (

OK, so now we know the physical/medical risks of having food in the GI track during anesthesia, and we are going to move on to the metaphysical reasons.  Since the mind, body and spirit are intimately connected it is important to understand the Spiritual aspects of surgery or other medical procedure. 

The body is a vessel for the Spirit to express in the material world or 3rd dimension and thus the actions taken with the body create ripples in the spirit world much as they do in the physical one.  Eating is the act of fueling the body or literally taking in the materials to build a new body!  You are what you eat after all.  Metaphysically speaking during surgery the goal is to suspend this process as much as possible so that the invasive procedure does not interfere with the process of digestion and assimilation.  The body will then be focused on healing the shock of the surgical procedure, be able to allocate more resources to the immune system and it will be more flexible to changes. 

If you would like to experience this shift in energy, try fasting for three days, cleansing the colon completely or both.  The body literally has less weighing it down and thus you will feel lighter.  Your Spirit is freer.  The energy you feel is wonderful and uplifting! 

The ironic thing is that eating is a major source of stress and aging on the body.  The more dense and complex the food, the more work required to digest it.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, because it brings different nutrients to the system.  As far as our discussion here about anesthesia it is important.  The food you eat is metaphorical to the thoughts you think.  You have heard of digesting a thought?  The saying comes from this very fact. 

The body is symbolic/representative for the soul connected.  As is the body, so is the soul and vice versa.  Cleansing the body both inside and out is literally cleansing the soul!  (I use the word soul here to indicate the Spiritual aspect of the body that exists in multi-dimensions.  It is not God per se, but like the body and mind, Spirit/God flows through.  The soul then has access to a greater flow than the body or mind can handle.  The soul is still individuated – God/Spirit is not, it is the energy makes up all creation)

I like to think of my body as a sensing organ for experiencing the 3rd dimension, but it also works as a tool for making changes.  May your transition be Blessed.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Ps. Another aspect to this is the natural cleansing the body does before the final transition.  The soul knows when the time is coming and thus directs the body to cleanse itself and to take in less to digest, thus making transition easier.

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